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Found 13 results

  1. Hi there! Selling Rosh Review subscription for $50. Expires March 19, 2018. Selling Hippo Edu. for $250. Expires February 11, 2019. Feel free to send me a message if interested!
  2. Hi! My boards are exactly 2 weeks from today, and today is my last day with my Rosh Review subscription. Looking for something cheap- please message me if you can help! Thanks :))
  3. Hi there! Recently graduated & took PANCE. Used both Rosh Review and Hippo Edu. throughout clinical year. Selling both! ROSH: Expires March 19, 2018. HIPPO: Expires February 11, 2019. Feel free to send me a message if interested! Best of luck.
  4. Lwitt

    Looking to Buy Rosh Review

    Looking to buy PANCE Rosh Review. Only need through the end of next week just looking for good practice questions before my exam.
  5. Topsy37

    Looking to buy Rosh Review

    Looking to buy Rosh review before my PANCE in 30 days! Thanks!
  6. Selling access to Rosh Review! 1 year left (expires oct 2018) $110.
  7. marrbarr10

    SELLING Rosh Review & HIPPO Edu.

    ROSH REVIEW: Expires on March 19, 2018. ($50)-- SOLD HIPPO: Expires February 11, 2019. ($250)-- SOLD Please send me a message if you are interested! All the Best.
  8. nickblomm

    buying rosh review.

    Looking to buy a rosh review subscription. PM me. thanks
  9. marrbarr10

    Looking to purchase ROSH REVIEW

    Hi there! I'm looking to purchase a Rosh Review login. Will need subscription to be for a couple of months--taking PANCE Feb. 1. Thank you!
  10. PANCEacer

    Rosh Review on Sale

    $100. Have over one year left. PM me thanks.
  11. Couldn't find anything on the matter so far in the forum. Can anyone speak on the "probability of passing" under "performance review" section of Rosh Review? How do they come up with this percentage and how accurate is it? I've been using solely Rosh Review for my PANCE preparation which is coming up on 05/22 and I've been feeling pretty good about my chances (based on Rosh probability of passing). Any insight is greatly appreciated!
  12. dredwings06

    Rosh Review

    Hey all, I'm starting the process of studying for the summative exams at school/the PANCE. 1) Anyone know of and Rosh Review discount codes? 2) Anyone have strong opinions regarding sites/programs better than Rosh Review for preparing for the PANCE? Thanks!

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