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Found 8 results

  1. Hey guys! I'm 24 and have recently been accepted into a PA program, but I keep having second thoughts. My whole life I have been interested in medicine and health care. However, I am also a more quiet/introverted/awkward person and deal with social anxiety at times. For patient care hours this past year I became a phlebotomist. Although I loved learning about blood drawing and enjoyed the hands on aspect of it, the actual job itself was very draining for me. I worked at a very busy lab that saw over a 100 patients a day. Having to interact with so many patients left me feeling exhausted once I clocked out. I guess sometimes I wonder if I am making the right choice for myself career wise. I have shadowed many PAs and enjoyed those experiences, but I know shadowing and actually doing it are two different things. I also shadowed a Pathology Assistant, thinking that may be a better fit for me, but found it slightly repetitive and actually a little too isolating. I was wondering if anyone else had similar worries once upon a time? If there are specialties more geared towards introvert/quiet people? Or ones that see a lower volume of patients? Or maybe this isn't the best path for me?
  2. Has anyone transitioned to primary care from a specialty? I'm a relatively new grad that has about 2 yrs of experience, all primary care jobs. I've always wondered what it would be like to be in a specialty. I'm feeling the burnout already and mostly from the charting. I've had 2 different primary care jobs and the charting is pretty heavy in both. I'm pretty quick about typing and charting too and I still don't see how it can get any faster than it already is for me. More importantly, is the stress level at a specialty any lower, especially considering the fact that your visits are more focused in one area? Between taking everything into consideration, along with walk-ins/sick visits, new patient visits, annual visits-- primary care can give someone an ulcer just thinking about the workflow.
  3. Hi all- I have a question about listing one of my shadowing experiences on CASPA. I shadowed the same PA in two different specialties, and I don't know if I should list that separately or together on the application. I started shadowing this particular PA when she was working in a small, private orthopedics office, and have since followed her to a new job in otolaryngology/head+neck surgery at a large hospital. I have a significant amount of hours in both locations with this PA. I feel like I should list them separately because the amount of hours, locations, and types of patients we saw were different. However, I don't want to "double-dip" on my application by stating information twice. I spoke with CASPA customer service and the rep said it is ultimately up to me as to how I list these hours. Just wondering if anyone has gone through this same situation, or had any insight! (I do have other shadowing as well with other providers, but this one is where I'm struggling!) Thanks for the help!!
  4. Hey all, I'm pre-PA at UW-Madison, and am one of those people how gets so much peace of mind knowing exactly what I want to do in the future. I've been trying to find the perfect specialty for myself according to some criteria and I'm wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction as to which specialty would suit me best: -interesting field, with lots of variety, and intellectually challenging -good hours (maybe 8-5, somewhere around that general area, not a crazy amount of call, etc.) -very good salary+benefits -hands on but also requires just as much thinking and decision making (using pharmacology, physiology, etc.) -most importantly would allow me to be able to love what I do, as well as to be the best possible father/husband I hope to be. I've looked a lot into CT/CV, and general surgery, ER medicine, and ortho, and all of those interest me a lot, it just seems like they wouldn't be so "family-friendly" as a career. Thoughts? Any advice is MUCH appreciated, thanks so much
  5. My very close friend interview had been published ! If you are interested in learning more about neurosurgical PA check her interview: http://www.gradschools.com/article-detail/neurosurgical-physician-assistant-2207.
  6. I was hoping you guys could give me an opinion on what specialty new PA Grads should start with? What specialties are more open to hiring new PA grads and will give a new grad a bit of training/guidance. I know some specialties may be too much for a new grad to handle at first until the new grad gets more experience. Night or day shift for new grad? Thanks for the feedback.
  7. I posted this in specialties, too, but since there is ONE topic thread there, I am assuming it is not a specialty stampeded by PAs...so, a duplicate here: I am in the running for a job in psych that really appeals to me. It is with an organization which primarily aids women and teens with substance abuse issues and trauma issues, all which I have experience with. I know I will be primarily prescribing meds, but I like the environment and I am really excited about this job. but switching to psych is a big change for me. my former specialty has been surgery. any other PAs here in psych? have your experiences been good, bad, and why? (ps I am leaving surgery bc I just think it's a bad fit. the culture is too intense, too brutal, and I guess I am more at the "humanitarian" (touchy-feely-talky) end of medicine). please let me know your experiences! thanks, pc
  8. Hi all! I'm so glad I've found this form, gotten tons of info so far I've been researching PA schools, and from what I've seen, and whats been posted here, it seems as though most of them focus on family practice/ primary care, and want a student who wants to go into that field. What are the schools out there with different focuses? So far I've seen Cornell: Surgery UC Denver: Pediatrics I'm primarily interested in emergency medicine, pediatrics, or international medicine, but I figure if we can get a post together with schools specialties, it can help other students with different interests in mind
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