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Found 3 results

  1. Hi Everyone, Long story short, I have been trying to find a primary care office to shadow a PA and none of the offices either allow for it or simply don't call me back. I have been overly persistent trying to get more shadowing in and specifically primary care. My shadowing experience is in surgery, urgent care, ER, and the burn unit. I found one place that would take me to shadow, but will charge me $500 to shadow....but, they don't have a PA available to shadow...He has a student currently with him. They offered I shadow the doctor. For $500 is this worth it? OR is it just a waste of time and money to shadow the doc? I'm at a cross-roads on this one.. Any advice would be great! Thanks.
  2. So let's hear it - what made you become/work toward becoming a PA? The Salary? Genuine interest in the profession? Natural process of evolution (for those that were paramedics/nurses/etc. prior to PA)? What was it for you?
  3. The COA at my school is $135k. My financial aid package includes both subsidized and unsubsidized Federal Stafford loans, but together those only cover $20k, so I need to cover another $115k. My school's package covered the rest with a Federal Grad Plus loan... which, frankly, seems like a pretty lousy loan as far as fees and interest rates go: Federal Grad Plus: fixed 7.9%, 4% fees. Best private loans, fixed: 3.4%, NO fees. Best private loan, variable: 1M LIBOR + 2% (currently that equals 2.25%), NO fees. The private loans I've found seem to offer comparable perks to the Fed Grad Plus: deferment, grace periods, no prepayment penalties, etc. Am I missing something, here? My wife and I both have excellent credit, so does the Grad + loan offer us ANY advantages? I've gotten a vibe of, "Private loans are risky and for desperate people, you're taking your financial future into your own hands if you do them." But based on my research, they seem like the far better option... ??? Do loan repayment programs work for private loans in the same way they do for federal loans?
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