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Found 13 results

  1. Hi all- Wondering if anyone has any experience obtaining fluoroscopy permit in California? I am currently an IR PA in Illinois (can't independently use fluoro) and I'm relocating to California. Mixed information regarding obtaining fluoro permit out there. I was planning to do the AAPA online fluoro course until I was told I have to go through a California school. I was also told that there are currently no schools in California that accept PAs and that I must call around to ask if some place will accept me. This sounds crazy. There has to be a way. Any input?
  2. Was just accepted off the waitlist from one of my top choice programs and boy does it feel good!! I'm not sure how much ranking plays but this was certainly a reach school for me. Stats for this cycle: 27 y/o M cGPA: 3.11 sGPA: 3.22 GRE: 309. 4.5 writing. PCE: 4010 hours as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist Shadowing: 18 hours with an OBGYN PA // 30 hours with a senior cardiology PA // 75 hours with a GI PA Volunteer: 100 hours at a senior center // 50 hours as an Anatomy & Physiology tutor. Thousands of hours in extracurriculars as a choreographer and public relations officer LOR: MD director of our Nuclear stress lab, Senior Cardiology PA, Anatomy and Physiology professor Degree: BS in Nuclear Medicine Technology Interviews: 2 (still waiting to hear back from other programs) Waitlisted: 1 Acceptances: 1 Graduated undergrad in 2015 with a 2.9 cGPA and a 3.0 sGPA. Retook \~55 credits and recieved a 3.8 post-bac sGPA with classes in biochemistry, microbiology, A/P, organic chemistry, gen bio, gen chem, psychology, genetics, and calculus to name a few It IS possible to get into PA school with a low gpa! I had zero interviews on my first cycle. I Improved my second-time application by making my PS a KILLER, improving PCE hours, and making myself look like a well-rounded applicant to make up for my low GPA. I was asked about my GPA right off the bat during both my interviews and how I planned on succeeding in a rigorous didactic program so be prepared to answer these types of questions! I also felt that what gave me an advantage over others was the fact that I am in a niche field and that as someone whos trained in nuclear medicine I am able to provide insight on these types of studies and help my peers understand/read nuclear studies! Don't be afraid to flex on certain characteristics on your profile that makes you unique! Good luck everyone!
  3. I'm currently a student majoring in Diagnostic Medical Sonography (DMS) and expecting a BS and graduating from an honors program in spring 2015. I'm planning on taking my ARDMS specialty exams in Echocardiography, Abdomen, and OB/GYN. I'm contemplating about transitioning from a BS in DMS to MS-PA and was wondering whether it would be a good idea and how I would go about my route. I'm not sure whether my courses for DMS (or if any courses from Allied Health program) would be considered towards my science GPA. The courses include multiple leveled courses in Abdominal Cross Section Sonography, Abdominal Sonography (1, 2, & 3) , Echocardiography (1, 2, & 3), OB/GYN(1, 2, & 3), Non-Invasive Vascular, Superficial Structures and Neurosonography, Sonographic Physics (1 & 2) along with 1,200+ hours during clinical rotation at non-invasive cardiology, pediatric echocardiography, OB/GYN/MFM, and general abdominal ultrasound clinical sites in the metropolitan area. I have not finished all my courses yet so my GPA could be lower or higher when I graduate, but I would like a opinion on the general overview. My science GPA (assuming they don't account for my DMS courses) is a meek 3.184 from Bio 1&2, Chem 1&2, A&P 1&2, and an Introductory to Physics course. I've taken organic chemistry, but withdrew from the class due to personal reasons. I plan to take microbiology since most PA schools require it. My non-science GPA (assuming they don't account for my DMS courses with my honors liberal courses Philosophy, Literature, History, Social Science, Psychology, Speech, math courses (Precalculus, and Calculus), and a statistics class) is a 3.37 Assuming the DMS courses count in my science GPA and not my non-science GPA, my science GPA would be 3.29. Assuming the DMS courses count in my non-science GPA, my non-science GPA would be 3.37. My overall GPA currently is a 3.35. I've done 1,200+ hours during my clinical rotations at hospitals and 800+ hours as a pharmacy technician at a retail pharmacy. I'm familiar with reading and performing echocardiograms, general abdomen and OB/GYN ultrasounds and reading CT scans, X-rays, and mammograms. I'm also familiar with drug names and purpose of them. I know that I have to receive my Bachelors prior to applying to the CASPA, but I would like to know any helpful advice prior to applying (I don't plan to apply soon, but it would be helpful to be completely prepared to submit my application) and opinion about whether it would be a good idea to transition from DMS to PA. Thanks a bunch!
  4. Hey guys! I’m just starting my clinical year and our programs gives us the opportunity to do an out of area rotation if we set it up ourselves. I am a registered Sonographer with 4 years experience and am looking for an IR rotation in the NYC/NJ area since I’ll be moving there after graduation. If anyone has any contacts or advice it would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Hello, I am curious if there are currently any other Rad groups that allow their PAs to provide preliminary interpretation in advanced imaging, CT/MR. My group is wanting me to start providing interpretations for select advance imaging studies in which an over reading radiologist will review (and correct, if need be) then release report. Our initial thoughts are to train in shoulder and knee MRs. Our PACS/RIS will be set up like a radiology residence program. Would like to know if any other groups are currently doing this and if yes, what are your protocols? What body part and modalities did you all start with? Thanks in advanced for replies. Would like to know if any other groups are currently doing this and if yes, what are your protocols? What body part and modalities did you all start with?
  6. Hi all- I am relocating across the country in June and looking for a replacement! The opportunity is for Interventional Radiology in Chicago working with awesome attending radiologists in the city. I hate to leave and want to find a someone who will love the opportunity as much as I do. The position is open now. Good mix of procedures and clinical work. M-F, no call. Message me for more details. Thanks!
  7. Hi, Through my experience of my week stay at a hospital (due to Lung Collapse, lung hemorrage, and now dealing with anemia) and my interactions and talks with nurses, PAs, medical technicians, etc. I wish to go into PA (physician assistant). However i am confused of the application process into becoming a Physician Assistant. I know it requires at least 2000 hours of Clinical Experience and one way to do that is to become a Radiologist Technician. But I am confused of this process as I have spoken to the Radiologist Technicians there and they only have a AS degree (in Radiological Sciences) I already have my AS degree in Biology and will be having my BS degree next year (Biology). Is there any programs I must take to become one? I find it rather strange that I would be graduating from a 4 year university only to take another 2 years to earn a degree in Radiology just to be a temporary Radiology Technician. Is there some way where I can undergo training right away since I am a pre-Med Biology major? I don't want to lose another 2 years to study for something that I couldve done (AS degree) just to work until 3000 hours and go for 2 more years into PA. This is what I think it seems the pathway to be (based off my life): AS (Bio- 2 years) --> BS (Bio- 3 years) --> AS (Radiology - 2 years) --> Clinical experience/work (3000hr/ 1-2 years) --> PA school (2 years) --> work as PA, done with school Normally it should be graduate with BS (4 years) --> Clinical Experience/work (1-2 years) --> PA school (2 years) --> work and done with school. Thank you
  8. So, Oregon will pass House Bill 2880, allowing P.A. to use fluoroscopy after certification with their Medical imaging board. Reportedly they have to go through training (likely radiation safety training) http://gov.oregonlive.com/bill/2015/HB2880/ I'm an RT (rad technologist), and prospective P.A. student. I've read some of the debate vs. R.A. (radiology assistant) I do not want to become an R.A at all, but I support it's scope and it has been proven as a useful position. Loma linda California helped to start the original R.A. (radiology assistant) programs, where as they assist and independently (or indirect superv.) perform fluoro procedures, i.e. barium swallows, enemas, UGI, myelograms, ESI in some cases. This saves the hospital money and keeps the Radiologist in their dark room, as they usually like. But nearby in Portland, for example, I work with a R.A. but they don't have a job, there's only about 4 positions in the whole area. Here's the deal. Should there be a cross over? for P.A. to R.A.? Interventional or diagnostic. And if yes, I would emphatically agree with oregon, education should be required (not an excessive amount) on Rad safety / biology and maybe diagnostic procedures, in order to specialize. (I've spoken with P.A.s about this) I'm not a P.A. but what is usually required for specializing in PA? Is it just on the job stuff - or do other specialties require actual didactic classes?
  9. Hi, I am an international medical graduate (MBBS) from India. I have been trying to go through USMLE but could not clear not so I am planning to pursue the PA program. I am just a day old in searching the details. Q1) Is GRE a mandatory requirement for all the PA programs? Considering not a background in Maths, I am looking for programs which do not require GRE. Q2) Is TOEFL must for PA programs even if my education was in English? Q3) What is the process for applying for PA programs? What are the prerequisites before I can apply? Q4) How much in advance I need to start the process? Q5) Are the international doctors given any preference? Q6) Is prior experience for assistance or healthcare really required? Do I need to do voluntary work/observership? Q7) Is US citizenship a must requirement? I am currently on H4, however my husband's green card processing is initiated. Q8) What is the approximate fee structure for PA programs? Q9) Any other information I must be aware of? Q10) What are other alternatives in medical profession? Thanks a lot in advance for information. Regards, Swati Mishra
  10. PA's that are interested in getting their fluoroscopy in California can go to RayosEducation.com. They have up to date information regarding the new fluoroscopy exam administered by the state -- and its very helpful!
  11. Hey all, I have a question about the scope of practice for PAs in Radiology. Can PAs generate prelim or final reads on xrays? What about other modalities? Thanks!
  12. I have been working in Cardiothoracic Critical Care for the past 2.5 years and am looking to make the transition to Interventional Radiology here in Northern Virginia. The practice I am currently interviewing with is hiring their first PA and I was wondering how typical practices work with PAs and what you usually do, so I can promote this position along with starting salary ranges. Thanks!
  13. I am a second year PA student looking to go into IR as a new grad and already have a couple of possibilities for jobs, but I am unsure what I should be looking for in a job/contract. I worked as an RN for 3 years before school, including over 2 years in IR, so I am familiar with IR and love the speciality, but I do not know any IR PAs to discuss new job prospects. I purchased an AAPA Salary Survery, but no IR PAs responded for Illinois. I would assume the prior experience in IR would help boost an initial salary, but I don't want to approach a possible employer with unreal expections of compensation, benefits, and scope of practice. One job possibility already has a PA, but the department I came from does not have a PA and would need a better idea of how to utilize one. I would greatly appreciate anyone that would take the time to further discuss the topic!
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