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Found 19 results

  1. Hi, I am seeking help from my fellow PA students/previous PA students on what do to about not doing well in Anatomy. I just failed my second exam (and also failed the first one) after thinking it was going to go better the second time around. I definitely have changed my study habits since the beginning and I have felt that they have been working better, but clearly not. I have been meeting with my professor and advisor and I am still just having trouble pinpointing what I am doing that just isn’t working. I have done a lot of my own research and tried implementing other study tec
  2. Hey, I'm just rolling through to see if I can help expand your studying database. Check out this post of various resources you can utilize to help you ACE the EOR exams, and eventually the PANCE!!! I hope this helps... The final link is to my personal study guides, yes I know I do the most! https://randomjournalposts.blogspot.com/2020/02/how-to-study-in-pa-school.html
  3. When I first took the PANCE over 3 months ago, I felt very confident that I was not only going to pass but I would do exceedingly well on the exam. Unfortunately, when I received my results I found out that I was 6 points from passing the test. I was devastated and distraught. I though I had prepared to my best ability with the schooling I received from a prestigious university and having a predicted 525 score on Rosh Review. My weaknesses in my studying was not having strong testing strategies as well as relying solely on memorization in understanding concepts. I believe what changed my
  4. What are some book/resources that you used to study for the PAEA end of rotation exams. Did you follow the blueprint exactly when studying? Thanks!
  5. I would just like feedback on how PA students adjusted to studying in graduate school vs undergrad. I understand that the material will come at an accelerated pace and I want to know how people adjusted their studying habits. Currently I take my time studying and I like to condense power points to a single page to review for exams. Ive heard that with the time crunch you simply don't have time to "write things out". Ive even heard some students say that you barely have time to read through power points three times and that you simply need to "pick it(material) up" just from reading over it.
  6. How do grades on exam master and other materials compare to grades on the PANCE? how did you do on the study material before you took the PANCE? when did you feel confident and ready?
  7. Hey there I'm currently wrapping up my 2nd semester of PA school and have pretty much established my personal study routine. I'm wondering how I will need to adjust for rotations this summer. Do you find yourself studying for day to day clinical situations or focusing on EOR exams? Also how many hours/night & weekends? Thanks!
  8. Hey all, I'm starting the process of studying for the summative exams at school/the PANCE. 1) Anyone know of and Rosh Review discount codes? 2) Anyone have strong opinions regarding sites/programs better than Rosh Review for preparing for the PANCE? Thanks!
  9. I made a blog post about clinical year and the didactic work that is expected out of us in my program. Please comment below if the experience in your program was different from mine so others can learn what to expect. http://pajourney.com/2016/08/29/how-much-didactic-work-is-there-in-clinical-year/
  10. I am prepping for my PANRE and now am in the mode of practice tests and questions. A kind friend let me borrow her cme resources practice tests (120 questions each) and I am averaging about 75% correct. I am considering going ahead and moving up my test to get it over with! If you did the CME resources course, what raw score did they say you needed to pass the panre?
  11. I know from personal experience that battling with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) while in PA School can be frustrating and exhausting. If anyone is interested, I wrote a blog post on the topic that I will link below. Hopefully you can use some of the suggestions I offer. And feel free to comment with your own suggestions/experiences below. PA Journey | ADHD and PA School
  12. If any of you have (or think you might have) ADHD and are considering PA School, check out my blog post to read about my experiences and strategies for dealing with the disorder. I hope you find it helpful! And feel free to comment below with your own suggestions. PA Journey - ADHD and PA School
  13. This is probably most helpful for people who are about to start PA school. I wrote a blog post with a list of programs/websites/apps that my classmates and I have found useful in our PA program. Check it out. Hope you find it useful! http://pajourney.com/2016/02/20/technology-that-helps-me-survive-pa-school/
  14. I wanted to share my latest blog post on here. It is about the challenges of starting PA school and what to expect in your first two months. Hope that some of you find it useful: http://pajourney.com/2015/07/16/head-above-water/ Please comment, especially if you can share your own experiences of starting PA school.
  15. Evidence Based Learning at www.PABoardReview.org I have spoken to a large number of student and practicing PAs who are preparing to take the PANCE or PANRE. I noticed those who have an aptitude for studying and scoring well on exams don't know necessarily how they do it. The most common response I hear is: "I just do". By the way I used to be in the, "Not so good at taking tests" category. I had a lot of anxiety in preparing for and taking exams because of my lack of skills. Taking examinations and scoring well is not an intelligence issue but a skill that can be mastered. I have inve
  16. I know that all physician assistant programs want a "C" or better in all of the prerequisites, but if I got a bad grade in a couple of the classes, will that affect me the most, or can I convince the school of my choice to still let me in? The bad grade could be due to a type of distraction.
  17. Hi, I was wondering if any of you have ever used Livescribe? From what I have read it sounds intriguing. I am always concerned I might miss something in class. I was wondering does it really create an accurate audio recording of a lecture while you are taking notes on the computer? From what I have read it creates a timeline that links your notes and the audio recording so you can go to specific points in the lecture, rather than having to listen to the entire lecture. Sounds cool if it really works.
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  19. Hey, I was wondering if anyone used Kaplan questions to study, and if you did, what percent right were you getting before passing the PANCE exam. Kaplan recommends getting at least 70%.
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