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Found 9 results

  1. Hi all, Summary: Has anyone had success reapplying to schools after a mediocre interview? Does the interview rejection hurt my reapplication more than if they'd never interviewed me? Details: I was granted an interview at a couple programs this cycle and got waitlisted at one, rejected from the other. I love the program I was rejected from and - pending a miracle on that waitlist - I was thinking of reapplying next cycle. I wouldn't say I botched the interview; it just wasn't great overall, and I definitely would take a mulligan on one of the questions. But with my lower academic measurables I think I needed to do exceptionally well to get over the top. I'm taking more classes, shadowing more, writing a new personal essay, etc. And working on my interview skills. I do plan on asking the program for specific feedback but haven't done so yet (I just have their generic, "congrats on getting an interview, but try again" rejection email for the moment). I'd be extremely grateful to any admissions professionals or faculty willing to weigh in (if any see this). Thanks in advance!
  2. Mhodson014

    CASPA Closes?

    Hello everyone! I am planning on reapplying this upcoming 2020-2021 cycle as a re-applicant. I recently opened my CASPA profile and noticed it saved all of my previous information from this past cycle, 2019-2020. Does anyone know if my CASPA application will close and reset before it opens again in April 2020? I would like to get a head start to update my application, but I don't want to waste my time if it is just going to reset soon and/or not save anything. Thanks!
  3. Hi all, I wanted to thank you in advance for any advice that will be given on this topic. I will be applying for the second time in April 2019 and I am kind of caught up as to where I should apply. My first time applying, I went more of a geographic approach (I applied to places I would like to live) while also considering how I compared to the previous classes. Out of 13 schools, I had 1 interview and I was waitlisted at that school. I have been doing extensive research on school statistics and although I meet all minimum criteria and seem to be average for most schools, I fear that where I apply will be the wrong choices (I was pretty surprised at my lack of interviews). Did any of you have a system to narrow down where you wanted to apply? How do you pick schools that are the most likely to offer you an interview? Stats: GPA: 3.5 Science GPA: 3.44 Direct Patient Care Hours: 2,150 (Phlebotomist, Medical Assistant) Indirect Patient Care Hours: 6,750 (Emergency Room Medical Scribe, x3 years) Volunteer Hours: 350 (Free Medical Clinic) Shadowing Hours: 80; Orthopedics, Trauma, ER, Internal Medicine GRE: 308; W 4.5 Undergraduate Science Courses: Immunology, Genetics, BioChem, A&P, Cell and Molecular Biology, Biology, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Microbiology. Other application boosters: From a rural area, 1st generation college graduate, both parents deceased when I was 16. Thanks!
  4. I am an IMG physician applying to the PA masters program. Last year I had sent in my application at the very end of the application cycle expecting that it might be too late but I wanted to get the process started and I did get rejected. Since then I was able to shadow a physician and a nurse practitioner and will be getting 2 LORs (letters of recommendation) from them. I have been working on getting trained so I can get some work experience in US to strengthen my application but I will probably be done with my certifications (patient care tech) and be able to work in a hospital setting only next year. My question is , is it worth applying again this year or should I wait till next year with some work experience to add on my application. If I do decide to reapply now and get rejected again, will that look bad or negatively impact my application when I reapply next year? Thanks Ann
  5. I wanted to put my (shortened) story out there and stats to see what everyone's opinion or feedback might be for reapplying the 2nd time. Last cycle I applied to 7 programs in California, Oregon and Washington which have all rejected me, no interviews. It obviously left me feeling a little hopeless and wondering if I should pick a different healthcare path. However, like many of you I'm sure, I realized that nothing worth having comes without a fight and that becoming a PA is undeniably my life goal. My overall GPA is 3.07, just grazing the minimum for most programs. It's the weakest point of my application, I'm sure. My post bac science GPA is 3.43, which I'm proud of and reflects the upward trend of my grades after not taking my undergraduate seriously at times. GRE scores are 155 quant, 159 verbal, and 4.5 analytical. I had previously taken the GRE and received a 144 in quant, I'm hoping admissions will see that I was able to improve my quant score significantly and that it will speak to my academic abilities and perseverance. I have 4000 hours of PCE working as a PT aide, and have recently switched to a medical scribe job at a Stanford Health Care affiliated Pediatrics clinic. My healthcare related volunteer hours are limited. 3 LOR's from my microbiology professor, a physical therapist I worked closely with, and a PA that I shadowed. Another note: I submitted my applications at the end of September for all programs My game plan and questions for you guys: 1. The medical scribe job - I'm not sure if I should keep this job or switch to something more hands on such as a CNA, MA or even a patient care technician job at a dialysis center. I feel that my ability to learn new things and face challenges is beginning to plateau as a scribe, however since I have 4000 hours of PCE as a PT Aide would it be strategically smart to invest time and money into CNA or MA training? 2. Medical mission trip - Since I have a low GPA, I know it's crucial to make other areas of my application shine like a star. I'm thinking a 2 week trip to an underserved country would bolster my volunteer hours and also serve inspiration for my personal statement. It's also something I'm able to arrange and do in a short amount of time, which leads me to my next point... 3. APPLY EARLY - I plan to have applications submitted by late May. Does anyone think this is too early, or is there any other guidance on best times to submit applications? 4. Revamping my personal statement - I reached out to an online editing service specifically for PA programs and received truly useful feedback and suggestions. I plan to make edits and add in sections reflecting my time as a scribe and my determination as a re-applicant. 5. Updating some LORs - Hoping to receive a letter from the doctor I scribe for. I also plan to write a cover letter to recap my prior experiences and relationships with the LOR writers, as well as adding updated information as a re-applicant. With such a low cumulative GPA I'm terrified that perhaps PA school just won't work out for me. I'm hoping, however, that AdComs will really see how much I want this as reflected in my PCE, volunteer hours, personal statement and LOR's. Thanks so much for lending the time to read this, I am grateful for ANY insight/advice/comments anyone has :)
  6. Hello all! I’ve been steadily reading posts here for years but I’m looking for some honest advice and who better to ask? I’m going to be a reapplicant this cycle. I applied to only 4 programs last cycle very very late, I was verified September 13 and my last letter came in a few days after that. It was my own fault, I wasn’t in the game and honestly I shouldn’t have, but I’ve regrouped life and now I’m ready to apply in May and hopefully up my chances of an interview. These are my stats, and I’ve not taken the GRE and will be focusing on programs that don’t require it. College: Virginia Tech with two bachelor’s in Biological Sciences and Criminology cGPA: 3.43 - I went from a so so freshman year with a single W, crashed first semester sophomore year with a 1.88 GPA (family trouble) but from there had a very strong upward trend making deans list junior and senior year and got all A’s my last two semesters sGPA: 3.32 Patient Care: 4,500+ hours direct patient care as an EMT, both paid and volunteer for 5 years (also have a few awards from the organization, including Volunteer of the Year and EMT of the Year) Extracurricular: Member of two honor societies for GPA, brother of Alpha Chi Sigma (professional chemistry fraternity. I was elected Master of Ceremonies in 2016 and appointed Historian in 2015, counting as leadership experience). Also ran and organized a few bone marrow registry drives through DKMS. Pre-PA club member and also on the equestrian team for two years. Shadowing: none YET, but finally got into contact with someone willing to offer it. I hope to get at least 60 hours once I start, hopefully next week. LOR: One from a biology professor/my academic advisor. One from the head paramedic at my volunteer agency of 5+ years. And hoping to get one from the PA I shadow, if not I have a letter from an MD. Currently taking a few classes to up my GPA even though some programs won’t count it. The gpa listed is what my GPA will be when those grades post mid-May. I plan to submit my CASPA as soon as I finish finals so these can be considered in my GPA for CASPA. I just need to take intro psychology and have a C- in Organic Chemistry I plan on retaking this summer but won’t wait to submit for those grades becuase two classes won’t raise my GPA substantially. They’ll both be complete mid-July. If all goes well my application should be verified by mid-May. I have 23 programs marked that fit my prereqs and allow two outstanding if they require the two I have to take. What are your thoughts on my shot at an interview and how many programs should I apply to? Also any tips for weeding down my list? I emailed all the programs and many said their average GPA is a 3.5 or 3.6. Should I not apply to these programs, or do they still take lower applicants into consideration? I did have a few email me sailing my GPA was what they want to see so I’m just not sure. Thank you so much!!
  7. My advisor has said that it is very important to mention being a reapplicant and what we have done to improve ourselves as a candidate. Beyond gaining more experience at my current job and a some more volunteering, I haven;t done a whole lot though. In honesty, I feel like poor interviewing skills is what held me back, not so much coursework, grades, or experience. That being that case, I have worked to improve on these skills, which in my eyes the most important thing I could have done. All of the grades, experiences, etc. won;t mean much if you interview poorly! What is your opinion? Thanks!
  8. Hello all, this was my first year applying to PA school and I did not receive any interviews. I was hoping to receive some advice for next year as I know I am a very mediocre applicant. Here are my Stats: Undergrad GPA: 3.16 Science GPA: 3.05 BCP GPA: 2.74 GRE: 150 quant 148 verbal LOR: RN, PA, Pharmacist Patient care : CNA (1400), Pharmacy tech(1500), Medical Scribe(400) Schools Applied: 29!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Applications Submitted: Late June/ Early July I am really embarrassed to discuss this with any of my coworkers or family members, so I am hoping you guys can help me out. I would have thought I would at least gotten ONE interview. sigh :(. Any advice is appreciated!
  9. Any advice for re-applicants?
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