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Found 7 results

  1. Is anyone practicing telemedicine? I have found a couple of opportunities, but nothing has panned out yet. If anyone has advice on this, please let me know.
  2. I am a physician assistant practicing in psychiatry. I was recently offered, and subsequently accepted a remote behavioral health position at my organization. In this role, I am working overnight placing admission orders ONLY (yes, it's a limited role) after talking to nursing staff and the intake team by conference call. Before putting in any orders, I will call the on call psychiatrist to clear me to give these orders. Sounds straightforward and incredibly simple, right? Well, the Pennsylvania Medical Board denied my written agreement stating "not enough supervision." I am speaki
  3. I have the option of working 36 hours a week so can do four 9s and have a day off but lose some percentage of pay. I am thinking of doing that and trying out a different job PRN or doing some remote work. Any suggestions? I have looked into medical record review but cannot find a remote position for PAs in Ohio to do that. Thanks!
  4. Has anyone here ever worked a position that was purely telemedicine (ie. completely remote/practicing from anywhere). I was wondering if any of these U.S. positions are feasible to do from overseas in locations where PAs have not been adopted into the healthcare system locally. Some of the job descriptions sound like they could potentially be done completely remotely. Curious if anyone has had experience with this and what it was like.
  5. Hello, I am a relatively new PA in the area of neurology, having graduated from Midwestern Chicago in 2012. My knowledge of legal boundaries of a PA in colorado (and in general) have been somewhat limited based on my being the first PA in my private practice. I have a specific question and was hoping you can steer me in the right direction. There is a Primary care office in our area who recruits specialists (e.g. endocrinologists, neurologists) to provide a "curbside" type consult for cases remotely. They will have specialists review charts and give recommendations for these patients
  6. Hi all, I'm a soon-to-be PA graduate (March 2015). Ever since my paramedic days, I've always been interested in working off-shore in the oil industry. I realize that I most likely won't be a good fit as a new grad, but I wanted to take the time now to gather what info I could from 1st- or 2nd-hand experience here on the forums. Environmental conscience aside, what has been your impression of these jobs? Daily schedule/work? Benefits, pay? Ease of working with oil industry administration? Any information would be appreciated! I'm familiar with the long-term shift nature of t
  7. I am constantly looking for ways to broaden by experience and knowledge. I have found my "niche" to work with closed populations - i.e. Dept of Corrections/Mining Camps/Oil Fields & Refineries/Seafood Processing as a solo provider. My ideal job would be: Rotational in nature - 4 weeks on 4 weeks off or less (won't rule out longer - would depend upon the position) Paid travel/housing/meals 10-12 hour shift - prefer nights to days Married status if possible - i.e. I could bring my wife if she wanted to. Areas of International Interest: Australia, New Zealand, Ocea
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