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Found 3 results

  1. Is there a major risk to joining a program that only has provisional accreditation, as opposed to a fully accredited program? Thanks guy and gals!
  2. Hello all, I am 39 years old. I have been thinking about proceeding through two years of fulfilling requirements, and health care experience- to apply to all and any PA schools - preferably New York or Southern California, Northern California. Although i have worked in health and wellness fields for six years in New York, it was primarily management. I have an undergraduate degree in Painting, and a 3.8 gpa. once to teach at the college level, but did not pursue masters as turn in economy and job market. After many turns in the economy and changes to job market with the mass flood of technology, I am originally from the Bay Area, California (SF) - Ive turned and twisted many times. Finding a happy place in New York in health and wellness, clubs, etc - led me to healthcare, and to discover PA. I would be beginning pre-reqs a new, as well as HCE. I have family support at this time, while I myself do not have a family, and would be able to focus all of my attention on my pre-requisites and HCE without major stressors in life as rent and full time job. But! .... I have hesitated, I am hesitating, for fear of taking two years (or less) to focus and pursue - to not be accepted to any school at 41, or 42 - as the two year process is a huge commitment, undertaking, stress, and life adjustment - while definitely worth it if accepted into PA school. It would be very hard to have taken two years unemployed in many ways, to change career paths, only to find I have to begin somewhere else, at a later age. Lets say hypothetically I receive 3.8-4.0 through all course work/ pre-requisites, and load up ample amount of HCU in those two years. My hold back, my nervousness, MY FEAR - is that at 39 years old I begin, and apply at 41 - to be turned down by every school, possibly two years in a row - I have heard this happen to a younger student, whom had a 4.0 and HCU. He applied to all PA schools and was turned down two years in a row. I cannot afford to put two years of solid hard work and, cover the cost of pre-req's, nor lose two years where I could be focusing two years on something else, as the job market is age discriminatory. I am nervous!! I wish the economy and world was such that I could choose a solid career I am truly interested in, and not have to research around a field so much. I would love to hear anyones thoughts, experience in applying, experience with acceptance rates - And if they thought this was a risk not worth taking? All the best, Laura
  3. So here is my dilemma, Last cycle I got interviews at 3 schools, 1 in Pittsburgh- where I currently live and have my friends and boyfriend, and 2 in Philly, I got wait listed in Pittsburgh, and recently (about a week and a half ago) got word that I got accepted to one of the schools outside of Philly! So this is a fantastic school, great program, 100% PANCE pass rates, great student to teacher ration, etc. This means I would have to move about 4-4.5 hours away in August. I am so TORN because I was planning to re-apply for 2 schools in Pittsburgh and keep working here for another year until I was able to start school. The time lines are cutting it extremely close; so if I reapply in to Pitt the first interview is July 31, I probably wouldn't hear until mid-August. The school outside Philly starts Aug 25. The reason I am so torn is because I don't want to leave my life I have built here in Pittsburgh, including my friends, my work at Children's, and my boyfriend. I have been dating my boyfriend for about 5 months now, it'll be almost a year when (if) I have to move.. he has said he wants to support me either way, that he wants to make the distance work. But I am anxious about that but also anxious that if I do give up my spot at this school I have been accepted to, I may be giving up my only opportunity should I not get into a school here in Pittsburgh. I guess I just am looking for some advice- any thoughts are welcome! Thanks to all, and good luck to everyone trying to get accepted also!
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