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Found 8 results

  1. I’m a pain management PA with 4+ years experience in interventional pain private practices. Currently in the process of opening my Pain Practice in New York City area. Looking for Supervising Physician for the practice. Will also receive percent ownership in practice and can perform the neuro-axial procedures if desired. I’m open to various arrangements, depending on what physician prefers. Please message if interested to associate and collaborate.
  2. Hello, Does anyone have information for prescription authority of medical assistants in NC? My situation at a family medicine practice is that our supervising physician authorized an MA to send refills on behalf of the APPs/mid-levels. However, we were never told about this. The MA was under the impression that we were aware and okay with this happening. I would guess each practitioner has to give the "okay" for the MA to refill prescriptions, right? Or is there some way the supervising physician can override this? The medications are still being filled on behalf of the mid-levels with ou
  3. I’m a PA in general surgery and my SP will be soon be leaving for his annual two week medical missions trip. We will have a locums in to cover him for the duration he’s gone... Would this locums need to sign as a sort of temp SP for me to scrub with him? Is there some kind of exception with locums that allows PAs to work without all the signatures?
  4. Hello all, I am a PA switching from a surgical specialty to emergency medicine ( in PA). I have been practicing for about 3 years. I am expected to start my new position mid January. We are sending my new supervising physician agreement in this week (end of October). I was wondering how long it typically takes for the state to approve the agreement? I am worried that I will not be able to start on time. Also the hospital I work at drops your pay 'two tiers' when you switch specialties within the network. I was wondering if this is common or if anyone else has had a similar experience. Als
  5. I just moved to Texas/got my PA license after practicing in another state for about 1 year. At an interview, a PA affiliated with the practice told me he does not have a DEA number and that when he needed to write for a controlled substance, he submitted it under his supervising doc's name. ...Is this allowed? My prior state required your supervising doc to co-sign chart within 72 hours of writing a controlled substance. I did see on the TMB site that PAs can write for 30 days of a controlled substance at a time and must document consultation with their supervisor before refilling. Is this cor
  6. Can anyone offer a quick opinion on this. For a new grad and they have worked with new grads before. Location is TX, not rural. 1:2 weekend coverage (mon/fri off). Normal shift ~18 pts and weekend shift ~25. Hospital rounding between 3 facilities a day, small amount of out-pt work, have to drive between facilities during the day (all are 5-10m drive). 100k base, 8k bonus after 1 yr, 3k relocation. 2 week pto, standard 30/70 health care, 2-3k cme without additional time off for cme. Two 3 hr ER call in evenings alongside doc with compensation. No overnight, swing shift, no procedure
  7. Hello Everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew the consequences of not filling out the supervising MD forms in time? I recently graduated and work for an ER group in Florida. The state says you must update it within 30 days, but it slipped my mind with moving, credentialing, etc... I live in Florida and I've been working for a 1.5 months. Any help/advice/experiences would be appreciated. DF
  8. I'm a PA in NC and cleared that I can open my own clinic, I just need a supervising physician. I have a few in mind to approach but I have no idea what to offer them in terms of reimbursement. Any ideas? I will have a micro solo practice, probably only 20 pts/max per week, and only 3 weeks out of the month. It's a consultative internal medicine integrative medicine practice --cash only and I have opted out of Medicare. I anticipate grossing $2400-3000/week. I've practiced for 25 years and (knock wood) been fortunate to not ever have any issues with the Med Board or malpractice. The h
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