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Found 5 results

  1. I just moved to Texas/got my PA license after practicing in another state for about 1 year. At an interview, a PA affiliated with the practice told me he does not have a DEA number and that when he needed to write for a controlled substance, he submitted it under his supervising doc's name. ...Is this allowed? My prior state required your supervising doc to co-sign chart within 72 hours of writing a controlled substance. I did see on the TMB site that PAs can write for 30 days of a controlled substance at a time and must document consultation with their supervisor before refilling. Is this correct? Also, what are the requirements for supervising docs as far as signing charts? I looked through the TMB site and am not seeing specifics. My last state required "x"% of all charts to be co-signed. I'm quite certain the PA told me the doc doesn't sign his charts, which is surprising to me. Any other pearls of wisdom about practice/ practice law in Texas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Well. I did it. I moved to Florida. I found a nice place to live in SWFL. I have been on several interviews and have a very good offer. I plan to write a separate post on contracts later.... My question is WRT CII. So I have my CAQ in Psychiatry. The laws are confusing... Psych NPs can write for 30 days of CII. Can I? I have my DEA already. It was renewed before I left Virginia. I have my FL license and I have prescribing privileges. The practices I have spoken with have PAs and NPs but, there are not any Psych PAs. No one seems to know anything.. I am assuming that to write a patient for 30 days of a stimulant, I need to have the MD sign it.... Any info would be greatly appreciated..
  3. Was just a question. Were not dangerous or controlled meds. I am talking about antibiotics. Yes maintained records (Fyi a text message or email stating all allergies and med history etc does count as written documentation). Yes discussed with supervising doc who firmly trusted my medical decision making. I was simply unsure if right now between last day in FP and upcoming start date in specialty if it was allowed. Apparently that was a 'stupid' question in your opinions. Thanks for making that clear guys. I'd hate to see how judgemental the respondents can be when a patient asks a question you don't approve of. FYI, this should not be a place for competitive and reprimanding responses. I would like to think we all got in this for helping others.
  4. Here is a dumb question- Has anyone had difficulty with patients filling Benzo's early?? Of course you have. Do you ever wonder why? I have been scratching my head about this for months now. Here comes the bullet- This is part of a draft of letter I want to send to the state board of Medicine about a particular pharmacy's business practices. This is a HUGE retail chain pharmacy. All 3 fills were at the SAME location. This is the text from the top of the letter: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX February 11, 2015 RE: RX# 0XXXX To Whom It May Concern: Original prescription was written on 12/22/2014 for Xanax 1.0 mg. Take 1 tab three times daily #90, DS 30 According to the PMP database, the above referenced prescription was filled on 12/22/2014 for #90, refilled on 12/30/2014 for #90 and again on 1/3/2015 for #90. This spans a 12 day period where the patient was issued #270 Xanax 1.0 mg. tablets. The prescription was filled and subsequently refilled at name of Pharmacy at Address and store # of said pharmacy. How was the pharmacy able to Re-fill a 30 day prescription after 8 days then re-fill again in 4 days? I am concerned that this puts my license at risk. The pharmacy clearly did not follow the 30 day period on this prescription putting the patient in danger of overdose. Thank you for your attention to this matter. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Sincerely, Me, PA-C XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Before anyone chimes in WRT the ridiculously high amount of Xanax this prescription was written for - Don't bother. This particular patient is a regular at our practice. Almost exclusively seen by 1 particular staff MD. I assure you, when I wrote this prescription I felt the pucker factor but, I was not going to reverse the treatment course that the MD was following. When I learned about the dispensed amount and dates of dispensing this medication I immediately bought it to the MD's attention. I also let the staff know I was not comfortable seeing this patient again and it was my belief that this constituted abuse. Thus violating the practice agreement. I suggested the patient be discharged from the practice. The MD was not willing to discharge this patient and agreed to exclusively see this patient. Thoughts??
  5. So I'm not sure how you guys are able to check on patient's filled prescriptions, but at my ED we can look up Rx's filled (within the past year or so) on our EMR. However, this only works if people use insurance to fill the Rx. if people self-pay, it won't show up. So if people get narcotics filled and self pay it will not show up. theres a (sort of new) program called the "Georgia Prescription Drug Monitoring Program" which is suppose to have a website that shows any and all narcotics filled in the state of georgia, for any patient. the website is http://www.hidinc.com/gapdmp/practitioner-pharmacist.html theoritically its a great idea, but the website is confusing and not very user friendly. I havent been able to sign up as a provider. Has anyone else had any luck with this website?
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