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Found 12 results

  1. Hey everyone, I’m selling my Rosh Review subscription. It’s the full PANCE question bank and expires Nov 4, 2020. There’s also a Peds EOR exam that expires on Jan 08, 2021. Asking $100. I think a 90 subscription to Rosh is $149 right now FYI. DM me!
  2. Not sure if this is appropriate, but I'm selling How To "Ace" The Physician Assistant School Interview for $20 shipped if anyone wants it. I wrote in pencil on one page, which has been erased so practically new.
  3. I am selling my hippo account! The videos were very helpful in preparing me for my pance. There are numerous areas that the lecturers cleared up for me and taught me new ways to remember things. Their diagrams, print out slides, mnemonics, and pictures are extremely helpful as well. I felt that this really prepared me the best out of the study tools I used. My PANCE exam also had numerous repeat of questions and very similar to ones that were on the Hippo question bank. This account does not expire until April 2018. Please do not comment on this post as I may not see it - message me directly i
  4. Looking to buy Hippo. Im taking PANCE mid Feb. Thanks!
  5. For sale for $50: Kaplan PANCE question bank which expires April 7, 2018.
  6. I'm looking for a lightly used diagnostic set (oto/ophthalmoscope) for PA school. The school I'm attending said they are not doing a group order this year, therefore, I need to buy my own early. I'm interested in different brands/models etc. Reply to this thread or send me a message if you have any!
  7. Selling cme4life - Complete PANRE / PANCE Review Course - 16 DVD Set DVDs topics include: 1. Pharmacology, 2. Pulmonary, 3. GI/Nutritional, 4. Neurology, 5. Cardiology, 6. EKG Interpretation, 7. EENT(Eyes, Ears, Nose and Throat), 8. Endocrine, 9. Reproductive, 10. Inf. Dis., 11. Dermatologic, 12. Musculoskeletal, 13. Psych, 14. Radiology, 15. Hematologic, 16. Bugs and Drugs Purchased 3 months ago for $630 new. I just took the PANRE and passed. Did very well on the primary care version, notable given I only do ortho surgery. Will sell for $250. Will send you everything, including
  8. Howdy, I am excited to share that I will begin my Physician Assistant Studies at UTMB this July! Whoop! I have been in the process of buying all my books and necessary tools I need to begin my professional studies, but I was hoping someone here would be able to help me find a more affordable Diagnostic Set. Would someone know of anyone selling a diagnostic set (Ophthalmoscope/Otoscope)? Thanks in advance!
  9. Hi! Just took my PANCE and I am selling three very useful resources. I have a CME Resources Binder. I am selling at a starting price of $300. The entire conference cost me $850 and about +$400 for traveling and expenses. There's highlighting, notes, etc. included in the binder, but all of it useful information. I made sure to highly emphasize what the speakers did during their presentations and added valuable tidbits and hints on the side of the slides that I found worth knowing. I also have a Certified Medical Educators book for $90. Book has some highlighting of useful topics for
  10. Just message me if you are interested. You are welcome to make me an offer for whatever you want. It's mostly powerpoints, pdfs, and questions.
  11. Just message me if you are interested. You are welcome to make me an offer for whatever you want. It's mostly powerpoints, pdfs, and questions.
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