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Found 12 results

  1. Hello all! I am sure there are already several similar topics already on here, but I am struggling to find them. I am wondering if anyone has compiled a list of schools that do or do not accept online anatomy and physiology courses if taken during quarantine. I have checked the websites of several schools that make no statements on how their prereq requirements have been altered in response to the pandemic. If anyone has any recommendations I would be very grateful. Thank you!!
  2. Hello all, I graduated back in 2014 w/ a B.S. in microbiology, during which I did not complete A&P I/II or psychology. I've done my research on my top schools and am aware that there is a time limit on the other prerequisites I have. Being that so many of my prerequisites will expire and/or have expired, what are some suggestions on what I should do? My main concern is the financial aspect of this endeavor, as I'd like to keep cost to a minimum. Most schools won't offer financial aid to non-degree seeking students, unless enrolled in a degree program. Taking classes at the community
  3. I just had all of my transcripts uploaded by CASPA. And, I’ve approved them, but do I have to match the prerequisites to the programs or will CASPA do that for me if I opt out? Thx
  4. Hello, I am currently a freshmen at a four year university. My university does not offer anatomy and physiology with lab, just anatomy and physiology. I know that most pa schools require A&P with lab. Do you guys have any suggestions? Any help will be very much appreciated!
  5. Hi everyone! I'm really hoping someone on here can ease my anxiety right now because I am really freaking out. I have recently been accepted into a really great PA program that I am in love with and can't wait to attend. Earlier today I received an email stating that they would start verifying the prerequisites of all the admitted students to make sure that they meet the requirements of the program [including that all science courses with labs are taken in person, they are intended for science majors (not allied health, health science, or nursing majors), all prerequisite courses receive
  6. I had a question about putting in prerequisite courses for individual schools. I repeated a few pre-req courses, such as Bio 1 and Chem 1, and was wondering when putting in the pre-requisite courses for individual schools do I include the Bio 1 course I took the first time and the repeat for the Bio pre-req or can I just put the repeat course grade? Thank you in advance!
  7. Are there any PA schools that accept AP credit for prerequisite course like Biology or Chemistry? I know it is highly suggested to retake this courses in college or of a higher level but I am graduating in the upcoming spring and would not be able to complete this in time. Are there any places aside from community college I can take these course, possibly online?
  8. Have any of you had to update your coursework after finalizing your application? I submitted my application on late June and I just finished a pending course on July 12th. I had initially entered the course as "In progress" and now I have edited it to "Complete" in Transcript Entry. Do I still have to the whole "Review & Finalize My Transcripts" again? I noticed that in "Program Materials" the section on Prerequisites, where you assign your coursework to the program's required classes, shows this warning of "You have not added any coursework yet!" It doesn't make sense that it's sayin
  9. I want to take some science courses to raise my sGPA and was wondering where people have taken online courses? I graduated with a degree in biology so i'm looking for more specific science courses, like pathology and immunology rather than general bio and chemistry. Any help would be appreciated!!
  10. Guest

    Retake Advice

    I don't know if this has been asked before, but I will ask anyway since I really need some advice. Long story short, I took Anatomy and physiology I at a community college the first time and received a C and I also received a Withdraw in Anatomy and Physiology II. I will be transferring to a 4-year university this Fall 2015 as a junior and I am not sure if I should just retake Anatomy and Physiology at the University where it is offered as separate courses or if I should just retake them at the same community college again while I am enrolled at the university. I asked the PA prog
  11. Does anyone know if there are drawbacks to applying to a PA program if I still have one prerequisite to complete? All the programs say it is okay to apply with one or two left to finish. For me, I'll either have genetics or organic chemistry left to take after I apply and I’m wondering if that will have a negative impact on my chances for an interview. Of course I would still have enough time to complete the necessary prereqs before each school’s actual deadline.
  12. I'm looking for advice on taking a prerequisite Chemistry II class because I'm unsure how the admissions office will view my potential decision. The school I'm currently at offers a Chemistry II class specifically for science and pre-med majors, however it's only in the evening and I work evenings. I could take the evening class, but then that means working part-time at current job and then getting a second part-time job - not ideal. There's another school that offers a Chemistry II class for the general student population that I could attend in the morning. But will the admissions office s
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