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Found 2 results

  1. Hey all! Figured I'd go ahead and start a thread specifically for Boston. Feel free to post your personal timeline and stats so that everyone has an idea of what's going on! I personally submitted by CASPA July 23, had it verified by the 25th, mailed by the 26th. However I just designated MCPHS Boston today the 28th. I also completed the supplemental today since it is available online. Stats: GRE: Quantitative 150 (53%), Verbal 157 (73%), Writing 4.0 (54%) HCE: ~300 hrs and counting as a CNA at hospital. 500+ hours of other experience including research, volunteer at clinic and hospital, shadowing surgeon, PA, and NP. GPA: 3.32 sGPA: 3.15 BS in Biological Sciences Varsity athlete in college Good luck to all!
  2. I'm curious if anyone is aware of any PUBLISHED techniques for the open harvest of saphenous conduit for CABG? I've searched the available/accessible general surgery texts without finding a detailed skin-to-skin technique described. I've seen informal step by step directions, but I am really looking for an "official" surgical text describing the technique. Any direction that someone can provide would be greatly appreciated! Background: I'm a new grad cardiothoracic PA who is very familiar with my institution's open saph. harvesting technique, but would really appreciate finding a formal, in-depth description. I am not looking for descriptions of EVH technique or for a discussion of EVH vs. open.
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