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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all- Posting to see if anyone has any experience setting up a multi-specialty PA position. I am at a small hospital and will be serving as the PA to numerous specialists including oncology, cardio, and ENT. Any pointers, tips, tricks, would be greatly appreciated. I've been doing UC for the last year here and was previously in FP 6 years prior to that.
  2. I have a question about my current gig. I'm so dissatisfied with the degree of my responsibility and my compensation. I work for a large Hospital system in the west providing solo coverage to a low volume, high acuity rural ED. We are at the convergence of 2 major interstates and are a farming community. A recipes for badness in the ED. I completed a post-grad program in EM and am fine covering the ED here. I have 8 years experience and my skills with medical and trauma patients are up to snuff. My medical director who is boarded in EM says that I do a much better job with sick patients than the FP guys/residents who cover shifts here. The catch is that by working for this health system, my pay is per years of experience (8 years). I get paid what the other PAs with same experience get paid even though at the urban or suburban facilities, they have a physician on site continuously for consults or when the (*&^% hits the fan. This is not the case with me. I'm all alone all the time. Have a general surgeon who is around occasionally and that's it. I make high 50's/hr, plus benefits, cme, 401k match, pension after 25 years and licensing. I love my job, but its setting me up to either demand more pay/hr or move to a less stressful setting. How would y'all approach this with administration?
  3. I am a soon to be graduating PA student who is beginning to look at jobs. I wanted to get some perspectives on starting out in a rural vs. urban location. I am currently in a large city and I've noticed that many (not all, of course) of the PAs seem to be more like glorified secretaries and don't seem like they make even simple decisions without consulting multiple attendings. There is just so much micromanagement. I know PAs in rural areas tend to have more autonomy and often develop more skills as a result. However, being a new grad, I obviously have less knowledge and skill than a seasoned PA and will require more oversight. I am not currently looking for much autonomy with being a new grad but I am still thinking about a few years ahead. I understand that a good employer will give me less responsibility and hopefully good mentoring as I begin my career but the opportunity to develop more skills and responsibility with time is appealing and I feel a rural area may serve me better. Please let me know your thoughts and personal experiences. Thanks!
  4. Is anyone interviewing for Heritage University's PA program in February? I don't see any other posts for this school or program so hopefully all of us can touch base here. =)
  5. I'm seriously considering a solo coverage rural job in the west when I complete my fellowship in 6 months. I have 5 yrs experience (3 in EM) as a PA plus 1 yr fellowship at level I trauma center. They offered me $75/hr plus fully paid health insurance and 3k CME allowance. 144 hrs/ month minimum. (12 12 hr shift). There is a general surgeon and anesthesia on call 24/7. 25 ppd volume. Pretty advanced little hospital. All electronic. Telemedicine link to sister ED that is a level I center where I can get MD support as needed. I currently make 80-90/hr where I am when I moonlight. I can make that perm if I stay here but don't want to. Need to get closer to family for multiple reasons. So what is your opinion? Fair compensation at $75/hr? I don't think so. Especially to work solo. Essentially saving them huge over MD coverage. I realize its a different area of the country (west of the Rockies). Opinions please??
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