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Found 38 results

  1. Hello! I am a high school senior with two questions about NYIT's BSPA program. 1. Does anyone know the amount of pre-undergrad students that are accepted into the program each year? The FAQ page isn't very clear on whether it's talking about the last three years or who's initially accepted into the school under that program. 2. Is it possible to be accepted without an interview? I was accepted into the program, but there was no invitation for an interview or anything. Congratulations to everyone who got accepted by the way!
  2. Hi! I was recently accepted into a program that I didn't think I would be too fond of, but I ended up falling in love with the program! I am interviewing at my original top choice on the 13th, and I have been having a hard time deciding what school I would choose if I were to get in to this other program as well. I would love to hear what current students think. School A (the one I have already been accepted to) is a 1 hour commute, ( I can't afford to move or get an apartment, I am lucky enough to live with my boyfriend who pays the mortgage). This is the biggest downside to this school. I don't know how commuting an hour both ways, 5 days a week, will work with the course load. School B is a 30 minute commute. School A is also about $15,000 more expensive. The reason I justify price is that this program is 28 months, which is 4 months longer than school B (where I am interviewing on the 13th). I love that the clinical rotations are 5 weeks, instead of 4 at school B. There are also 2 elective clinical sites and school A, as opposed to only 1 at school B. They are both very new programs so they're pretty comparable when it comes to everything else that I've looked into! So my questions are: 1. If you have a long commute to your PA program, do you regret it/how do you like it? 2. Will 1 additional week in each clinical site and 1 additional elective make a difference/ is it worth the $15,000 additional? 3. Will I get to the 24 month point at school A and wish that I went to school B so that I could be finished already? Thank you so much for any input you all can provide!!
  3. I have a non-complete application from the previous year that I never paid any fees for. I was looking to see how the process was like before applying this year. Does this non-complete application count as an previous application attempt for the PA schools? Or does the fact that the application was never fully completed mean that none of the schools know that I am trying again this year for the PA application cycle. Asking because some of the schools question whether or not you have previously applied to the school. Any advice appreciated. Thank you.
  4. Hi everyone! I just took and passed the PANCE using Kaplan to study. I found it super helpful and I'm hoping some of you do too! The subscription lasts till June 11, 2020. You will have access to full question bank (reset for you), and videos. Accepting best offer. Message with offer or any questions
  5. Hey guys. So when I was in 7th grade, I stole from Claire's (stupid, I know) and got convicted with a misdemeanor in Oregon. This is a minor record, so I know previous employers and colleges have not found this on my background check. Then, stupidly again, I got a few misdemeanor charges for using a fake ID about 2 years ago. The charges were dismissed, they did come up on the criminal background check at the hospital I work for. My question is, will either of these greatly hinder my chances of getting into PA school? I have looked into getting the theft misdemeanor expunged, but because it was in Oregon (and I live in NC now) it is very difficult and confusing, especially with my fake ID charges. I'm hoping that because the theft was so long ago (I was 13) that it won't be that big of a deal. Please tell me any advice or opinions on this! Thanks!
  6. Hi! This fall I will commence my undergraduate studies at SUNY Cortland and I'm pretty concerned with being prepared for applying to PA programs, especially in regards to obtaining direct patient care hours. I was doing research and there are programs in which their accepted candidates average or will have even have more than 4,000 hours. This is quite the daunting task considering I plan to be a full-time student over the next four years. As of now, I plan on being involved in the campus EMS squad where I will receive training and will be required to serve a minimum of two 12-hour shifts per semester. However, I will aim to serve at least 1 of these shifts every week. Do these volunteer hours count as direct patient care hours? Additionally, the squad will pay for my EMT-B training throughout this upcoming year's spring semester if I agree to volunteer for them for the two semesters of my sophomore year. Thus, I will be able to at least volunteer as an EMT-B over the next few summers as well. Cortland Regional Medical Center is also a five-minute drive from the university, so I will most likely be able to shadow and volunteer here, but they are not a teaching hospital so they do not often have training experiences. So my overarching question is how am I supposed to get the hours I need by the fall of my senior year when application season begins? Will I most likely have to accumulate hours for another year after my undergrad? Furthermore, are there any other positions I can seek to display diversity within the hours I accumulate, and are there any other pieces of advice you can offer me as I begin to plan? Thanks for all the help!
  7. I recently graduated with a BA in Linguistics and I'm currently in the process of becoming a certified Spanish medical interpreter. I am intending to begin a surgical technology program within the next year or two. After this program I, obviously, want to work as a surgical technologist for a little while. Ultimately, I would like to be a surgical PA. The surgical technology program I'm considering is at a technical school here in Texas that is accredited by the CAAHEP and certified by the NBSTSA. I know most people probably typically get a BS that's strong in sciences and mathematics, but would my training at the technical school along with the few years of work experience be sufficient to get into a PA program? Or do I need to look into get a BS (or even just an associate's) in some kind of science? Are there any other recommended steps any of you would suggest?
  8. Hi all, I'm a rising Junior, and after spending some time in the hospital I'm realizing that I really want to be a PA. The thing is that its so late in my college career so I'm feeling like I'm late to the game. I've started looking at different programs and the pre-reqs they require and I have most of them since I am a Bio Major. My questions are regarding GPA, and some classes. So I have 3.21 GPA right now, (rough first year killed me) and I'm actively working to get it up to a 3.5. I've been browsing on here a bit and I keep hearing CASPA GPA popping up, I've retaken some classes so would that mean that my CASPA GPA is lower than my actual GPA? Is there any way I can calculate it? Also would Animal Physiology and Vertebrate Anatomy count for the Anatomy and Physiology requirements for some schools? Here's a little summary of what I have: ~3.21 GPA (hoping to have this up to a 3.4 by the end of junior year) ~203 volunteer hours at a hospital ~Editor at my school newspaper ~tutor differently abled students and ESL students ~gender studies research I'm thinking about possibly applying the summer before senior year and I'm just seeing if I'll be competitive then, or if I should wait?
  9. I have PANCE / PANRE review material - books, DVDs, study guides etc. Recently tested and exceeded my score goals with these resources! . Message me if you are looking for material. Thank you!
  10. Hi everybody! I see lots of posts about PA school interview questions, and that's great. But I'm wondering about questions that we might ask our interviewers. I look up everything I can, and I'm not sure what's left to ask. However, if anyone has any input about this it would really help!
  11. I'm in my senior year of high school and I will soon be applying to colleges/universities, but I have a lot of questions: I know (or at least I've been told, so correct me if I'm wrong) that if someone is planning to become a physician and go to medical school, that medical schools essentially view their undergrad years in a similar manner as colleges/universities view high school years. Is this the same for those on track to become a PA? To confirm, my question is: Does where I go for undergrad matter to physician assistant master's programs/PA schools as long as I have a good GPA? Is it better to enter a physician assistant program right out of high school, or does it not really matter too much? I ask this because I worry about competitiveness in the future when trying to find a job, and I want to be able to get a good job when I graduate and not be scared that I won't. So, the bottomline of what I'm asking is: What do employers specifically look for when selecting employees in this field and how could I make myself stand out? Financial aid is iffy for my family's financial situation because my dad makes 125K+ a year. However, due to the very high taxes, a high mortgage, and other expenses that my family has to pay, money is becoming more and more of a worry now that college applications are coming up fast. Additionally, I will be taking 5 AP exams in May ($470), there will be yearbook and senior picture fees to take care of, etc., and my family has only saved up a little over $10,000 dollars in my college fund. So do any of you know a way to save money in college and on physician assistant programs? This kind of adds onto #1 because if I can go to a less expensive undergrad to save money that would be really great. Other than GPA what are the requirements (or anything else that they look for but don't necessarily require) for applying to a physician assistant master's program after getting my bachelor's? Do you know of any specific schools that are good for this field? What should I major in? Those are really all the questions I can think of for now. Thank you to anybody that takes out the time to help me with this, because it really is a nerve-wracking time right now and I need to figure out my plans. Any other related information is gladly appreciated as well!!!
  12. Hi everyone, Does anybody knows companies, who are in need of PANCE/PANRE Question writers. Just completed my boards, passed them, and thought this will be a great idea to write questions, and stay in touch with academics.
  13. KAPLAN Qbank AVAILABLE !!! For Rent or Full Purchase !!! If you are worried about passing, or want to make sure you've got the best practice questions available - THIS IS IT !!! I was out of the game for 2 years after graduation, and this helped me pass on my FIRST ATTEMPT! I have 9.5 months of KAPLAN Qbank access available! For only $150! Regular price is $200. Or Just Rent it for : 1 Month = $50 (Regular price $99) 3 to 9.5 months = $150 (Transfer Complete Ownership to you thru July 2017.) Complete Ownership will RESET ALL STATS, so you can track your own progress and not see mine at all! ($5 Fee Additional) Immediate ACCESS Available Oct 1, 2016. Payment can be made via PayPal. PM me, and I will get back to you within the same day. - AMD
  14. KAPLAN Qbank AVAILABLE !!! For Rent or Full Purchase !!! If you are worried about passing, or want to make sure you've got the best practice questions available - THIS IS IT !!! I was out of the game for 2 years after graduation, and this helped me pass on my FIRST ATTEMPT! I have 11 months of KAPLAN Qbank access available! For only $150! Regular price is $200. Or Just Rent it for : 1 Week = $30 1 Month = $50 3 to 11 months = $150 (Transfer Complete Ownership to you.) Payment can be made via PayPal or ClearXchange. PM me, and I will get back to you within the same day. - AMD
  15. KAPLAN Qbank AVAILABLE !!! For Rent or Full Purchase !!! If you are worried about passing, or want to make sure you've got the best practice questions available - THIS IS IT !!! I was out of the game for 2 years after graduation, and this helped me pass on my FIRST ATTEMPT! I have 10.5 months of KAPLAN Qbank access available! For only $150! Regular price is $200. Or Just Rent it for : 1 Week = $30 1 Month = $50 3 to 11 months = $150 (Transfer Complete Ownership to you.) Payment can be made via PayPal or ClearXchange. PM me, and I will get back to you within the same day. - AMD
  16. Hi, I graduated several months ago and have been doing a very detailed review of everything in the blueprint. Now, it's crunch time. I am signed up for a board review in early May and set to take my PANCE in late May. Any suggestions on which book or question banks I should focus on for these last few weeks? If you had to pick one thing to study from for the three weeks before your PANCE what would you choose? Thanks!
  17. Did you see the email with the welcome letter and financial aid info? What'd you think?
  18. I've worked in Integrated Physical Medicine for 3.5 yrs now. The offices are co-owned by an MD and a Chiropractor and I make $115K/yr. My questions are...... Has anyone worked with a Chiropractor who tends to over step his/ boundaries regarding medical patient care? Does the Chiro have a difficult time understanding that he/she is not your boss but you are colleagues? Have you ever instructed the staff to do one thing (medically related) and the Chiro goes behind your back and instructs the staff to do the opposite of what you said? I understand I do not sign their checks, but I am the Health Care Provider in the office. Have you ever felt as if the Chiro cares more about what services and which DMEs can be billed and how much money can be made from the patient vs what the patient actually needs. I've had similar experiences in 3 different offices and yes I've had to get the Supervising Physician involved a few times. l really enjoy Physical Medicine but I do not think I can work with a Chiropractor any longer. Has anyone else had these type of experiences.
  19. Hey everyone, I thought it would be useful to list some of the blogs & websites that helped me get into PA school. There are a lot of writers out there with great advice and experience that you can learn from. They were so useful to me when I was applying that I started my own blog as a way of giving back. It is listed down below with the others. Please feel free to share other blogs/websites that have helped you on your journey! My blog: pajourney.com (Advice for Pre-PAs updated every two weeks. As I begin school this May I will also write journal entries of my experiences) Trust Me I'm a PA Student: http://doseofpa.blogspot.com/ (A wealth of great information and advice on this blog! One of my favorites!) The Physician Assistant Life: http://www.thepalife.com/ (Advice and tools to help you succeed. Great site!) DJ & the PA Journey: http://djthepa.blogspot.com/ (Journal of DJ's experiences in school. Fun to read. Gives you a sense of what it is like to become a PA) PA Focus: http://pafocus.org/ (Website that will keep you in the loop about what is going on in the world of PAs) Those are my favorite websites. Please list your favorites!! Reading these is so useful, especially if you have not yet been accepted or are not sure if this is the path for you.
  20. Hey everyone, I thought it would be useful to start a thread of questions to practice for PA school interviews. I have made a very thorough list of questions and published it on my blog PAJourney.com Check out the link below. I hope you find it useful! Also, please feel free to publish your own questions on this thread. Practice makes perfect! http://pajourney.com/2015/01/29/interview-questions-to-practice/
  21. Hello! My name is John and I have applied to Baylor and UNT Fort Worth PA school this year. I was wondering how long it takes for them to ask you for an interview after seeing your application. Of course, I'm assuming I get an interview. Has anyone ever been interviewed there? Could you explain your experience? Also, I have heard that Baylor has recently lost accreditation. Is that true? Any relatable response would be great. Thanks!
  22. Hello! My name is John and I have received an interview from CBU scheduled for July 27th. I was wondering if anyone has interviewed their recently and what the interview is like. I was told that I have to write an essay in 30 minutes. Anyone have an idea of what they ask for the essay? Also, I was told that I will be interviewed by two people and I'll be done in about 2 hours. Can anyone give me some tips, hints, or advice to doing well for the CBU interview? Thanks so much for all the help.
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