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Found 5 results

  1. Evening folks, Let me preface this by saying I wasn't a strong student in my original (philosophy) undergrad, but I've been digging out of that hole for 7 years since and my application is strong outside of my overall GPA. And this is my first application cycle and experience with CASPA. Issue: I got my verification notification today and cracked open my application pdfs to check them: My total earned (graded) credits is off, as are my quality points. 9.5 earned credits and 12.4 quality points, to be exact. The only thing I can figure is that they double-entered some of my less desirable courses. But the big issue here is that the difference is just enough to pop my overall GPA under a 3.0, which is the cutoff for every program I've applied to. It's verified. So it's been sent to my programs already? I sent them my excel work and unofficial transcripts for reference; I attached the excel sheet with my calculations in case anybody is curious - or wants to check my math. Questions: Can/will CASPA fix this? (Is the spreadsheet I provided enough to be convincing?) Should I be notifying my programs on my own that I'm currently disputing my GPA with CASPA? (I'm worried they may decide to toss my application when they see a sub-3.0 overall gpa) Thanks in advance, and sorry if this is long-winded or convoluted. I may or not be panicking a bit currently (CASPA was "in a meeting" when I tried to call them at 16:00) Credit Hours shareable.xlsx
  2. Any one else had an issue? And if so how did you get it done? I currently have resulted to asking my congressman to intervene. So before I became a PA I was a combat Medic with the US Army. I maintained a license not through an individual state but through the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians. Since becoming a PA-C I need my license to practice in the state of CA. The state of CA requires form PA-7 to be sent from NREMT directly to the state exhibiting a letter of good standing. They have lost my forms on multiple occasions (4 to be exact) they won't ever give me any other information other than "you need to wait 30 days" it has now been 34 days since the 4th form was sent via fed ex with signature confirmation and I was told "whoops what we meant was 30 'business days' call back in a few weeks." This has been 4 months since my very first submission of the PA-7 form. Or does anyone have any recommendations? I've contacted the state who says I HAVE to have this form there's no other way. My application in its entirety is complete with the state except for this one piece of paper. My record with the NREMT is completely clean as well, the paper form is just not getting done or mailed out. Thanks guys!
  3. Internal Medicine / Geriatric care clinic will be hiring a medical assistant to start the first week of November 2017. The office employs two physicians and one physician assistant. This is a great opportunity for pre-PA students to earn quality patient contact hours in order to bolster their applications for physician assistant programs. Additionally, the office is a rotation site for the local PA program. This provides an opportunity for interaction with current PA students during their rotations. Must have medical assistant certification or a Bachelor's degree in a science or medically based field of study. Throughout the years, the office has employed a couple of medical assistants who have gone on to complete a physician assistant program. Please message me for more details if you are interested.
  4. I’ve spoken to many different PA students and have heard similar stories; about half of their classmates can’t handle the load because they have never had a REAL college course. They took their biochem and o chem classes from community/state colleges and their genetics course was an easy A. Here is a scenario that happens way too often and I’m wondering what admissions does to justify decisions. Bill is a genius and was offered a full ride to the University of his choice. He choose a difficult Ivy league school and graduated with a 2.9. While Scott struggled to graduate high school and was only able to attend a community college. He graduated with a 4.0 but never had to stay up past midnight studying for and exam nor had to write a lengthy paper of any kind. They apply to the same PA schools, and even though Bill has a stronger application in every other area, he isn’t offered an interview because the screening tool denies his application. Scott is offered interviews at a few schools and is accepted after “googleing” ‘how to interview’. What needs to change?
  5. Science GPA 2.78 (I have taken almost every science class available) Taking biochem this fall. Cumm GPA 3.4 Graduating with degree in Sociology Fall 2012 on dean's list Taking GRE in July community service: red cross (40 hours) hospital (20 hours currently) (Should I put down I volunteered at a hospital for 2 years back in 2003?) extracurricular activites: involved in domestic violence and womens support groups at school HCE hours: 2000 medical assistant Pharmacy tech hours: 4000 hours (doesn't count for many schools) Should I become an EMT? I am applying this year to multiple schools. What are my chances of getting in? I know my Science GPA is low. However, I am working on improving that this summer and in the fall.
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