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Found 5 results

  1. I researched and researched online and every thing I read said to try and make myself shine as much as possible in my personal statement. "Try to be authentic and be yourself" I felt like I did just that and a proof reader told me my essay was immature and if I submit it I wont get into PA school. I wanted to ask anyone kind enough to read my personal statement their opinions please!! I am the child in my household that is responsible for all of my parents’ grey hairs. My mother constantly told me, “Bradley, do not touch the stove. It is hot!” What did I do? I touched it and then
  2. I have revised my PS after I was given help with my rough draft from ajames, and I was curious what some of you thought of it. It is under the 5000 character mark, so I'm happy about that. Feel free to leave any critiques; things to add, cut, etc. I will gladly go over someone else's if they would like! Thanks! PA personal statement revision.docx
  3. Hey Everyone, Thanks in advance for taking the time to help out. This is my very first draft/attempt and I mostly just want to get a sense of whether or not I am headed in the right direction. I know there are several problems (feel free to point them out!). It's short, and lacks some cohesion but like I said, am I heading down the right road or do I need to change gears entirely? Thanks Again! _____________________________________ When I looked down all I could see were dark clouds sweeping up the valley like a tsunami of cold rain and bad memories about to be made; bad news for
  4. This is my second rough draft, any advice will help! Thank!!
  5. Most third degree burns end in skin grafts, but not my grandfather’s. I spent the entire summer prior to entering college performing skin debridements, cleaning wounds, changing bandages, applying creams, and making sure all medications were taken. I had successfully helped heal my diabetic grandfather in, what the UW-Madison Burn Center doctor said was, “one of the best and fastest recoveries they had ever seen.” Through the blood, gore, and tears, I sadly watched my grandfather suffer, but in the end, it was all worth it—for both of us. The huge rush of relief, reward, and the humbling fe
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