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Found 14 results

  1. Hi everyone! I am a graduating PA and am currently looking for outpatient jobs, particularly in primary care. From what I have heard and seen, many primary care clinics are going through hiring freezes, and the few positions I have seen have required 2-5 years of experience. I have applied to them anyway in case they take a look at my CV and consider me, but they have either not contacted me or told me that I do not have enough experience. I had a good first and second interview for an endocrine PA position. I do like endocrine, however I believe at least 90% of my time will involve working only on diabetes management. If I am offered this position--or if I am offered a position in another specialty that I do not see myself in long-term--should I take it to get experience (and a paycheck)? Should I wait it out hoping for a primary care position? If I take a specialty position will I be less desirable as a future applicant for primary care positions? The job market is difficult, generally, for any new grads, but the pandemic seems to have made things a bit harder as well.
  2. I am a second year PA-S and I just completed my women's health rotation. I ended up loving obstetrics more than I thought I would! I was researching different jobs in OB/GYN and came across maternal fetal medicine. From the research I have found, it seems to be a very interesting and rewarding field! However, I have asked a couple of the providers at my rotation about a PA's role in MFM, and they have all said it is minimal. I looked online and there are MFM job postings for PA/NP's, so I have a couple questions for everyone: 1) Do PA's have a role in MFM? 2) If yes, what is their scope/daily life like? Are they mainly in the clinic? Rounding in the hospital? Do they help in the OR? Thank you for your feedback and information! Josie
  3. Hello all, I am a PA switching from a surgical specialty to emergency medicine ( in PA). I have been practicing for about 3 years. I am expected to start my new position mid January. We are sending my new supervising physician agreement in this week (end of October). I was wondering how long it typically takes for the state to approve the agreement? I am worried that I will not be able to start on time. Also the hospital I work at drops your pay 'two tiers' when you switch specialties within the network. I was wondering if this is common or if anyone else has had a similar experience. Also any tips for switching specialties would be appreciated..
  4. Any ophthalmic PAs out there who can share their experiences? Is it too hard for an ophthalmologist to employ a PA? I currently work as a scribe/tech in an ophthalmologist office, just wondering if there any further careers out there in the same field. Will be applying next cycle!
  5. Although I’m not a PA yet, I hope posting in this forum is fine, as I’m seeking info on existing surgical PA’s. So, what’s your specialty? I’m very interested in surgery, but I also would like to have a decent lifestyle outside of work. I’d also prefer to do more lower-risk surgeries versus something like trauma patients. The only PA I know personally specializes in urology. She works a normal schedule, is married, and has a child. I love the aspect of surgery, the idea of savings lives, and even working weekends when they need me - I hope I don’t give off the vibe that I don’t want to work. Any PA’s out there in surgery that care to comment on your work-life balance? Any insight is very appreciated!
  6. Hi everybody, I was hoping to get some opinions on which surgical residencies (in terms of specialty) y'all think provide more independence for a PA? Concerning performing procedures, are cardio PAs doing more autonomous work than ortho PAs, or EM PAs doing more than ortho, etc...? Thanks.
  7. I am going to graduate PA School in May and am just starting to fill out resumes for jobs! I am interested in a certain specialty. If I am going to apply for a job in my favorite specialty, do I need a reference from a doc in that specific specialty or can I just use any preceptor? Does it matter which kind of doctor/PA preceptor gives the recommendation if it is a good recommendation?
  8. Hi everyone! I am involved in PA student government at my school and I've taken on the project of starting specialty interest groups for my fellow PA students. I've already gathered data regarding which specialties everyone is interested in pursuing. For those of you who are involved in student specialty interest groups, what exactly do you guys do when you have meetings? Do you have lectures, a hands-on activity, a group discussion? How often do you meet? We're a brand-new program, so I'm setting these up for the first time and any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!! PS - Sorry if this thread has already been posted elsewhere!
  9. Hi everyone, I need some help/perspective on my situation. I'm currently making 88k annually as a cardiology PA at a major hospital system in NYC. I get 4 weeks PTO (inclusive of sick and holiday time), 1 week CME (in addition to $800), full health benefits, 403b (employee funded) and pension-like program (employer funded). I've been there one year (received a 3% raise since I started) and was a new grad when I was hired. It's my understanding a 3% raise is standard every year for my department. Am I getting the shaft with this position?! So many of my colleagues complain about not making enough money and many have stated their friends (who are also PAs) got jobs right out of school with starting salaries in the low 90s (comparable specialties). I went to a decent school and had a 3.5 GPA with great hands-on experience during my rotations and didn't get one offer in the 90s - in fact, almost every interview I went on I was told outright "NON NEGOTIABLE" for new grads. So my question again is, am I getting the shaft? Am I being too kind and accepting? Am I somehow not aware of my worth/value as a PA? I thought 88/yr was acceptable for 1 year of experience, but so many of the PAs where I work (most have <2 years exp) are leaving for "better paying jobs." Should I be demanding more? Please help.
  10. Was just a question. Were not dangerous or controlled meds. I am talking about antibiotics. Yes maintained records (Fyi a text message or email stating all allergies and med history etc does count as written documentation). Yes discussed with supervising doc who firmly trusted my medical decision making. I was simply unsure if right now between last day in FP and upcoming start date in specialty if it was allowed. Apparently that was a 'stupid' question in your opinions. Thanks for making that clear guys. I'd hate to see how judgemental the respondents can be when a patient asks a question you don't approve of. FYI, this should not be a place for competitive and reprimanding responses. I would like to think we all got in this for helping others.
  11. I am a new grad seeking advice about a position I accepted in ophthalmology. The office never had a PA before. No other office in the area has one. Another part of state and few other states have PAs. Unable to reach them via email or office number. Can anyone help me guide my path through this new opportunity?
  12. I am a new grad and accepted a position as a PA in ophthalmology. The office never had a PA before and no others offices in the area have one either. I am not sure what my role can truly be in the office. There are some PAs in the specialty in other parts of the state and a few other states. Cannot reach them via email or office number. Can someone help shine light on my path?
  13. So I recently went through a contract negotiation with my boss. I am a surgical spine PA in S. Florida, Palm Beach County area.5 years eperience and I found myself having this surreal conversation regarding my value and compensation re: my collections, hours, performance, etc. and being told over andover again "This is what spine PAs make in Florida." So it occurred to me....What do you say to that? His information was purely anecdotal but so was mine. so I propose as a resource that we have a page here with location/salrary/bonus structure/hours/call, so that we can have a real apples to apples comparisonduring negotiations. Obviously there are many variables that go into what we think is an acceptable salary but it would feel great to be able to say in a contract negotiation, "No, actually 7 other local PAs with similar positions and these responsibilities make xxxxxx." I'll start 117k annual salary, 10% of all IN NETWORK collections including hospital consults (this was as opposed to the originally proposed 20% of total collections above salary) I anticipate this being in the 80-100k (8-10k bonus) range. Although total collections last year between 250 and 300k I work generally M-F fairly normal and somewhat flexible office hours. In the OR 2-3 days a week. 1st call on pager every other week and hospital rounding q4th weekend. 401k, 3% match Individual, not family health, good policy 3 weeks PTO Somewhat nebulous CME policy SOOOOO. I'm not and I don't think anyone else is interested in lots of "You're freaking nuts to work for that. You're a sucker, etc.etc." If this can catch on I'm hoping it gives us a big advantage when employers, particularly in private practices where there is no union scale try to play on our lack of orginization. It could also be really vast and regional which would obviously be the most helpful. The more info, the more power.
  14. Hello all, I'm a first year PA student, but I'm thinking ahead to rotations/jobs. I'm curious: What reasons/motivations led you to choose the specialty (including primary care) in which you practice? I'm curious about all the factors that played into your decisions: prior experience, general interest in a certain aspect of physiology, a love for procedures and the hands on, economic motivations, job availability, etc. Anything that motivated I will appreciate your responses and value any advice that you have as I consider my future career path. Thanks! PS: I've never posted a new thread before, so let me take the opportunity to say hello to everyone. I've thoroughly enjoyed carefully perusing the forum and getting a feel for what matters to PAs. I feel like I have a better grasp of the issues facing the profession because of all of your discussions. I very much look forward to a career as a PA, and I'm excited to become a part of the effort to improve the profession.
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