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Found 12 results

  1. I live in a fairly decent size metropolitan area but work across state lines for a medical group with a small neurosurgery department. I am a salaried full time employee with the med group. There are now two surgeons who collaborate with me. But, the newer surgeon is actually paid by a local academic center and not the med group. The academic center has a business arrangement with the med group to provide 1 neurosurgeon 3 weeks a month. He is filling that role but also has agreements in place with the other surgeon in order to cover patients if an issue comes up. The medical group has furloughed most of the advanced providers across many specialties. Recently it sounds as if the med group does not want to keep my position. However the surgeon (who is paid by the academic center) is interested in continuing to have me work with him and hire me as a private assist to him. He is not in a position to provide benefits which is okay with me to negotiate around. It seems that being an independent contractor 1099 is not the correct way to be employed by him technically since I won't really determine my own hours or provide any materials etc. Im looking for options on how to work with him. Does anyone have what appears to look like a standard supervisory arrangement with their surgeon but goes about it in an unconventional way? I really like the surgeon and he is loyal to me. He does his fair share of work and gives me the freedom to do a lot more than the other surgeon in the OR.
  2. Hi, how did everyone study for the professional practice section of the PANCE? What would be high yield topics there? Our program gave us little to no insight on this and they seemed to not care much since it is only 5% of the pance. Thanks in advance!!
  3. Is there any professional physician assistant willing to review my personal statement. I understand you all have a busy schedule but if you have a moment to tell me what you think I would really appreciate it.
  4. I started my practice in an ED at a level one trauma center and was informally trained in bedside ultrasound on the job. Over my 3.5 years with the group, PAs were brought into the same rigorous training standards as the EM residents with the goal of securing credentialing for all PAs. I ultimately completed the requisite exams and was technically credentialed at that point. I left that position shortly after and began working with another area organization in EM. Bedside ultrasound is culturally used less as the average practitioner with my current group has less experience, however many of the staff are ultrasound trained. I'm running into issues with ultrasound documentation in that we are allowed to perform the exam, bill and document only if we have a credentialed physician looking over our shoulder while we perform the exam. We have been asked not to document the ultrasound in our note for both billing and medicolegal reasons (understandably). When this issue for APPs (both PAs and NPs in my new practice) came up, our group was told that it is system-wide policy that APPs can't do or can't be credentialed to do bedside ultrasound. I'm wondering what resources are available to help PAs/APPs develop a credentialing process for bedside ultrasounds within their organization. I see there is a Society of PAs in Clinical Ultrasound, however not many resources regarding this professional practice issue. Can anyone help point me in a direction or offer up their professional experience?
  5. I recently took the GRE and needless to say, my writing was/is a bit rusty. It's not that I am a terrible writer; I simply need ample time to craft a compelling piece. Do schools have an AWA cutoff? Most I have looked into consider a 4 to be on the low end. I was hoping a personal statement that shows I do not speak like a caveman could make up for it. Thanks for reading!
  6. This blog was recently promoted on our intranet and I've spent the last two days reading everything on it, alternately disgusted and amazed. Really well-written and understandable with great content from both the author, Dr. Bobbi Pritt, and knowledgeable readers. It's mostly case-based. Some of the cases have more background information than others. http://parasitewonders.blogspot.com/
  7. Good afternoon all! Prefacing my first post by thanking everyone for their contributions - this forum has provided me with excellent info on the PA profession. Now, a little bit about me: I graduated from University in May of 2015, and have been struggling with the decision of whether to go into clinical medicine or research since my freshman year. I dipped my toes into both realms throughout college, working as a research assistant for 2 years, and as an emergency room patient advocate for 3 years. My current job is split between both fields as well - I am a research coordinator but act as clinical support (taking vitals, monitoring patient progress, advising in care plans, etc.) when needed. I hoped that some exposure to both fields would pull me in one direction, but the scale has yet to tip, and my experiences have only fueled my passion for both fields almost equally. I've contemplated the M.D / Ph.D route a few times, but the time-commitment doesn't align with the goals I have for my personal life. I've been told to just get an M.D degree, since I'd be able to do both, but the docs that I work with seem to have trouble balancing both seeing patients and working on their research, and tend to shine in one area over the other. The M.D route additionally doesn't appeal to me for a variety of reasons, which I'm sure you've all heard, so I wont spend time explaining my pick of PA over MD, unless someone here thinks it might be relevant to providing advice, of course. I'd like to complete both degrees in order to work on clinical interventions as both a provider and a researcher, but don't know where to start. Does it make sense to go to school for one first over the other? I've heard of the of Wake Forest dual degree program, but don't want to just bank on that and not have a back-up plan. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you again!
  8. Hey there, sorry if this is something that has been overdone, but I've canvased the internet looking for what a day in the life of the military PA looks like and I can't find anything. I was wondering if I could get a synopsis of what it would be like for someone after they graduate from a PA program to join and work in the military, whatever branch that may be. Working hours? Location? Where do you live? What are your responsibilities outside of seeing patients? Pay? Benefits? Pros? Cons? Thanks
  9. I'm good at managing my time, but everyone of us could be better. I have a handful of months to kill before PA school so I thought why not read something about time management. Anyone have recommendations?
  10. I hate to sound redundant, as I know this question has been asked in various ways. However... Need your thoughts on a few things. 1. When should I bite the bullet and submit? - I am finishing Genetics this summer and have one more Chem class in the fall. Do I wait until I have the final grade from Summer classes? Currently, I have Genetics and Chem2 as 'pending' per CASPA. I am torn, I feel like it should be as complete as possible, but waiting to submit until August (first week) is equally nerve wracking. - also waiting in CPR cert, and would like to add in a few more shadowing hrs even though I have plenty of HCEs ** Any thoughts??? 2. LOR- I don't know why this is such a process for me. I have two thus far ( one professor and a DC who was a former employer). My last job I was a patient advocate/educator. My initial thought is to ask someone there. However, our supervisors were not clinicians ... More along the line sof MPH/MBAs etc. I have read that you "should" have a PA write an LOR. I have done shadowing in addition to HCE hours, but it seems less meaningful to have someone I shadowed for 25 hrs write an LOR than someone I worked for for 5 years. Am I putting too much thought into this? Ps- my earliest deadline is Oct 1... Technically Aug 9-ish should be ok if it's a one month turn around. But crazier things have happened! Any advice is greatly appreciated!! Thanks!
  11. I have shadowed four PAs in varying fields of medicine but all for brief periods of time (about three days at the most). I enjoyed most of my experiences shadowing but I felt as if they were too busy to schedule more days to observe them. I feel as if shadowing a PA was repetitive. Aside from the medical information they were giving me about patients and such (which was way over my head sometimes but REALLY interesting), I was hearing over and over again about grades, the application process, and what a PA's responsibilities were. My question is, should I continue trying to shadow? There aren't a lot of PAs in my area but maybe I'm doing this shadowing thing wrong if I'm finding it to be repetitive. My thoughts are that the purpose of shadowing is to learn what a PA does and I feel like I have become knowledgeable of what a day is like for a PA.
  12. Hey all you PAs in Utah! I am currently in my clinical year at Eastern Virginia Medical School and will be in Utah from Dec. 12-Jan. 15. I am looking for a clinical site durring that time. I have a week scheduled off for the holidays, so I should be able to work with any of your holiday plans. I am a student in good standing and have the necessary immunizations and national certifications to work in the majority, if not all, hospitals or clinics. My background is in Respiratory Therapy. I will be in northern Utah between SLC and Ogden, so any place in that area will be great. Please respond to this thread or email me at larsenjk@evms.edu Thanks alot, Kenny
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