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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, I am an orthopedic surgery PA with > 10 years experience, and am looking to learn about RVU -based reimbursement, for a potential job change. The RVUs would be awarded based upon billing, not collections, as it is an underserved area with poor payer mix. It would be clinic-based; no surgical assisting or hospital work. My questions: 1. Does anyone know what the typical $ per RVU value would be, for an orthopedic PA? 2. Does anyone have access to a list of RVU per CPT code for typical orthopedic office procedures? (injections, fracture care, splinting, etc). I was able to find 0.97 for 99213, which is a common office visit code ...I'm more curious about the procedures 3. Is this a workable plan for orthopedics? Is it possible to thrive financially within an RVU -based system? I am aware that it would be important to avoid seeing a lot of postop patients within their global billing period, as those visits award 0 RVUs. Correct? Any insight you can provide, would be appreciated! Thanks
  2. Recently I separated from an employer and they have asked me to complete my EMR charts (complete some random omitted/overlooked CPT codes, some billing codes, etc.) ...since the first of the year. (about 100) They gave me a stack of paper charts and asked me to complete them and sign. I was paid for the services rendered,( I thought) however, now I am told that I will be paid for these because now they can submit them...I am concerned why i am getting "paid twice" ...Didn't they submit them to to Medicare already? I believe maybe they paid me all along in good faith they would be reimburse...And, if they did not submit, are they now submitting them under my NPI number? And because i am no longer their employee...how can they submit under my NPI? Who can I call to ask about this thorny issue or confirm this is on the up and up? Honestly i do not trust my old employer in asking them. And it seems weird they are "paying me twice" anyway.
  3. Wondering if anyone who has taken the PANCE thought the NCCPA practice exams were written like the PANCE questions or if those exams reflected your PANCE experience at all. I'm referencing the two exams you can purchase from the NCCPA. I am a little frustrated because I have been scoring 60's and 70's in my Kaplan QBank, which I am told is pretty good. I feel like I have been learning a lot and the review has been great with the Kaplan questions. I have also been going through the AAPA/PAEA review book and making notes on things I don't remember right away. However, I took the NCCPA practice exams and on the first one I scored in the low/mid "green" high proficiency block. The second exam I took was mostly in the green/high but also had a portion in the yellow borderline proficiency block. So needless to say that scares me. What should I think when comparing Kaplan Qbank questions to the NCCPA practice exams? I have also been listening to the review lectures a lot from UMDNJ review course and most of that is recognizable and makes sense to me. This pre-PANCE anxiety is really starting to get to me. I take the test in two days. **bangs head against wall** P.S. The Packrat I took in May this year scored a 152. This was 3 months before graduation and before I started all of this studying. Taking another Packrat tonight. Wish me luck....I used to have confidence. But after the NCCPA practice exam, I feel like this is me:
  4. Hello-- Looking to get an idea of what percentage/hourly rate of compensation to ask for. I will be working one day per week in a combined clinic and surgery cases. Currently have 3 years plastics experience including micro. Anyone have any suggestions about what to ask for in terms of reimbursement. This is also a practice that I would consider joining full-time in the future. Thanks!
  5. I would enjoy hearing from practicing psych PAs about any road bumps they have encountered with being paid as a PA vs Psych Advanced Nurse Practioner. I've recently looked for another position and find that 80-90 % of psych jobs want the psych ANP because "it's easier to bill for their services in mental health". Also, in Illinois, last year I was restricted from seeing Medicaid patients. I was told PAs are not eligable to bill in mental health...this was from the investigative arm of Illinois Medicaid, whereas the billing/payment arm had no problem with PA reimbursements. (this info was from my SP) Fortunately I have found another psych position in another state. I did call AAPA about this, and they seem to be 'somewhat' aware of this problem, but have no direct information about cause nor correction. There are a fair number of psych jobs listed with the various recruiters that read " psych PA/NP", but upon closer examination the employer only accepts psych NPs. hope someone out there has some information. to me, it feels like PAs are effectively being shut out of mental health care.
  6. I'm a PA in NC and cleared that I can open my own clinic, I just need a supervising physician. I have a few in mind to approach but I have no idea what to offer them in terms of reimbursement. Any ideas? I will have a micro solo practice, probably only 20 pts/max per week, and only 3 weeks out of the month. It's a consultative internal medicine integrative medicine practice --cash only and I have opted out of Medicare. I anticipate grossing $2400-3000/week. I've practiced for 25 years and (knock wood) been fortunate to not ever have any issues with the Med Board or malpractice. The highest risk is that some of my patients will be chronic lyme/tick borne illness patients (will use oral abx) and I know that is not endearing to the establishment (yet!) In our state, the SP does not even need to co-sign charts. For the first six months we need to meet once a month, then q 6 months thereafter. Any insight on how to approach reimbursement or where to find that kind of information would be greatly appreciated. I'm new to this forum so I'm not sure if I will be email notified of a response, so here's an email: healingpathnow at gmail to reach me at. Thanks!
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