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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I am a relatively new neurosurgical PA in Las Vegas, NV. Recently one of the hospital systems we cover (Valley Health System, UHS) here in Las Vegas informed me that in order to gain first assist privileges in their hospitals, I will be required to have a separate first assist certification. If I were to have gotten my privileges completed one month earlier, I would have just been grandfathered in. What confuses me most is that at a few of the hospitals, they are allowing me to have the first assist privileges until my next reappointment in over a year whereupon I will then
  2. I have been working in a specialty private practice since graduation that I really loved and felt that I performed well in (was never disciplined, received performance raises, commended for growth/development). Always had good rapport with all providers in practice and basically thought of them as extended family. However, over the course of numerous months conditions deteriorated (working roughly 100 hour weeks that included driving 500 miles). This had never been the norm during my time with this practice and certainly was not what “I signed up for” when employment contract was signed (ro
  3. I started my practice in an ED at a level one trauma center and was informally trained in bedside ultrasound on the job. Over my 3.5 years with the group, PAs were brought into the same rigorous training standards as the EM residents with the goal of securing credentialing for all PAs. I ultimately completed the requisite exams and was technically credentialed at that point. I left that position shortly after and began working with another area organization in EM. Bedside ultrasound is culturally used less as the average practitioner with my current group has less experience, however many
  4. I'm currently a PA working in EP (electrophysiology). I am in the process of obtaining privileges for elective DCCV (direct current cardioversion) and was wondering if any of my fellow PA's had similar privileges. These would be scheduled elective procedures (typically for atrial arrhythmias), and would be completed under conscious sedation by anesthesia. I am hoping to touch base with someone about how they went about obtaining privileges, and their hospital's protocal for midlevels and cardioversion. Thank you very much.
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