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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I am a dec 2018 grad board certified with a MA license, but having a lot of difficulty finding a job due to the "3-5 years experience" clause and the fact that many places are now giving priority to NP. A few months back family members had suggested I get a job as an MA but I dismissed the idea as I wanted to spend more time looking for a PA position and didn't think I would be hired as one without having completed a formal Medical Assisting program. Now over 6 months post graduation with no job offers and loan payments coming in, a few medical professionals have now mentioned the idea again. So before I start applying I wanted to see if any one has done this or knows if it is allowed? The other hurdle of course would be if the employer would hire knowing that I would be looking for a PA position... thoughts?
  2. Hi PA Forum community! I stumbled on this website during my research about the PA profession about a year ago and would read through these forums on the daily, but I never had much courage until now to actively seek out some help! I really want to get into PA school but I don't have the most stellar GPA. I will be graduating Stony Brook University next week but I had a first 2 years in college, unfortunately leaving me with only a 2.7 GPA :( My grades did, however, increase my last two years of undergrad. I have been a pharmacy technician for almost a year and a half, but I know that doesn't really count towards HCE. I will be starting work as a medical scribe in the next few weeks to help me get HCE for the next year or two. I've also been on a medical mission during my undergrad as well, and I've been shadowing one of my professors who's also a PA. I can't decide on how to help myself raise my GPA. Some forums say that applying to post-bacc programs are not worth it, but some say they are. Some forums say that I should just take non-matriculated classes. I just really want some solid guidance as to how I can pursue the next few years of my time to gear myself up for PA school, academically. If you guys also know of any programs that would be helpful for me on Long Island, or NYC that would be really helpful as well. I'm really determined and I work really hard. This is something I really want for myself and I just want the best advice. Please don't tell me not to pursue this career path. I've shadowed PA's and I really can't see myself doing anything else. Thank you so much to everyone in advance for your help!
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