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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone, I am a registered nurse based in Atlanta near the Sandy Springs area. I would love the opportunity to shadow a variety of physician assistants in the Atlanta area or within an hour of the Atlanta area. I am more than willing to volunteer and help out as much as I can. I am courteous, respectful, and professional. Please send me a message on here or reply in a post below and I will be sure to get back with you. Thank you so much, Curlsz
  2. First of all, I want to say that I am very thrilled to have gotten into PA school. I can't wait till July when I start school. Now, I figured I come back to reality and really see how much I will owe. Yesterday I sat down and after punching in some numbers, I got a lot more than I expected. I got into a school in NYC (27 months). The tuition with fees, books, and supplies, the total was around 88k. As for the living expenses, with rent, utilities, transportation, and food, I figured $2000 per month (is this too little?). After 27 months, the total will be 142k!! Is this reasonable? I was expecting 100k total but I guess I was wrong. I have 25k from undergrad so with everything together, I will be in lots of debt. Is this the norm? For those of you in school, did you take out 100% of tuition and living expenses in loans? Help!! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. Hello. I am a surgical RN living in Idaho. I will finish my BSN in April 2013. I have been working in surgery for five years, 3 as a certified surgical technologist (CST) and 2 as circulator RN. My long term goal is to assist in surgeries such as ortho or neurosurgery as a PA. In my research and talking to friends, I have narrowed my search to PA schools to MEDEX in Washington state or University of Texas in Dallas. I have a friend who I met when I was a CST student who went through MEDEX and is now working in Idaho with two orthopedic surgeons. I have a cousin who is a trauma nurse in Plano, Texas who says the pay is good there for RNs and plenty of career and educational opportunities there. I would appreciate it if anybody who has experiences with either or both of these PA programs if you could give me some insight so I can make an informed decision. I feel like it would be good to move to TX and work there for a year to gain residency status, but that would mean selling our home in Idaho and a leap of faith to rent once again after 8 years of homeownership. I want to do the best for my family and for my career. Thank you for your advice and good luck in your education and career to each of you!
  4. I've seen a few discussions about PA+EMT-P and PA+NP, but what the benefits of having both your PA-C and regular RN? The hospital I work at will pay for a 15 month non-nursing Bachelor's-to-BSN program, which is enticing for several reasons if I don't make it into a program this round. The 2 weakest parts of my application are my overall GPA (from my first time through school) and my limited amount of upper level science classes. This program would get me 55 hours of credits which would (assuming I do as well as I have in my prereqs) significantly boost my GPA. Also, as an RN, I could get a better paying job (right now I'm a PCT/EMT-B) while I take classes/wait for a program to start/PRN over holidays/etc. The down side is doing this could delay taking additional prereqs that would allow me to apply to other schools. So, I would ask you: 1) is it worth it to delay/limit my application? 2) what value would having an RN license afford me in combination with my PA-C 3) is it realistic to maintain both PA-C and RN? 4) How would an Adcom view this decision?
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