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  1. Looking to shadow a physician assistant within Atlanta GA or the greater are within city limits. TIA.
  2. Hello Everyone, Is anyone aware of any virtual shadowing opportunities through zoom or any other video platform during this COVID-19 Pandemic?
  3. Hello everyone! My name is Yanka, I am a rising junior, and I recently decided to pursue a career as a PA-C. I chose this career path because I can study for an additional two years and get out into the real world to practice, I also prefer to study the Medical Model, and the work/life balance is very ideal because I love spending time with my family. I was just wondering if there are any opportunities for online shadowing, or any PA-C’s in Massachusetts or Rhode Island offering opportunities to shadow. Please let me know. Stay safe! Yanka.
  4. I am looking for PA to shadowing in the Des Moines, Iowa area and the surrounding metro area. I have been looking for an opportunity for some time and hope to shadow PA's in many different areas of medicine. Currently I work as a CNA and can accommodate my schedule easily to allow whatever works for the PA's schedule in allowing me to shadow them. Please reply to this if you are able to allow a pre-PA student to shadow with you. Thank you very much.
  5. Hi! I’m finishing up my pre-requisites and I’m looking for a shadowing opportunity in the Lehigh Valley, PA. Is anyone aware of any?
  6. Hello everyone, I am a registered nurse based in Atlanta near the Sandy Springs area. I would love the opportunity to shadow a variety of physician assistants in the Atlanta area or within an hour of the Atlanta area. I am more than willing to volunteer and help out as much as I can. I am courteous, respectful, and professional. Please send me a message on here or reply in a post below and I will be sure to get back with you. Thank you so much, Curlsz
  7. To any helpful person out there, I am a first year international student at a liberal arts college in the US. Academically, I don't feel I lack anything at this school. The classes are very challenging, and I push myself to the limit to get A's in every single class. On the financial side of things, I got a 55-60% scholarship, and the rest of my tuition gets covered by my dad back home. With every iota of honesty, I have always wanted to work as a medical doctor. I am determined, self-driven, sometimes anxious about my efficiency, but always honest about my abilities and faults. The r
  8. I am seeking a PA that is willing and eager to accept a shadow this summer. I attend University of South Alabama and am applying to PA schools this cycle (currently completing my CASPA application). I have many areas of interest, but especially rural/under-served primary care. Thank you in advance to anyone who may have a suggestion as to the best way to find a PA to shadow or that may know someone in this area. K. Stacey
  9. I was wondering if anybody had any advice on how to ask a PA to shadow them? Do you keep it simple or go into depth on why you want to shadow them...etc?? I have found a few on PAshadow online website but I was just wondering if anybody had any advice! Also, how long should you typically shadow someone for? Just to avoid "over staying your welcome". Thanks!
  10. Hello :) I am curious to know what your daily/weekly schedule is like during first semester in terms of hours in class per day, average number of exams per week, number of classes taken at a time, etc. For example, do you have class from 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday? How long is lunch break? Do you ever get off early for extra study time? Do you have exams every week and if so how many? Thanks so much!
  11. Don't see many cases that are "ER-interesting" in the headache clinic but here is one. My "riddles" are a quick and cheap case presentations. I will give some hints. You are allowed to ask yes or no questions and I will answer them truthfully and see who is the first one to figure this out. Christmas Eve I saw a 33 yo female with a long history of migraine but not too severe and a few times a month. In the past six weeks headaches became worse and finally daily. No other major complaints except for typical migraine (photo phobia, nausea). I was ready to call this typical status m
  12. Anyone here used Interfolio for their LOR's? Found this on the CASPA website" CASPA can accept your reference letters from Interfolio. HOWEVER, each of these letters MUST be accompanied by the CASPA Reference Request Form, which is signed and filled out by both the applicant and the reference who writes the letter. Without this form, your PA programs will consider your letters to be invalid." If anyone here used interfolio for LOR's, were you able to upload the request for digitally to accompany the letter or did you have to send it in seperately?
  13. How long on average does the process take to get in after graduation? Do I pursue the NG before my first civilian employment or at the same time? Because I do know, or heard from others, that the average first time employment takes about 3-5 months because of the credentialing process etc. So, I was curious if during this big break, one can sign up for the NG near the end of graduation and do the required leadership training during the 3-5 month period.
  14. At the heart of fear over the July effect lies the assumption that more experience leads to better care and fewer errors. However, one article published in the Annals of Internal Medicine in 2005 showed that quality of care in fact dropped in relation to the length of a practitioner’s experience. Medical errors, while frequently due to a lack of knowledge, occur mostly because of system-based issues — such as a computer system without adequate safety checks — as well as provider burnout. from http://www.bostonglobe.com/lifestyle/health-wellness/2014/08/03/doctor-view-the-july-effect-ma
  15. Thought this was interesting...and awesome. PA is U.S. Ski and Snowboard Team Medical Director Meet Kyle Wilkens, MS, PA-C, L-ATC PA Kyle Wilkens, a 2007 University of Utah PA program grad, has a vital role to play in the Sochi Olympics – he’s the medical director of the U.S. Skiing and Snowboarding Association (USSA). As such, he and USSA Chief Physician Richard Steadman, MD, manage the care of the U.S. athletes competing in skiing and snowboarding. USSA is part of Team USA. Wilkens oversees the health and well being of these athletes. Named USSA medical director in 2010, he works fullt
  16. Howdy, Looking for Navy PA's with experience (preferably recent) serving with 2nd Marine Division. Getting assigned there after school & I have a few questions. Hit me up via PM, please. Thanks.
  17. But so far they haven't revoked my graduation. Holy cow..now onto the PANCE and a full time job.
  18. I noticed all the threads regarding people having troubles finding shadowing opportunities, so I thought I would recommend a solution. Take this as advice and not a fix all solution (although it did work for everyone else that tried it). For a mere $75 investment, you can get a 12 month affiliate membership to AAPA.org. With this membership, it allows access to the nationwide member directory. Do a search for the members with in a diameter (ex: 10 miles) from your zip. It will then pull up ALL the PAs who are members with AAPA for that area. It gets better! They also include the school
  19. Hello, I'm a second year college student and I'm very interested in learning more about the Physician Assistant field. I would like to speak with students who have already been accepted to get an idea of how the PA student lifestyle is, as well as advice for a Pre-PA student. As for shadowing, I would like to shadow someone, in any speciality, for however many hours/days as possible. If you're in the Raleigh/Durham/Cary, NC area, contact me and I'll greatly appreciate it! Thank you, Yasmin A.
  20. I'm looking for a PA to shadow in the general Seattle area. I'd prefer the Woodinville area or something in the north sound or eastside, but would be happy with anything in the general Puget Sound area. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  21. Hi, my name is Jenny and I currently have straight A's in all of my P.A. pre-req classes, and am down to finishing my final 5 classes which will be completed next fall. So far I have about 45 shadowing hours, but really want to get at least 80 prior to April 1st, when I will apply for my P.A. programs. If possible, I will have a lot of time in December to shadow, but can also make myself available once the spring semester begins as well. So far my shadowing has been in family practice, so I'd really like to mix it up and do some specialties so it is varied. I would greatly appreciate it
  22. I am looking for PAs in the Chattanooga area to shadow starting at the beginning of January. I would love it to be a weekly thing, but I am pretty flexible as far as scheduling. Does anyone know of PAs I could contact who would be willing to be shadowed? Thanks!
  23. Hello, I graduated 2009 and decided I would apply to PA schools a few months back. I have research experience with the Department of Energy, school research experience, TA experience, I am a certified EMT, and I have prior shadowing experience. If anyone can help me find something I would be greatly appreciative. Thanks!
  24. Brief bio; Extremely Driven Senior in college. Volunteer in the ER at HHA for geriatric patient I have 0 shadowing hours and plan on applying in 2012. Also, I've spent the whole summer looking for a job that will give me PCE with no luck.If your able to help me out with a volunteer position or job, i'll be more than thankful. Thanks again
  25. I've searched this topic quite a bit and haven't had much success in finding info about it, so here goes: How can PAs work with DOs or work in DO practices? I'm sure this goes on, but is it catch as catch can? And what of shadowing opportunities? I feel like most PAs seem to gravitate toward MD practices vs. DO, or is that my perception? Any insight and/or resources would be helpful. Thanks!!
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