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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, how did everyone study for the professional practice section of the PANCE? What would be high yield topics there? Our program gave us little to no insight on this and they seemed to not care much since it is only 5% of the pance. Thanks in advance!!
  2. Hi everyone! I hate making this post as I don't like this situation but I wanted to ask advice from all of your intelligent people! SO I have to meet with our dean of students for a SECOND time in the last two months. So last month, in July, I unknowingly tailgated a security guard (honestly, I just didn't realize I was driving so close). When he got out of his car and yelled at me, I apologized 3 times saying, "it was an honest mistake, and it won't happen again". He ended our conversation with, "Sorry I can't drive fast enough for you" and I said "no that is not my intent, I
  3. I am starting PA school in June. I would like to get an outline of the world map tattooed on my feet, been wanting this for a while. See link: http://media.askideas.com/26/Black-Outline-World-Map-Tattoo-On-Girl-Feet.jpg Explanation: Travel is my greatest passion in life. I've visited 5 continents (all but Australia and Antarctica) and 21 countries. Once I start PA school, and while working as a PA, I'll basically have to give up traveling the way I'm accustomed to doing it. So I wanted to commemorate it somehow. This tattoo would be visible when wearing fl
  4. Hi all, I was wondering about what your opinions would be on how personal topics for supplemental essays should be. I have a supplemental app that is asking for a stressful experience essay in which we are to "describe a stressful or difficult personal experience and the resolution of the experience". My boyfriend is currently deployed overseas, and has been for the past 8 months. For me, this is the most stressful experience I have gone through in my young life. It has taught me many things. However, I realize this is a very personal experience, and perhaps the school is looking for
  5. Should I carry a briefcase or keep my notes in a folio and carry that around on interview day? What sort of folio or case should I carry? Feel free to post a picture of what you think is appropriate if you've been to any PA interviews. Thanks so much!
  6. I have been offered the opportunity to start my own practice within a practice, and need advice. The idea is that I would start my own business but would be incorporated into a longstanding medical clinic, with multiple MDs supervising me. I'd work in the clinic providing medical care, and my business would be a cash pay cosmetic scenario. I would have unlimited access to the facilities and staff, including marketing, website promotion, open houses, e mail blasts, referrals from the MDs and ancillary staff there. Has any one done this before? What tips or suggestions can any one give me? My ma
  7. I found this to be an interesting article about cyber connections with patients. I had a patient find me on a public on-line forum several years ago which prompted me to change the way I use the internet. Patients can readily find out public information via state Medical Boards about anyone who holds a medical license. This is a good reminder about the widespread information in cyberspace and how to guard privacy for the sake of professionalism . Healthcare Workers Not Adequately Protecting Privacy on Facebook
  8. Hi everyone, Due to some circumstances, I have been suspended from my PA program and one of the conditions I need to meet in order to return is to complete 30 CME hours in Ethics and 30 CME hours in professionalism. I have run into some sites that give me just a few CME credits for ethics but I have no idea what to do in regards to the professionalism requirement. I was hoping to tap into the wide expanse of knowledge at physicianassistantforum.com to aid me in my cause. Anyone know of great sites I could look into or any method of reaching my required hours in 3 months time? Any advice
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