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Found 2 results

  1. It seems not many people on this forum are interested in UW-Madison, but, I am! So, I'm starting this thread even though it may be a bit early since CASPA just opened. Good Luck to everyone!
  2. I work in family medicine and I am paid salary with a productivity bonus. I was told when I was hired that the "lowest" quarterly bonus was $5k among all the other PAs that work here. Also that I would make extra money going to the nursing home and if I was called in on weekend because that is all extra work that does not have an overhead. Well, it turns out the overhead is huge here because the office is so large. Also, I find it very hard to believe that anyone is actually making $5k a quarter. I am on-call for back-up for the walk in clinic about one weekend a month. I work in the family medicine/ appointment clinic that is in the same building, but one of us has to be on back-up in case it gets really busy or if the PA working gets sick at the walk in clinic. Well, I have had to work 2 weekends over the last month. We do not get paid any extra to be availible or to be within 15min of office and we do not get paid extra if we are called in. The only way we would make money is by the productivity bonus. Well, I have worked here for 7 months so far and according to the numbers I am given I am still $40k away from even coming close to making a bonus. So, when I am called in to work extra on a weekend, it is essentially free labor. Not only am I working extra for no extra pay, I also am stuck to stay in the area one weekend a month and have a phone attached to me. Does this seem right???
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