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Found 9 results

  1. Hi guys, last year 2017, I applied to 4 schools out on a whim. I really wanted to apply to more but I decided to apply so late (September/October). By then, most schools were almost out of seats. My gpa is also not the best however I do have 3K+ HCE, about 70hrs shadowing experience (shadowed 3 PAs), planning on shadowing another, solid recommendation letters but I am working on my re-doing my essay now. Do you think I have any chance of getting into PA school? Also what are some schools that mainly focus on experiences/hce? How else can I improve my application? I am super nervous. Also, took gen chem in 2012 Fall. Didn't do too well, retook it later, got a better grade. Will schools still count the 2012 grade even though its been over 5 years? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello! So I am definitely reapplying this year. Last year was my first time applying and I made the mistake of sending my application in summer instead of when the portal opened. Since then I have taken a few extra courses, acquired more HCE (almost doubled) and am planning on changing jobs to get a different experience. I was wondering how I should adapt my essay to this new cycle? Obviously I do not want to send in the exact same essay, but my feelings about being a PA are still the same. I was interviewed by a few top ranked programs but did not get in because of the large applicant pool (according to the admissions offices). I usually do well in job interviews so I would hope my interviewing skills are not terrible, but maybe they just don't stand out as much when there are many others because I'm not a complete extrovert? I'm not really sure what exactly went wrong there. Also, should I reapply to the programs that interviewed me and rejected me as well? I would appreciate all the advice I can get! Thanks! :)
  3. Hey everyone, First off, let me say that I'm a first-time applicant to PA schools, and in this particular post, I'm not really sure what I'm looking for. Perhaps, I need to commiserate with others in similar positions, find a bit of consolation, and maybe even get a bit of advice about reapplying during next year's cycle. When I submitted my first applications in late August I knew that I was applying late in the cycle, but at the time I was naive enough to believe that I could land a few interviews. To give you some background, I have a 3.98 overall GPA, a 4.0 science GPA, an M.A. in Cultural Anthropology, lots of volunteer experience working with refugees, homeless populations, and intravenous drug users, about 2100 hours of HCE as an EMT in a 911 system, and GRE scores as follows: 151 Quant, 164 Verbal, 4.5 Analytical. I applied so late in the cycle namely because I wasn't sure I would be able to take my GRE this summer, however, I was ultimately able to schedule it for mid-August and as soon as my prospective programs received my scores I submitted all of my apps. Since then, I have anxiously watched my email for interview invites and combed through the forums pertaining to my programs. Perhaps the wait is just getting to me, but I know that some of these programs are finishing up their interview cycles in the next month and a half and I'm starting to worry a bit. Thus far, I have only received one interview at a top-tier school and was placed pretty far down on the waitlist, but I have yet to hear from any of the other 6 programs I applied to. I think that I'm a decent candidate, but perhaps that's overly presumptuous. All I can think is that I applied entirely too late in the application cycle. Given that, I'm also not sure what I can do to strengthen my application other than applying earlier next year. I mean, I do plan to continue taking more upper division courses over the next 9 months, logging more HCE hours, and even shadowing a few new PAs, but as I stated earlier, I thought I was a fairly decent candidate already (there's that ego again). Additionally, I'm not quite sure how to reapproach my essays for the next cycle since I've more or less already mined the narrative gold out of my previous experiences for my CASPA and supplemental application essays this year. Like I said, I'm not really sure what I'm looking for in this post, but I think that there are probably others like myself out there who are going through the same anxiety-provoking experience and perhaps simply connecting with one another can alleviate some of the worry and self-doubt. With that being said, if you have any advice or words of wisdom I would love to hear them. Thanks!
  4. I know these are common threads so I apologize for redundancy. I am in my 2nd year applying to PA schools. I just interviewed with the one school that I was waitlisted at last year and found out I've been waitlisted again this year. This news was very disheartening, as I felt my chances for getting in this year were best with this school. I emailed the admissions committee to see what their recommendations were to improve my app but I have not heard anything back. Last year I applied to 20 schools, interviewed at 3, waitlisted at 1. This year I'm applying to fewer schools. I want to stay the course but I'm starting to feel like this may not come to fruition. Here are my stats: Undergrad science GPA from 2009 - 3.43 Recent science GPA from 2013-2016 - 3.94 GRE - Verbal 152; Quant 151; Writing 4.0 Shadowing - 40+ hours with PAs and MDs in different settings HCE - 2000+ in a wide variety of settings Research experience - 1 year in diabetes drug trial where I was clinically involved as well as processing lab samples Certified EMT-IV Limited volunteering though around 40 hours in the past year Major weaknesses: C grade in Microbiology from 2007 C- grade in Orgo Chem 1 from 2007 **since 2007 I have made an A in Orgo Chem 2 and straight As in high level science courses such as Anatomy, Biochemistry, Advanced Anatomy, Physics** I'm feeling a bit stuck and I'm not sure how to improve my application this year. These are what I feel might be doable but I'm not sure if it would make a big difference for me. I also do not want to overwhelm myself financially and time commitment-wise. 1. Retake Microbiology (I will make an A) (but would that be a waste of time and money?) 2. Retake Organic Chemistry 1 (even though I made an A in Ochem 2 recently...) 3. Shadow more? 4. Volunteer more? 5. Get another certification? Like CNA 6. Postpone PA school and get a Master's in something? Any advice and encouragement/insight would be wonderful, thank you all for your time.
  5. I am getting ready to reapply for PA programs this cycle. I have four years (7,084 hours) of nursing experience with the last 1152 hours as a Neuro/Trauma ICU nurse. MY SGPA 3.46 and my under graduate GPA is also 3.46. I graduated Magna Cum Laude from my ADN program in 2013. I have four great letters of recommendation (1 PA , 1 former PA now ortho resident, 1 NP I've worked with in the ICU, and 1 former chemistry professor). My GRE is pretty bad since I only studied two weeks for it: Quantitative 143, Verbal 146, Analytical writing 3.0 I was rejected from every school I applied to last cycle and the only thing I can assume is because either my admission letter, GRE, or applying late in the cycle (I applied mostly in August/September). My question is, has anyone used a professional writing company for your admission letter? If so, who would you recommend? I am preparing to retake the GRE soon, but I figured working on my admission letter would hurt either. Any recommendation are appreciated Thanks!
  6. Last cycle I applied to 6 schools, received one interview at Baylor, and wound up #8 on the waitlist...since it doesn't seem like I'll be moving up that list any further I will need to reapply. In evaluating my app, I think maybe my lack of HCE is my biggest deficit. Quick stats: GPA 3.89 Science 3.9 Post-bac 4.0 GRE 159Q 159V 4.0W Job - Shriners Burns Hospital research coordinator HCE - previously a scribe (if that counts?) and performed HIV testing and H. pylori testing in the ED, volunteer in two physical therapy departments Shadowing - 20hrs county clinic, will have 20hrs ENT and more hours with the PAs here at Shriners (20 or so?) within the next month REQs - Chief of burn surgery, Chief of research (my boss), MD I work closely with daily. (This time around I will swap out one of these for a PA) I am obviously lacking TRUE hands on healthcare experience. I signed up for a CNA course, but unfortunately the only option was April-May 2016, right when I need to reapply. I won't have time to work as a CNA before applying (nor do I plan on giving up a full time job for a part-time CNA job, which is all that is currently posted anywhere nearby)...so is it worth it? I thought maybe it would be good to get at least the clinical hours required for certification and the experience of it all. I would appreciate thoughts on whether this will boost my application at all, help me in the long run, or make any kind of difference at all? Thanks!
  7. i just applied and i had 2 interviews, but only have one waitlist. i am thinking part of my problem was my GPA was only a 3.4 and 3.2 science respectively. but i had a great personal statement and good rec letters. for a reapplicant do i have to use new ones? do i use the same account? i will have more HCE and shadowing as well as research experience to boost my application, tho the GPA will be about the same. does anyone have any advice and do i need to get new letters of rec and personal statement?
  8. Does anyone know if adcoms are aware that you are re-applying to their program? There's obviously a chance that a committee member might remember reading through your essay or a previous interview, but I'm wondering why the designation portion in CASPA asks whether you are re-applying or not.
  9. Hello I am reapplying this year. Do most people ask the same people that wrote the original LORs or do they get different people to write them? I will be re-applying to schools I have interviewed at as well as new ones. Any advice? :=Z:
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