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Found 5 results

  1. Question geared towards PAs in the oncology and rheumatology private practice realm - Can a PA be the only provider on site when our nurses are infusing our biologic medications (ie TNF inhibitors, B cell modulators, etc). Some of these medications are technically classified as "chemotherapy." Not sure if there needs to be DIRECT supervision from an MD for this type of infusion/procedure (or can they just be a phone call away). Would this also vary state to state? Any insight would be wonderful!
  2. Hi gang! My wife and I are thinking of moving to NV next year and I can't seem to find any solid info on practice laws. They seem to be favorable overall but it's important to me to maintain a decent scope of practice. Background: I'm a supporter of OTP (actually, I was a supporter of FPAR), I currently work in CA (not the best state for PA practice, but not the worst), and have worked in NY and VT (which were both great with respect to practice laws.) Can anyone provide insight, specifically around things like co-signature, "supervision" and general climate toward PAs? In CA, we also have to list our collaborating physician's name on every chart we touch and every Rx we right. Is this the same in NV? Thanks!
  3. Hi everyone, I am a physician assistant student interested in current legislation issues concerning PA practice in the state of Texas. If anyone has any links to resources regarding this topic I would be very appreciative. I am looking for both current legislation issues concerning PAs as well as legislation that has not passed but that would improve a PAs' scope of practice in the state of Texas. Thank you!
  4. http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2014/06/29/primary-care-shortage-health/11101265/ "• Scope of practice laws. States regulate and license doctors and have been slow to embrace the idea that non-physicians could take over some of the functions. Nurse practitioners and physician assistants should be performing vaccinations and strep tests, Bharucha says." The error in the above statement is left as an exercise for the reader.
  5. I was wondering if you would rather precept a PA student whom you know personally/have had shadow you OR a PA student that you do not know? I am trying to decide where to do my elective rotation within a surgical subspecialty of peds (either ortho, Neuro, or plastics) I have Pa's and MDs that I know in all of these areas. I didn't know if it would be a better learning experience to be with someone new or someone that I know. Obviously they would have to want to precept me, but I was hoping for a general opinion before deciding whether or not to approach people. Any suggestions or opinions would be welcomed. Either from the role of precepting or experiences as a student.
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