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Found 2 results

  1. I'll be honest---I do not like being a PA or healthcare in general most days. A little background: I'm in my early 30's, been practicing for a little over 2 years. First gig was in Ortho Spine---hated it---current gig is in Occ Med and disability evals. It's tolerable but in no way do I love it, and many days I hate it. I did well in school, but there were no rotations that I really liked. That's when it first hit me that I may not enjoy medicine as much as I thought. What I LIKE about medicine: -Using my skills to help someone who TRULY needs it, i.e. injured or ill through no fault of their own. -Diagnostics and decision-making -The money What I DON'T like about medicine: -The patients: Malingerers, factitious pts, somatosizers, whiners, non-English speakers, drug seekers -The chaos of a walk-in clinic -Sick visits -Mundane tasks like physicals, charting, etc -Treating people who don't need or don't appreciate care -Insurance dictating my scope of care -The list goes on None of this is to whine---I made the choice to get into medicine and that's a choice I have to deal with. 110% my own doing and it makes no difference if I didn't know what I was getting into. Still my fault. Sure, I could change jobs, but at this point I'm not convinced the grass is going to be greener in another specialty or in another practice. I've considered nonclinical jobs, but those are easier said than done to come by. With the immensity of student debt I have I've essentially backed myself into a corner where I need to make $80k + a year just to stay afloat. So as much as I'd love to go be a park ranger, it's not financially feasible. I feel lucky to have good-paying, stable work in a respectable and competitive field; but I find myself living more and more for my days off and hating the time I'm actually at work. I really don't think I'm going to get any advice I haven't already heard or thought of on my own, I just want to know if there are other PAs out there who have been through this or feel this way, and how you are dealing with it.
  2. Hello, We are looking for a fun T-shirt idea to sell to each semester in our program as a class fundraiser. Looking for a witty quote to put on it. Anyone have any ideas to share?
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