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Found 4 results

  1. I have the option of working 36 hours a week so can do four 9s and have a day off but lose some percentage of pay. I am thinking of doing that and trying out a different job PRN or doing some remote work. Any suggestions? I have looked into medical record review but cannot find a remote position for PAs in Ohio to do that. Thanks!
  2. For those working in EM that have moved from a full-time hourly rate to a PRN hourly rate at the same facility and same position, what is a reasonable increase in pay to ask for? I've been there for about 5 years full time (also haven't had a raise in 3 years). I know what other EM PRN gigs pay in my area, but my question is specifically how much more to expect when transitioning in the same position. Thanks in advance!
  3. What is the going hourly rate for a PRN urgent care position with a large academic hospital system? I'd be doing 40% urgent care complaints and 60% occupational med stuff. Located in a large Midwest city, employed by hospital (not IC), no benefits (strictly PRN). There will usually be an MD on site during the day, but for the evening shifts it is almost always an NP and/or PA closing the clinic alone. I have approx 1 year experience in general practice.
  4. Anyone have any experience working with Sterling Medical? I got offered a PRN job there as an employee providing a contracting job at a military hospital. I was going through the contract and there is a non-compete clause that they will not remove. Their claim (which they did put into writing in an email to me) is that it is meant that I cannot work at this specific location with a competing contracting company (though the contract does not explicitly say that, it states the city in general) and that many of their per diem employees have other employment concurrently. It also notes that the non-compete clause survives the expiration of the contract, which to me means that it is indefinite. I am going to go back to them requesting that if they truly did mean for it to be at this specific location that they put that into the contract. I can see how they might interpret that in what they currently have written but it can also be interpreted to mean anywhere which the city. Would it be sufficient to use the email as written proof if needed? I am getting a little suspicious, especially since they have been slow to answer my other questions regarding the job itself and there wasn't an interview process. I literally called to get some more information and they sent me a contract. I am a new mother looking to pick up multiple PRN jobs for weekend work when my husband can stay home with the baby. My husband is also active military so we will more than likely not be in this area forever but you never know with the military so I don't necessarily want to limit my options. As it stands the job otherwise fulfills our specific needs. I don't have any other job offers currently and my student loan payment is breathing down our necks. I am just looking to see if anyone else has worked for this company and if they had any problems because it seems a little questionable to me. Are there any other government contracting companies for PAs that anyone has used that they liked? I tried to search some but didn't have a whole lot of success finding many for PAs. Thanks!
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