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Found 4 results

  1. Hello all, I'm in a bit of a pickle. New grad here. I just left a small clinic after four months because it wasn't a great environment in general (I won't get into details, but they were incredibly disorganized and the clinic was poorly run. Had I not had financial obligations, I would have left after about a month). While I was there, I was covered under the clinic's malpractice policy and didn't have a policy of my own. The clinic claimed I would be fine without the individual policy, but I'm trusting what the clinic said less and less. I believe their policy is claims made. Here are my questions: 1. I don't have any suits filed against me. Can I get a retroactive individual policy? Can I go elsewhere or do I need to get it from the clinic's company? 2. How do I ensure that I continue to be covered if the clinic's policy is canceled? That's what I'm most nervous about. I have no idea if the clinic will remain open and I don't want to risk not having coverage. Is there any way I can find out if the coverage gets canceled? 3. What kind of information regarding the policy do I need to get from my former employer? Do I need a company and policy number on hand? In retrospect, I probably should have done my research a bit better at first, but being a new grad I trusted my clinic and everyone who worked there as they're way more experienced than I am. However, after working there for a few months they seem to not always know what they're talking about. Is it a bad idea to stay under my clinic's policy if I have a similar situation in the future?
  2. Yet another malpractice coverage question, but I haven't seen this one anywhere else on the forum. Kindly redirect me if I've missed it. I'm starting a new job and looking into doing the smart thing this time and getting my own policy. They would not offer tail coverage if/when I move on. No surprises there. For whatever reason they have started on my application with their group anyways and provided me the application to finish filling out. The statement below may have me reconsidering... "COPIC does not provide “tail” coverage to allied health professionals. As long as your employer or contracting physician purchases “tail” coverage at the time of termination of their coverage with COPIC, you will be provided coverage in the future for unknown claims that may have occurred during the period of time you provided such medical services. If your employer or contracting physician does not purchase “tail” coverage at the termination of their coverage with COPIC, you will not be provided coverage for any unknown future claims. You may wish to request from your employer or contracting physician a written confirmation that “tail” coverage will be purchased at the time of termination of their coverage with COPIC." I can't help but be skeptical based on what I've read and heard before about PA coverage. It's a surgical position and having my own policy would be MUCH more expensive. How much of that they would cover is a whole other can of worms. Any input much appreciated!!!!!!
  3. Hello PAs! I need some advice. I'm a new grad, my last clinical rotation in family practice was wonderful- 100% supervision, very functional office- everyone communicates and patients are seen on time. I recieved a job offer from this site- I worked with the doc already for a month in clinicals I know we communicate well and he liked me enough to hire me! Three interviews including contract negotiation, we had decided on the contract revisions, benefits, salary etc.. and then I get a call from his office manager stating "they looked at the books and decided not to hire anyone right now, they don't have the patient volume they thought they did and financially it just isn't working out." Hold on, the entire time I was there during clinicals they had just lost their third provider and were short handed, he was interviewing to fill the position for months! So I told the office manager I felt mislead, that I had accepted the position pending revisions and she said she'd call me back right away. 45min later the doc calls me and says "I offended him in negotiations by asking for tail coverage" "It feels like I don't trust him (background- I added a section to the contract stating he would furnish me with supplies necessary to perform my job)" "And we just aren't going to have a good working relationship because I don't trust him and I was so egregiously offensive." His tone was almost hostile, It took me completely by suprise. When we had negotiated the contract just a few days prior he was smiling, very agreeable, he was happy to make the changes and we left with a side-arm hug saying "I'm happy to have you work for me." Well long story short I told him I was willing to renegotiate and he offered me the contract again- with a few of the revisions I had suggested and he "never wants to talk about our misunderstanding again." and I should "write the AAPA and tell them their advice almost lost me my contract." So now what? do I accept the job? Before those two disturbing phone calls this was my dream job! The job: $82,000/yr with growth potential max 15 patients/day [and their patient pop is on the younger side] M-F 8-5 One Sat OR Sun per month at the group's urgent care NO CALL EVER! Employer pays 75% of Health/Vision/Dental premium (AETNA!) 401k graded matching (2%/year and 20% if I leave after 1 yr, 100% if I stay for 5yrs) $1500 CME allowance He will reimburse me for all licensing fees including PANCE, TMB app, JP Exam, etc.. another $1k The clinic is new, equipment is in great shape, I get to perform small procedures- skin cancers, testopel; fun stuff Location is great, 20min from my house I don't have any other offers, I have no doubt that with some time I could find another job in my area.. but maybe not with all these perks? Advice??
  4. After browsing through the forum and doing some google searching, I still feel like I am a little confused regarding malpractice coverage and tail coverage. Please fill in gaps or educate me where my knowledge is incorrect. Occurence coverage = You are covered for any filed suit on you between the dates of your coverage. E.g. I was covered from 2009-2010 by occurence coverage, a suit was filed in 2012 for an issue that arose in 2009, I am covered with occurence insurance. Claims made = You are covered for any filed suit if you currently are carrying the policy. E.g. I worked with claims made coverage from 2009-2010. A suit was filed in 2010 while I was working and carrying claims made coverage. I am covered with claims made malpractice insurance. In this instance, I would not be covered if this same suit was filed outside of the 2009-2010 period while I had claims made malpractice insurance. Claims made with tail coverage = You are covered for any filed suit while you carried the policy and the tail covers any suit filed after the policy ended. E.g. I worked with claims made coverage with a tail from 2009-2010. A suit was filed in 2012 for an issue that arose in 2009. I would be covered by a claims made policy with a tail. My confusion comes regarding having tail coverage as a new graduate. I have read that you don't need it as there is no past practice to raise concern of a lawsuit and I have read you should push for it in a contract. Thoughts? I have also been told that if I were to change careers, that it is standard that the next employer would provide tail coverage for my previous employment (this is what I was told regarding a recent contract I was offered). This doesn't make sense to me as I thought the tail coverage was specifically for the period after the stated malpractice insurance that it covers. Wouldn't the case above be an example of nose coverage? and is this actually common practice? Finally, if you have claims made coverage at one career and then switch careers where you are provided claims made coverage again, is your current second policy going to cover any suits filed during your first career? I.e. You would still need tail coverage for the first job, correct? Sorry for the wall of text. I think this is a point of confusion for a lot of new graduates and young PAs and I'm sure many of us would thoroughly appreciate a better understanding of these issues if someone could provide them. Thanks so much!
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