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Found 14 results

  1. So i applied to a pretty sizable amount of PA programs in 2017. I was rejected by all of them. I’m reapplying this year and while it won’t be to nearly as many schools, I still want to know what I can do to make myself more competitive on paper. I graduated with high honors and GPA 3.8. I did about average on my GRE. I have two years of full time hands on experience as a medical assistant at a local doctors office. I have no vounteer work and other than CPR and BSL, I dont have any certifications. Dose anyone have any suggestions on how to bolster my application and make myself a more competitive candidate? Thanks in advanced
  2. Hey guys, This application cycle did not go well for me and even though it’s not over, yet, I’m expecting that it will be soon. With this in mind, I need honest advice about what to improve for two cycles from now (I don’t have enough time to improve between now and April). Here are my stats for this cycle: GPA: 3.40 SCIENCE GPA: 3.22 GRE: 308 HCE: 4800 hours as chief medical scribe (emergency room) PA Shadowing: 80 hours (ER, ortho, primary care) LOR: 5; 2 physician’s, 1 Medical director, 1 PA, 1 senior organic chemistry professor. I have a plan to obtain CNA licensure and work as a CNA until next Application; retake any science intensive courses that I got a B- or less in; volunteer with disadvantaged patients. Does anyone have additional advice? Does a CNA give you more solid experience vs something like a Medical assistant? Does anyone know if they take personal downfalls into account (both parents passed away in college and high school)? Does post bacc have to be at a university? (Asking because of cost). Any advice would be appreciated, thank you so much.
  3. So I applied last cycle, 2016-2017, with somewhat of a premature application. I graduated in May of 2015 with a B.S in Biology and then applied for jobs as a nursing assistant until I finally landed one in Feb 2016. Since then I have been working as a nursing assistant and taking pre-requisites. (was formerly pre-med). My last application had about 800 hours of HCE (including volunteer work and nursing assistant hours). I had an "OK" PS, and 3 decent LORs. My cumulative GPA is 3.4 and science is 3.2. I got no interviews, all rejections from about 9 schools. This cycle I started shadowing a PA, have spent more time volunteering, working, and booked a medical mission trip to Costa Rica. I am also rewriting my personal statement, getting new LORs, and retaking the GRE, because my last score was below 50th in two of the three areas. I just don't know what else I can do, because as CASPA gets closer and closer to opening, I am getting worried about reapplying and getting more rejections. Any advice?
  4. So I work as a phlebotomist for a staffing agency for a big healthcare company and had a placement in a health center where there are about 8 or so doctors, a PA, and an NP. During my lunch breaks I would see one of the doctors in the break room and we began exchanging pleasantries and I made him laugh once at a joke and we introduced ourselves. His office was right next to the break room and I always saw him with the door open. This was my 2nd week at this new job and I approached him and mentioned how I am interested in becoming a PA and heard there was a PA in the health center and inquired if I could potentially shadow him. The dector was very friendly and offered to introduce me to him and walked me across the center to the PA's work area where I was told to wait for a few minutes until he comes back out and I can introduce myself to him. So I did. The PA was very friendly and open to having me shadow him but advised me to talk to the health center manager first about the health center's policy regarding shadowing. So I walked over to the office manager and told her I spoke with the PA and he is willing to have me shadow him and instructed me to come see you about getting whatever approval I need. She seemed very open to the idea and said she will check into it because she isn't sure and for me to come back the following day. I come back the following day on my lunch break and she has papers ready for me to sign. I jokingly apologize and say sorry I don't mean to be a pest or anything but I am trying to become a PA and shadowing is an important step in that process. She said okay now I will send this in and we will see what happens basically. So I come back the next day and she says she had to send it to her boss's boss and it's in the hands of administration now so we just have to wait, and to not worry, that we'll take care of you. So I say great, thanks, I'll check back next week. 2 days later I am let go and am removed from that assignment and am given a "do not return" by my staffing agency to that location. My staffing manager said that the complaint that the health center had about me in their report was that I made the office manager feel uncomfortable, awkward, that it was inappropriate how I asked to shadow, and that I should have spoken with the office manager first. Did I do something wrong?
  5. I'm considering applying for Master's programs before reapplying to PA school next year. I have applied to PA schools twice, the first year with only 1 interview and then waitlisted, the second year 3 interviews all of which I was waitlisted. It is starting to become clear to me that my gpa is what is lacking while my healthcare experience is my strong point. Ideally I would love to continue working while enrolled in a Master's program, but the only realistic way of doing that is completing one online. Does anyone have any suggestions for online programs? One's that have ultimately lead to more acceptances? I am also considering in person programs as well. I fear the possibility of having to relocate with on campus programs and having to refrain from working during that time though. But I am open to any suggestions! On a side note, I am also considering taking additional pre req courses that I have not taken (genetics, organic 2, biochem, abnormal). Ideally I would like to take these in person as well but it was impossible to register during the regular fall or spring for courses at my only 4 year university close to home as a non degree student...I was only able to get into 1 summer course so far. Are taking courses at community colleges looked at the same in this case? I've taken courses through UNE online and I didn't do as well with the online format as I had wished I would.
  6. Hello! I initially applied too years ago to two schools. This time, in addition to reapplying to those two schools, I'm sending apps to several others. The two schools I'm reapplying to both require supplemental applications that include a shorter personal statement. I've seen online that when you reapply, you should discuss in your essay how you strengthened your skills,etc. But I'm wondering if it's detrimental to my application for other schools to know I was rejected in my initial round? Since I can only write one essay in CASPA, should I write that essay without mentioning my first round of applications, then address my reapplication in the supplemental apps? Or should I just include the steps I took to better my position in the CASPA essay, for everyone to see? Any/all input is appreciated. Thank you!
  7. Hi everyone, I was trying to search for this discussion but I didn't find anything. I didn't make it into any of the programs I applied to (applied to 3 total; interviewed at 1) and I'm trying to figure out how to improve for next year. These are my main stats: Science GPA: 3.49 Overall GPA: 3.32 HCE: Medical Technologist for 3 years Volunteer: Interpreter and Administrative assistant at Free Clinic, where a PA practices Shadowing: ER PA for 7.5 hours GRE: 149 verbal, 159 quant (I know) The way I look at it is that my application was good enough to get me an interview. So I know that I'm moving on the right track. I had some pending courses when I applied so that might be why some of the programs didn't even get me an interview. At my interview, I honestly was a little nervous and I don't think I expanded on my answers as much as I wanted to. I prepared for traditional and situational questions but I still felt like I was put on the spot. So I know I have to improve on that somehow. I'm thinking that I should shadow more PAs to really get a good perspective on the profession. I was also thinking of getting a CNA license so that I can do actual patient care at the free clinic like triaging and assessing patients. Also, regarding my essay, should I keep it as is? Or should I update it and mention that I'm reapplying? I would really appreciate the feedback. Thank you!
  8. Hi there! I am planning to reapply to PA schools for the third time now for the 2014-2015 cycle. First time I applied, I got one interview and unfortunately didn't get in. Second time I applied very late in the application cycle and didn't get any interviews. I have a B.S. in Biology from a CUNY, Science GPA of 2.98 (which sucks because many schools want 3.0 and higher), overall GPA 3.25 (after CASPA calculations). I have taken all of the pre requisites for the program. Planning to take a GRE since that increases the number of schools I can apply to. I do have an "F" on my transcript and I did retake the course and ended up with a "B-". I got an "A" in Anatomy and a "B-" in Physiology in college so I thought taking an A&P course at a local college in CA will help me boost my GPA. I got a "B" and that didn't really help. I have about 2 years of experience of working as a physical therapy aide in NY, ICU/PACU nurse duty volunteer (6 months) plus shadowing an orthopedic PA for 4 months also in NY. I have recently moved to CA and have been working as a surgical scheduler/back office assistant at a surgical practice for the past year. I volunteer at a local soup kitchen as an assistant to the cook/food server. Recently found a PA to shadow in the Bay Area. I really want to become a PA and need to figure out ways to better myself as an applicant. Please help! If you have any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate your advice!
  9. Hi all, I am just looking for some suggestions for ways that I can strengthen my application for reapplying next cycle. I applied to three schools this cycle (all pretty local) and received zero interviews. I know I need to apply more broadly and earlier next cycle. I also think I need to add some more volunteer hours, as many of mine were from when I was an undergrad (about two years ago). Any suggestions for where to volunteer? Any other ideas or tips on how I can strengthen other areas would be greatly appreciated! GPA: 3.59 (B.S. in Biology) Science GPA: 3.54 GRE: 159 verbal, 153 quantitative, 3.5 analytical HCE: 2500 hrs hospital phlebotomist (it's roughly 3000 now) Shadowing: 15 hours, Oncology PA LOR's: An undergrad professor, my current phlebotomy supervisor, and a past co-worker/friend I worked with in high school/early college I thought my personal statement was strong, I had a couple of current PA's read over it, including one who had been involved with admissions at another school. I'll admit that I think my supplemental essays may have been lacking. I was burnt out and distracted, and I think I could have done better. Any other questions, let me know. Thank you!
  10. Does anyone know if adcoms are aware that you are re-applying to their program? There's obviously a chance that a committee member might remember reading through your essay or a previous interview, but I'm wondering why the designation portion in CASPA asks whether you are re-applying or not.
  11. Long story short, I retook two classes (calculus and physics) in an attempt to raise my two C's to B's. Unfortunately, CASPA has to add all the grades that are on my transcript, and they do not replace grades for courses that were repeated. If both grades were on my transcript they would calculate both. This means that the C's were also added into my gpa putting it at 0.04 points less than what it really is. According to my transcripts at UIUC, my GPA is exactly a 3.0. CASPA standardizes its calculations and calculated mine to be a 2.96. I would hope in rare cases where an applicant's GPA falls below a 3.0, but the applicant otherwise appears to be a sound candidate for interview, most PA programs would be able to put the difficulty of one's major into consideration. Because of my major, I was required to take the more rigorous level biochemistry and microbiology courses at my University. Currently I'm working as a research assistant at the University of Chicago's Eating Disorder Program. Through our studies, I take vitals for the patients then conduct patient assessments. Afterwards, I present these patients at our team meetings, and determine the best course of treatment with doctors, the psychiatrist, and therapists. So far I have about 500 patient contact hours. Sadly I haven't received any interviews yet. I am considering applying for a masters in public health. Ideally, I do well and reapply. I guess I'm not sure if I should work for a second year and gain more patient contact hours, or get my masters and aim for a higher GPA?
  12. I want to become a PA more than anything else and am willing to do all it takes until it becomes a reality. I have applied for my first time this year and unfortunately did not get accepted nor interviewed. I was optimistic when I submitted my application as everyone should be however, I was no necessarily surprised when I was not accepted. I am aware my application is in need of improvements before reapplying however I want to be sure this is what the schools I'm applying to want from me before I go ahead and do what i think they'd want from me. This is the draft of the email I plan to send out. PLEASEE comment and critique, I'm not too sure if it sounds okay. Dear ABCD, I am writing to you today to ask for a reevaluation and insight on how I can improve my overall application to your Physician Assistant program when I reapply. When I submitted my application I had a 2.93 science GPA and an 2.74 overall GPA. I had over 500 hours of healthcare experience along with two certifications as a Phlebotomy and an EKG Technician. I understand the application process is extremely competitive and am aware that there are areas to be improved upon. Would retaking science courses or completing a MS program be preferred to boost my GPA? I have also since the time of my application started my new job as a Nutrition Clerk at a hospital where I communicate with the patients and other healthcare professionals to ensure accuracy with diet orders, nourishment, supplements, and tube feedings. While there is some patient care experience within my job, I would like to know if additional shadowing or more hours utilizing my certifications would be suggested? Despite being deferred my first time applying to your school, ABCD remains my first choice and I am determined to do everything necessary to make myself a more competitive applicant in my next application. Thank you for your time.
  13. hthp

    Reapplying LoR?

    Was just curious, could you ask the same people that wrote your rec letters to write you another one when you reapply? Or would it be better to ask different people for references?
  14. Hello! I was waitlisted for the fall and was wondering if anyone else out there was in my same boat. It is my understanding that Emory does not rank the waitlisted applicants but rather reconsiders each person individually if/when someone accepted declines admission. Does anyone have any more info about being waitlisted? How frequently does someone from the waitlist get accepted (ie what are my chances?)? When is the latest that Emory can admit a waitlisted applicant? I REALLY would LOVE to attend Emory, so any tips are appreciated! :) Thanks, Cindy
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