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Found 1 result

  1. Hello! Finally finished up my pre-reqs and so I am thinking about applying as early as possible for the next cycle! I am little confused about when to apply, although the consensus from other forums seem to be April of 2018? I am mostly worried about my GRE score and I am debating on if I should retake it for the sake of getting a higher percentile. I am also afraid because I have no PA shadowing although I have worked briefly with one before. I do not know how much this will hurt my application. I also do not know if I need to take more courses. I research all the schools I am interested in, and made sure to meet all the pre-reqs but will doing the bare minimum hurt me? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! I am super anxious lol! A brief background on my stats: Pre-reqs: Nutrition: A Medical Terminology: A Statistics: A Psychology: A Bio I: A Genetics: A Microbiology: A Chem I: A Orgo: B A+P 1: B A+P 2: B GRE: Verbal: 157 (76th percentile) Quantitative: 152 (47th percentile) Analytical Writing: 4.0 (60th percentile) **Didnt study at all so I think I can get this score up if I did** HCE: Medical Assistant at Urgent Care: 2 yrs (full time) Medical Assistant at Primary Care: 3 months (full time) Clinical Research Associate: 1 yr (part-time) **I worked like 7 days a week doing both MA and CRA positions almost every week except the last few months*** Volunteer: Case Manager and Disaster Relief Responder for the Red Cross: November 2017- May 2017 Certifications: Basic Life Support, Mental Health First Aid, Opioid Overdose Responder LOR: Commitment obtained from an MD, and two NPs.
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