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Found 1 result

  1. So I recently went through a contract negotiation with my boss. I am a surgical spine PA in S. Florida, Palm Beach County area.5 years eperience and I found myself having this surreal conversation regarding my value and compensation re: my collections, hours, performance, etc. and being told over andover again "This is what spine PAs make in Florida." So it occurred to me....What do you say to that? His information was purely anecdotal but so was mine. so I propose as a resource that we have a page here with location/salrary/bonus structure/hours/call, so that we can have a real apples to apples comparisonduring negotiations. Obviously there are many variables that go into what we think is an acceptable salary but it would feel great to be able to say in a contract negotiation, "No, actually 7 other local PAs with similar positions and these responsibilities make xxxxxx." I'll start 117k annual salary, 10% of all IN NETWORK collections including hospital consults (this was as opposed to the originally proposed 20% of total collections above salary) I anticipate this being in the 80-100k (8-10k bonus) range. Although total collections last year between 250 and 300k I work generally M-F fairly normal and somewhat flexible office hours. In the OR 2-3 days a week. 1st call on pager every other week and hospital rounding q4th weekend. 401k, 3% match Individual, not family health, good policy 3 weeks PTO Somewhat nebulous CME policy SOOOOO. I'm not and I don't think anyone else is interested in lots of "You're freaking nuts to work for that. You're a sucker, etc.etc." If this can catch on I'm hoping it gives us a big advantage when employers, particularly in private practices where there is no union scale try to play on our lack of orginization. It could also be really vast and regional which would obviously be the most helpful. The more info, the more power.
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