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Found 3 results

  1. Hey everyone! I was recently accepted into a program for fall of 2020. BIOCHEM was not a prerequisite, but I have been currently retaking the class in case I had to re apply. My acceptance is conditional based on having an up to date physical and that is It (I already submitted the physical). My question is, is It worth finishing up this class strong? Or should I stop putting effort into the class and relax until my program starts? I’m not sure what to do & don’t want to waste time studying if I do not have to! Thanks !!
  2. Like-new, hardly used Welch Allyn Medical/PA/NP Student Kit (includes):- Welch Allyn complete 3.5V diagnostic set-- otoscope (#23830)/panoptic ophthalmoscope (#11820) with insufflation bulb/tip (#23804), FO finnoff transillum (#41100), coaxial ophthalmoscope (#11720-L) and two sleeves of ear speculum (accessories all still in original packaging)- Welch Allyn Pelvic exam light with charging dock (#739 series, original packaging, never used)- Tuning fork - ADC Medical bag (nearly new condition) Asking $500, OBO, I'll include shipping/handling if within the US, if you're from Northshore/Boston, MA I'm willing to meet/deliver!
  3. Hi everyone, I'm currently an undergrad student at Rutgers University. I've decided I want to pursue a career as a PA. I plan on graduating either fall of 2016 or spring of 2017 with a political science degree (If I can fit in my needed requirements to graduate for summer term, I'll be able to graduate in fall..). I've decided to pursue a career as PA late into my college career, hence the poli sci degree. I plan on attending a community college to do my pre reqs. Last semester I my gpa was a 3.625 and I made deans. My cumulative GPA is 3.4 - I think i will be able to bring this up because most of my remaining classes are rather easy and relaxed. I also am mentor through a community outreach. I engage youth in community based activities to help them achieve their goals. I also help them develop independent living skills, enrich their socialization and provide support to not only the child/young adult (ages 5-21) but their parents as well. I work hand in hand with licensed clinicians, behavioral assistants and in home therapist. I was wondering if this would count towards patient care hours? The program is amazing and super rewarding. I also have a pretty good relationship with my PA. She told me I can shadow her whenever I want and I am 100% she would write a recommendation. I also have close connections to a few professors. I am nervous about my overall science GPA once I start the classes. I have not taken sciences since high school - it's been a few years. I'm hoping with taking them at a community college will be slower paced and more 1 on 1 with the smaller class sizes. I'm sorry for the long question. I'm just stressing, I'm sure you all have been here at one point so I'm sure you understand! Any suggestions? Thoughts? I'll take anything!! Thanks so much :)
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