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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I recently graduated and was offered a New Grad Hospitalist position in the New England area at a community hospital without some specialties and would like some feedback on the offer... Compensation: $48/hr, annually $99,840, plus incentive bonus (unknown amount), shift differential for night shifts $3/hr Schedule: 3 12hr shifts, alternating weeks of days and nights, 2 locations couple blocks apart, 6-10pts per day, great coaching and MD support, closed ICU/OBGYN, all surgical emergencies go to larger state hospital nearby PTO: 280hr allotment for all CME, sick, vac
  2. Hello! I'm a new grad and recently received a job offer and contract. I wanted to see what other PAs thought and things I should negotiate since this is my first experience with this. Position is with a spine surgery practice in Texas: - Salary $90K with yearly bonus "at discretion of CEO." This seems a little low, but hard to negotiate as I have no experience. - 2 weeks paid vacation - In my interview they also stated that major holidays were off as well. Need to clarify if these would be paid or not. Is this reasonable time off or too little? - 5 days sick leave with doctor's n
  3. Hey all, I just wanted to see how common it is to NOT be offered any vacation time or PTO. Recently started a new position in critical care (my background is neurosurgery and pulm/critical care) and was told PTO was not an option; this was not compensated by a higher wage either. Same went for the docs on our service, no vacation time. It was implied that this is due to our payment structure being shift work/hourly as opposed to salary. I'm trying to do some research and see in what situations PAs are not routinely offered some form of vacation time. I'm especially interested in those working
  4. Hi fellow PAs, I need some advice. I am planning to leave my job. I have to give 8 weeks notice. I have about 11 days of PTO which I will not be getting a pay out for (private practice in NY and stated in my contract, no way around it) My question is do I request my days off and once I get them approved, hit them with my resignation? or Just work my 8 weeks and lose my time off :-( in effort to leave on a good note and not burn a bridge? Anyone with experience with this?
  5. I am negotiating a 9-month contract in a school based clinic. They are not offering much PTO time as I have school holidays, vacations, and the summer off. Offered 7 days and a 13 days "reserve bank" for emergencies. This includes personal, holiday, sick, professional, vacation. I cannot carry over any time to the next year. Their rationale is all the time off I have and that they don't want me to take time off during the school year. My biggest concern is no sick time if I or a family member became ill and paid time off for CME. Anyone have any thoughts? I am the first provider being offered
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