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Found 17 results

  1. http://www.dallasnews.com/opinion/columnists/gordon-keith/20140710-gordon-keith-winspears-are-slow-dancing-in-their-dreams.ece A very nicely written piece by one of our sports talk radio guys. It helps to remember that these conditions we treat are always attached to people with stories, if we ever have the time to inquire. Ironically, the chymopapain that I referenced in another thread was removed from the market in the 80's due to inappropriate usage and the development of this same condition.
  2. Any one do contract work aside a full time gig? Wondering how you do your health insurance? As an independent contractor could you take your own plan and use the premium as a tax deduction?
  3. Hey guys I was wondering if anyone who was accepted into the program this past years could share their stats (GPA, HCE, Interview Process). I'm curious to know where I stand. Thank You
  4. Hey everyone, so just to give you some context to my dilemma: I am currently about to graduate from a Canadian university with a Bachelor of Science majoring in Microbiology and minoring in Biology. My plan was to apply for a Masters degree in Physician Assistant studies (to which a Microbiology degree is considered an asset degree at my university), but my question is this - if I have managerial aspirations and wish to pursue management positions later on in my career (but do some rewarding clinical work and gain experience with the PA degree first), should I do PA school and THEN complete a Masters degree in Health Administration down the road for when/if managerial opportunities arise, or does that not make any sense? More importantly, do PAs often start doing clinical work and then move on to managerial roles, or do PAs usually prefer to stay/are stuck (I don't mean to sound rude) in their positions? Has anyone else walked down this road? Would love to get some insight on this. Could there even be a better way to go about all of this? Possibly even a more lucrative route given my current stage of education (B.Sc)? Thanks for helping a stressed out student!
  5. I'm a PA-S still waiting for my program to get back to me with my membership so would anyone be able to give a summary of CA? Please? Thank you! Also, are there any states that made a significant leap forward?
  6. Does anyone know how post P.A. school employment tends to be in terms of location i.e. do you tend to practice where you went to P.A. school or where you did a residency or does it just matter more where you have connections? I guess this also ties into another question I had regarding licensure reciprocity and which states have agreements amongst each other (if any at all) to make transferring state licenses a more fluid process? Sorry for the long winded questions, any and all input is greatly appreciated!
  7. Is it appropriate to claim Category 2 CME credit for reading JAAPA for instance? Say, 1.0 hours per issue? How about reading specific articles online/in print, for .25 credits, etc? What do you all claim as your Category 2 credit?
  8. Does anyone know of a centralized, one-stop listing of required pre-req courses for every PA program in the U.S.? PAEA does a good job, but I have to retieve these one by one. I'm not optimistic this exists. Thanks
  9. I will be applying to PA programs in Fall and would like the opportunity to gain some clinical healthcare experience and shadow physicians or physician assistants. I am particularly interested in Cardiology, Gynecology/Obstetrics, Pediatrics or Podiatry. Thank you for your assistance, I greatly appreciate it. You can also contact me at Lissettepperez@yahoo.com
  10. Hi all, I'm trying to find a neonatal PA to shadow...I've worked in NICUs but have only worked around NNPs and would love to see exactly what a PA in the NICU does...even if it's similar to the NNPs role. If there is anyone on the east coast that's a neonatal PA and you'd be willing to be shadowed, I'd be so appreciative. Please PM me if this is an option! ~dcmpatobe
  11. Hi all, I posted this in the pre-PA area, too, but I'd figure I'd post here as well! I'm trying to find a neonatal PA to shadow...I've worked in NICUs but have only worked around NNPs and would love to see exactly what a PA in the NICU does...even if it's similar to the NNPs role. If there is anyone on the east coast that's a neonatal PA and you'd be willing to be shadowed, I'd be so appreciative. Please PM me if this is an option! ~dcmpatobe
  12. Hi, I am a pre-pa student looking for an opportunity to shadow a PA in the los angeles area, preferably in the Pasadena, Glendale, Burbank area. If there is a dermatological PA available for shadowing, that's even better. please let me know.. thanks!:smile:
  13. I have been looking to shadow a PA in the NYC area for several months now and I just couldn't find a place that is willing to. Can anyone recommend a location in the NYC area that they shadowed at before. Thanks a lot for the help!!
  14. Hi! I am a pre-pa student and I am looking for a PA to shadow for a few shifts this summer. I am extremely dedicated and have flexible scheduling. I would really appreciate an opportunity to follow a PA this summer. Thank You and please reply privately. Janie
  15. I have been looking for someone to shadow for over 2 years and all i get is the same thing. That due to privacy they can't help me, or that they don't need help or are unable to do so. I have called local hospitals, volunteer offices and even private offices. Is there anyone who has actually got someone in this area or any advice or help for me? I would greatly appreciate it!!
  16. Hi, I'm a senior Human Physiology major in Boston. I'm looking to shadow a PA preferable in Emergency Medicine but I would shadow in any speciality. I'm an EMT and have experience dealing with trauma/blood. Please let me know if you are willing to let me shadow you. Thanks!
  17. Hi! My name is Kristin and I recently graduated with a Bachelors in Biology. I am applying to PA masters programs in the area. If there is any PA willing to let me shadow I would greatly appreciate it as I have no experience shadowing a PA. Thank you for you time. My email is KristinLangford3@yahoo.com
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