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Found 4 results

  1. I have 7 years experience as a PA (1 year General Surgery, 3 years IM private practice, and now 3 years at my current position in a family medicine outpatient clinic) in rural Kentucky. It is time for contract negotiations after 3 years of work here. I am outpatient only with no call, 4 days per week; averaging 18-20 patients per clinic day. My base salary is $93k, Encounter based bonuses ($16.59 per encounter over minimum 663 per quarter which does not prove profitable for me so basically my salary is less than $97k total), $2500 CME plus 40 hours PTO, 24 days PTO plus 12 sick days, Malpractice and license fees paid. Insurance and retirement are self funded. No 401k. I have continuously had superior provider ratings, increased clinic volume (with the highest in the local system for at least one year), diligent with completion of charts and never take days off. Recommendations on asking for raise?
  2. Hi everyone! 3 years in Derm. Right now : 1. Part time pay $57.50 an hour no benefits except 401k he’s putting in 3%. Only PA in solo practice. One time bonus in December of $1,500. Pays for all CME activities no cap, but does not pay accommodations or other expenses. 2. Work 20-25 hours a week. I tally about 60 patients a week and sometimes less. 3. I Do some cosmetics 4. I was offered productivity based salary at first, had no Derm experience but I declined because I was brand new to practice. Worked IM 3 years before starting. offered same base salary : part time hourly $57.50 productivity: net Collections first year 3%, 2nd year 4% and 3rd year 5% above 200k. Reports quarterly but collected and calculated from Whole practice 30% in cosmetic procedures Same benefits as above Any thoughts?
  3. 2016-2017-Original agreement as a 1st Year new Grad Derm PA: 100k straight salary (no bonus)- general derm only 4 weeks PTO 5 additional CME days (PTO) $2500 Annual CME allowance All licensing/membership dues/supplies/mal practice insurance covered in full no healthcare/dental (although covered in full by spouse) no 401k/retirement plan No maternity leave (although all female staff except the SP) 2018 renegotiation pending- $110,500k base with 10% bonus after 300k in collections (this seems terrible) "will" now transition into surgical excisions and cosmetics (lasers, injectibles) 6 weeks PTO 5 additional CME days (PTO) $3000 Annual CME allowance All licensing/membership dues/supplies/mal practice insurance covered in full "Will" implement 401k/retirement plan, which is currently in the works (although no matching offered) open to a maternity leave option (although specific terms not discussed) Any feedback would be much appreciated. No signatures have been exchanged therefore nothing is set in stone. So negotiation of terms is still subject to change. Thanks for your time!
  4. Hello, I am still rather new to the derm world and I am coming up on my first annual review. I could really use some help with negotiation, in terms of salar and bounus strucutre. I have been working as a PA for almost 2 years and working in dermatology for about 14 months. I had a three month training period where I was paid 5,200 per month (working well over 50 hours/wk.) Then I began seeing my own patients making 83,000/year with a 5% monthly productivity bonus after 10,000 collections for the practice. I usually work 4 1/2 days per week and 6 days once a month when we are open on a Saturday. I work on average 40 hous work weeks, get 2 weeks paid vacation, one week CME, holiday time, and $1500 for CME yearly. I am coming up for my annual review and expect my supervising physician to start by making me an offer. I see about 20-25 patient per day plus new patients with my supervising physican. The new patient visits are all billed under his name. I usually stay for the whole visit, write prescriptions, perform the surgery, etc. Just to calrify things, new patients are never put on my schedule. I am not sure why he has structured things in this matter, but obviously this effects my productivity. Initally he had told me that I am not allowed to see new patients, however I knew this not to be true. When I confronted him he said our billing company had advised him to do things this way. Billing has explained to me that there is a lot more verification needed before a new paitent can be scheduled with me as some insurances are not reimbursing for new patient visits with a PA. We see a lot of medicaid patients so this may be why I am running into this problem. Any how, I would appreciate some advice on how to structure my salary and bonus structure given my years of experience and the limitation with aquiring new patients. I am wondering if I should be compensated more in my base salary for this reason? Also, the current bonus structre may have been fine for my first year, but now I feel it is a little too low. Please let me know any advise you may have. I would really appreciate your help.
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