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Found 2 results

  1. Hi All, I have a somewhat mediocre GPA and am hoping to go to PA school eventually. I have a decent 3.4 cGPA but my sGPA is around 3.0, in large part due to a horrible grade in organic chemistry several years ago. I obviously intend to raise my GPA but am not sure of the best way to do so. My first instinct is that taking upper level courses would be the best answer, but the two concerns I have with this are the length of time since my other pre-req's were taken (2-5 years), and the fact that they tend to only be offered on a daytime, weekday schedule. I'm not sure I could succeed in upper level courses, not to mention PA school, with such a gap in between, and I also cannot give up my current job. I've been looking into UNE's online courses and they are very pricey but would allow me to keep my full-time job. I could re-take any basic sciences, re-take Organic Chem, and I also still need biochem. However, it seems impractical to re-take other pre-req's when I have no other grades lower than one B-. My HCE is around 1,500 as a CNA in a nursing home. I'm currently interviewing for some very part-time homecare positions, and when my work schedule slows down in the fall I hope to find a part-time CNA position in a hospital. The other option I was considering (which I've posted about before) is doing an RT program and working for a few years. This would allow me to work on my GPA and would definitely prepare me more for PA school experience-wise. It seems like a roundabout route to take for someone who already has a Bachelor's degree though, and I'm worried about the current job market for RT's. I'm also not sure how much it would actually improve my GPA since I've already taken Gen Chem, A&P, etc. Sorry if this is a bit rambling, but there are so many pro's and con's to each path that it's a bit intimidating. Thanks in advance!
  2. So here's my story: I'm 23 finishing up my MBA with a Healthcare focus. I have a BS in Health Sciences but did not have the best science grades. I also work full time as a consultant in the pharma industry. Dilemma: I want to go to PA school and will apply next year as that will give me time to re-take some of my chem classes. I took the GRE, GMAT and LSAT when deciding what to do after my BS- I've done well on all three. I also do not have volunteer experience in a hospital except from back in the day (high school and freshmen year of college) I can't, for the life of me, find a PA to shadow with (in Philly, which is ridiculous). So, in a nutshell: I will have a MBA in 2012, a BS in Health Science and I need to still re-take some classes, get shadowing hours/volunteer experience in. My questions are: 1. What has your experience been like? 2. If you did your hours in Philly- where and how many? 3. If not- where did you do your hours/what type of work and how many hours? 4. Which PA programs did you apply to? What was your GRE score/GPA and were you accepted? 5. Do you advise doing a post-bac or just re-taking some of the courses? 6. What's your advice to me if you had to do it all over again? Thank you so much for any input :) I'm just trying to understand how to plan this process so I can get all of my hours/classes done and not have to stop working.
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