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Found 25 results

  1. I'm looking for feedback on my personal statement. Any feedback and harsh criticism is welcome!!!! Here is it: Junior year preseason was approaching as fast as my previous two years of college had flown by. I spent all summer preparing myself to finally play on the soccer field as a starter, but what I didn’t expect was the whirlwind of events that led to the end of my collegiate athletic career in soccer and track. It all started with what the athletic trainers thought were muscle spasms due to overuse and possible dehydration from the hot and humid weather, but it turns it out wa
  2. Do all my prerequisite classes have to be 5 years or under? I might as well go back to school and get a bachelors again. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Hello, I have a relatively rough draft that I was hoping someone could take a look over. I feel like I could use some help making it flow and also ordering the topics that I am writing about. Of course, any and all feedback is welcome and appreciated (seriously, if it's terrible please just shred me over it because I'll redo the whole thing if I have to) Thank you so much in advance! This forum has been a massive help with the application process. -Ethan EDIT: I don't want to post it publicly just since I've heard stories about anti-plagiarism software catching stuff from this websit
  4. Sorry for the messed up title Although this announcement is primarily military based, it effectively penetrates the PA profession - via admissions, current and prior service corpsman pride and the history of the PA profession. It's announced today that The title Corpsman is no longer going to be used. The Navy in an attempt to modernize the rankings system, and presumably " maintain tradition", is doing away with rates. There is no more YN3 or HM2, just petty officer. Also, corpsman are now.......medical technicians. http://www.militaryspot.com/news/navy-announces-enlisted-r
  5. Curious what everyone thinks about including quotes in personal statements and/or statements of purpose (in supplemental apps). Are they too lame to include or, if short and appropriate, a good idea?
  6. Hey everyone, thanks for taking the time to review my essay.
  7. Hey guys, I would really appreciate any thoughts and/or critiques about the flow and overall theme of my statement. Is there anything missing or not well expalined? The door flew open and slammed against the adjacent wall. I entered a darkened room where I could only make out the outlines of other patients and hear the noise of chatter and children crying. As my eyes adjusted to the sharp contrast from the glaring sun outside, I slowly made my way to the counter. “Sign in,” said a voice and I looked down to see a chewed-up pin and a pile of torn paper. I wrote my name and date of birth and
  8. I hope this is it! I am now below the character limit and I feel that I have included everything I wanted to portray, I just need some grammar nazis to find my mistakes!!! Thanks for any help :) **PS- if there's something you think needs more clarification or rewording, please tell me** As a teenager without health insurance, I spent many years ignoring symptoms or making do with remedies I already had at home. My go-to was some leftover menthol cough drops in my tea to help open my sinuses and soothe my throat. Thankfully, I was generally healthy and could manage by going to the health de
  9. Hi, I'm a first time applicant and I really don't have anyone to read my statement so I'm reaching out to you for help. I'm over my character limit my 809 and I can't find where to cut. I'm also not sure if I'm going the right direction with this statement. I appreciate any comments!! As a teenager without health insurance, I spent many years ignoring symptoms or eking by with whatever remedies I already had at home. Sure, when these methods did not work, I was forced to see a doctor, however, this was rarely the case. Thankfully, I was generally healthy and could manage only going to my h
  10. (This version is only 88 characters too long so I need help trimming it down a bit as well as see if it truly answers why I want to be a PA. Thanks for any and all input!) I was working in the usually busy Sentara RMH Medical Center Emergency Department at just past four in the morning. There was only one physician running the department on what was shaping to be a slow night. It was then that we got word of inbound ambulances from a motor vehicle accident involving two teenagers and one middle-aged man. The radio crackled that the injuries ranged from minor to severe. As his medical scri
  11. You guessed it! I am a first time applicant and you guys are the only ones that can help me with critiquing my personal statement. Im actually pretty surprised I stayed under the character limit for my rough draft. Please look it over and tell me how bad it stinks! The door flew open and slammed against the adjacent wall. The room was dark and all I could make out were figures and the noise of chatter and children crying. As my eyes adjusted to the sharp contrast in darkness from the blaring sun outside, I made my way to the counter. “Sign in,” said a voice and I looked down to see a
  12. FINAL draft any help, suggestions, comments, criticisms are all appreciated, Thank you!! As I sat in the Food Stamps and Welfare office, filled with feelings of fear and disappointment that I hadn’t attained self sufficiency, I looked around observing all walks of life enduring their own personal struggles, and I realized we share a similar destiny: we’re trying to make it on our own -- to be independent. My father was a migrant and a veteran, and being the backbone of our family, he has instilled in me the charisma and ambition to not settle for anything less than my full potential and
  13. Does anyone know an average salary for a PA with 0-2 years experience in Internal Medicine / Family Practice outpatient??
  14. It is estimated that approximately one in four adults experience mental illness in a given year. Approximately twenty percent of adolescents experience severe mental disorder in a given year. Yet approximately sixty percent of adults and almost fifty percent of adolescents with a mental illness received no mental health services in the previous year. What does this have to do with my aspirations to become a physician assistant? No, it is not a cheap ploy to display an impressive ability to regurgitate facts. Nor is it my attempt to set the stage for an emotional rollercoaster recounting my lif
  15. I just finished my first draft. Are the ideas in my personal statement too general? Any feedback would be appreciated, thanks! Feel free to message me feedback or post it on this thread, anything you can offer would be great. Here it is: I work in a psychiatric hospital. When I mention this to those outside the always locked double doors, it often conjures up the widely adopted vision of sterile, concrete hallways and shackled beds. They think of needles, caretakers reminiscent of Nurse Ratched and some kind of indefinite, twisted eternal fate reserved only for the “insane.” We hear ab
  16. Hello! I'm looking for advice on how to strengthen my personal narrative. I've always considered myself somewhat of a weak writer and I'm honestly not sure what to write about. A little about myself: I'm 30, married, I have a 6 year old son, finishing up my BA in Natural Sciences/Mathematics, working as a CNA in oncology at a local hospital.... Any suggestions on how to spiffy this up? Thanks! I wasn’t the most studious high school student. I had terrible grades. It isn’t that I wasn’t capable, but I had lost interest. I did very well up until high school but for some reason
  17. Hi guys, Quick question...just need advice on who to choose for my 3rd LOR (both have agreed to writing one). Currently I have a PA that I shadow, and my supervisor (a Physical Therapist) both writing one. Here are my options: 1. My community college anatomy professor from about 1.5 years ago. She remembers me and offered to write one, but we have had little contact since. However, she could speak to my work ethic and ability to work as a team. I took a role in the class of really helping out the other students who sat at my table in lab. Her letter might be a good idea considering my
  18. recent thread, 3geronamoPA wrote (edited for brevity) .... and pursue issues that I want addressed then I'd be interested. We have a similar thing going on in the Army currently. We have a bunch of our senior people making decisions that will pull PAs out of clinical medicine and into administration for the purposes of career (rank) advancement. They never asked the lowly types that became PAs to take care of patients (God forbid) what they wanted. Now we have a mass exodus of PAs from the Army because they don't want to do Healthcare Administration for 3+ years. which got me to thinking...
  19. I have always wanted to work inthe medical field one way or another. It took me a while to figure out exactlywhat I wanted to do in the medical field. I became a pharmacy technician aboutfour years ago. Mainly because I needed a job that paid more than minimum wagesince I am a single mom going to through college. The other reason was to findout if that was something I would like to do as a career. After working in apharmacy for a few years I realized counting pills is not what I want to do forthe rest of my life. I knew I wanted to help people but the pharmacy is not theway I want to help. I w
  20. When my student volunteer team first arrived in Nicaragua at our makeshift clinic and the faces of the poverty-stricken citizens peered into our van, I was immediately overcome with excitement and eagerness. After our abbreviated training on clinical assessments, local diseases, and pharmacology, we brought our equipment into the church, set up our stations, and began seeing patients within minutes. It was the first time anyone on my team had performed hands-on care, and while we were all eager to be assessing patients on our own, at the same time we were nervous. However, we quickly learne
  21. Is non-clinical volunteering/ community service required or recommended to gain admission at certain schools? Is there a number of hours to aim for?
  22. I have shadowed four PAs in varying fields of medicine but all for brief periods of time (about three days at the most). I enjoyed most of my experiences shadowing but I felt as if they were too busy to schedule more days to observe them. I feel as if shadowing a PA was repetitive. Aside from the medical information they were giving me about patients and such (which was way over my head sometimes but REALLY interesting), I was hearing over and over again about grades, the application process, and what a PA's responsibilities were. My question is, should I continue trying to shadow? There
  23. So I am in the process of re-applying and I'd like to knock this PS out of the ballpark to make up for a low GPA and GRE score. I feel that its missing that certain something that makes it memorable but not sure what..... Any type of input would be helpful! Thanks! Imagine moving to a foreign country and settling down with nothing more than three suitcases and the clothes on your back. My parents did exactly that. They immigrated to the U.S. in hopes of providing an exceptional education and a better lifestyle for my brother and I. My parents always told me that I
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