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Found 20 results

  1. Hello! I have been taking an online 16wk self-paced biology course (w/lab). I started the course in October and plan to finish in January. I have been accepted to 2 PA programs (one which does not require this additional biology class and the other which does) and am waiting to hear back from 2 other programs that I interviewed at. Long story short, the class has not been going super well and while I have learned the information, the grades are not reflecting my knowledge and understanding and I don't want to send along a crappy grade if I don't need to... So, my question is: I know I will have to submit this grade to the school that requires the course (should I choose to attend this program) but since the other schools do not require this course, can I choose to not send this grade/transcript along to them? Or do schools require every single transcript to be sent to them? I sincerely appreciate the help and feedback!
  2. question about chem lab! Hey everyone! I hope you are well well, I had a question about taking chem lecture and chem lab together. I currently haven't been able to get my lecture and lab together and probably won't be able to do the labs until the summer time. I am looking to apply to most of the nyc/northeast programs and wanted to know if its ok to take the labs separate?
  3. I know that schools normally want you to take labs for prereqs in person. Has anyone heard from schools about labs being online due to covid and if those can satisfy the prereq requirement for classes requiring labs? Ex would be chemistry 1 lab or microbio lab. Not sure I'll have the option to take those labs in person, so I'm trying to see if the online version from my local university will work.
  4. Hey all, I live on the west coast, specifically California. I have been looking into Doane University or UC Berkley to take classes and retake some prerequisites. I was wondering if any one from California has taken classes or anyone else has taken these classes and applied to pa schools in CA? Were those classes accepted? I have reached out to schools and they just say they accept classes from "regionally accredited schools" which I know Doane is, but is there a issue since these classes are online? I know it can be best to take classes in person, however I work a full time job where I am not able to attend local community classes since they are during my work hours. Any help will be appreciated! Cheers!
  5. Does anyone have any experience taking an online ochem 2 class in Doane university. Wondering how the class itself is structured and how the exams and assignments are administered given that it is not proctored.
  6. Hello all, I am currently attending a 4 year college to get my undergraduate degree done, but as lots do, I failed Organic Chemistry II. Now I'm looking for an online class to supplement the requirement. It's literally the last class I need to move forward. I found one from a community college near to my school, but the issue with that is the classes have already started. While I was got all the paperwork done, my home college took about a week to send it out, messing up the scheduling portion of attending the community college since they stop scheduling classes after a certain date. I had talked to them before this and they made it seem like that wouldn't be an issue, but now talking to them again, it seems to be a problem. I'm worried as this is the last semester I have before my financial aid runs out. The school takes so long to do anything even with my calling that I don't know if it will be worth the effort to try to get accepted as a visiting student at a different school if I cannot schedule. I have been looking at Doane University, but I'm afraid that the same thing will happen. I am not sure how to proceed, so any advice would be helpful. If I withdraw and try to complete the class over summer instead, maybe that would be better, but I'm not sure if my financial aid will carry that long.
  7. HI Folks, I am currently in the second year of my contract, i have a bachelors degree in engineering but thats from asia. I am an active duty army 68W medic currently working at an army hospital. Question i have is that, i was going through lots of PA schools everywhere they say that the degree should be from an university in USA. So is it not possible to get into any of the PA programs when i get out of military in couple of years without a bachelors degree from america? What can i do to improve my chances to get into any of the PA programs? I checked these schools as a sample. University of Iowa University of Colorado To be honest i dont care about the location once i get out, but wanted to know whats the way forward ?
  8. I know this is mainly a "contact the school" issue, but I'm wondering is anyone has ever had a problem with programs accepting a combined organic chem and biochem course? I just found out one of them won't allow it after I applied
  9. Who's been accepted to PA programs where the majority of pre req courses were taken online?
  10. Hey guys, I will be applying to PA school this cycle and I was talking to an admissions counselor at the PA school I am interested in going (in my home town) about my academic record/healthcare experience and how I can be a more competitive applicant. In conclusion, she recommended I re-take Gen Chem II cause I got a D the first time I took it. Some background on me is that I have a cGPA of 3.1 and I knew that wasn't competitive enough for PA school and decided to get a Master's in Science which I got a cGPA of 3.5 with a sGPA of 3.6. I figured that since I took a lot of upper level chemistry and biochem courses in grad school it would counteract my D in gen chem II. However, they don't factor in grad grades with the undergrad pre-req grades which I should've known and feel stupid that I don't so I am looking at retaking gen chem over the summer before Aug 1. Other areas of my app are very strong with a good enough GRE, over 2,500 healthcare hours and other volunteer experience. This is literally my last battle and any advice would be amazing! SO she recommended I take Gen Chem II online at UNE (University of New England) and she said I;d be able to finish that in 8 weeks. I absolutely hated GC II and I really need to pull off an A. I've never experienced taking an online class through UNE...if any of you guys have had any experience and how hard you think it would be to pull off an A that would be greatly appreciated!!
  11. I took Organic chemistry last semester and got a C-, so now my science GPA is ruined. Are there any schools that don't require Ochem as a pre-req?
  12. Okay so I need some advice. I graduated from Purdue University in December 2016. My degree was health science, so I took all of the prereqs during undergrad. I took a year off to work as a medical assistant and plan on applying this upcoming 2018 cycle. However, after one of my shadowing experiences, it was advised that I should retake my Anatomy and Physiology course. I took the class at Purdue as a two semester class: Anatomy and Physiology I and Anatomy and Physiology II. I got an A in the first semester and a C in the second semester. I would like to retake the course to increase my chances. However, my question is this. My community college offers the course, but it does not start until June 5 and I want to submit my application in mid May. Would it be better to retake the class online at UNE, and use my Purdue pre-req but prove to them that I can do well, or would it be more beneficial to take the Advanced Physiology class at my CC but not have it finished when I submit my application? Or do I forget about it entirely and not retake it. As far as prereqs that is my only C. If that makes any sense at all. A little background: Cummulative GPA: 3.54 Science GPA: 3.58 (if I calculated it right) HCE~2000 as a medical assistant in an Urgent Care
  13. Anyone know of any PA programs that would take technical/trade school credits?
  14. My primary question: If a pre-req is not satisfied by the program you are applying to, do the programs notify you? For example: if the program requests 9 credits of Psych/Soc/Anthropology and you only have 8. Example #2: If you are missing a lab component to the course where you have Microbiology but not the lab portion. Secondary question: If you are missing ONE course and you are a degreed student (as in you have already graduated with a bachelors) can you still have a missing course and then take it if necessary if you get accepted into the program that requests the class? Example: Drexel requires Medical terminology and none of the other programs I have applied to require it (although some recommend it); this course would be the only course I'd be missing. Thank you all in advance !
  15. Hi everyone! This is my first post (it seems pretty appropriate, right?). Looking at most PA school prerequisites, 'General Biology I and General Biology II." is listed as a requirement. Next May, I will be graduating with a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, with a Biology minor. The classes that are considered introductory at my university are Zoology and Botany; we don't have general biology courses, but these two courses explain the general introductory principles of Biology. What I am asking is has anyone else had an issue with courses that just do not fit the schools requirements name wise, but most likely fit the learning outcomes? Some schools also require 1 course of organic chemistry, but my nutrition degree requires me to take a 100 level course of 'Organic and Biochemistry' (with an introductory to biochemistry to follow). Should I look into taking an ochem and general biology series after graduation to cover my bases before applying? I hope this isn't too crazy of a block to read. ;) EDIT: I must add, that I also have courses in cellular biology, invertebrate zoology and evolution which are all 300-400 level courses. Not sure how relevant the two latter ones may be.
  16. Hey! I have read a few forums concerning my topic but have not found anything directly related, therefore I decided to start my own forum. So I went to community college my freshman year and transferred to a state school for my sophomore year (currently in first semester). The pre reqs I took at cc were general bio 1 and 2 with labs and inorganic chem 1 and 2 with labs. I have researched a few PA programs around me and out of the 9 that I plan on applying to only 1 requires Orgo 1. Therefore I am taking that now with lab and working really hard to get an A to show an upward trend since I got C's in inorganic chem 1 and 2 at my cc. I struggle heavily with chemistry but am amazing at biology (all A's so far) so I'm trying to work on my chem courses. For the schools I am applying to a lot of them don't require either orgo like I said, but most do require biochem 1. I was planning on finishing orgo 1 this semester and taking biochem 1 either in the spring or next fall. The problem is my school requires orgo 2 as a pre req to take biochem 1. I emailed the chem chair explaining my situation and asking if the orgo 2 pre req could be waived and she completely refused saying orgo 2 is necessary to understand biochem. I already struggle with chemistry and do not want to have to take a course that is extremely difficult if none of my pa programs require it and I also don't need it to graduate and get my bachelor's. My chairperson told me to take biochem at a community college if I really did not want to take orgo 2. However, I am aware it looks bad to go from a CC to a 4 year and then take pre reqs at the cc during the summer. Also at the cc it would be a lower level biochem 2000 level and at my college it's 4000 level. So my question is do I let my GPA suffer even more and take orgo 2 just so i can take biochem 1 at my school, or do I take all my remaining pre reqs at my school and then take biochem at the cc and risk looking lazy and like I'm taking the easy way out on my applications to PA school?
  17. Hi everyone, I already graduated with an undergrad degree but I would like to boost up my gpa by retaking classes in community college. I got B's on my general chemistry classes and C's on my ochem classes. I want to know which chemistry classes I should take again ? I know some PA schools don't require ochem as the prerequisite, so is it better to retake general chem to boost up the science GPA or to retake the ochem classes just to boost up my overall GPA? Thanks! And your help is greatly appreciated!
  18. I see that organic isn't a major prereq for schools, but biochem is. For anyone who has taken two semesters of ochem and a semester of biochem: Is it possible to only take biochem having only taken ONE (the first) semester of ochem? I have to opportunity to skip ochem II but I'm not sure how much I'll need it in biochem. Thanks!
  19. as the title states...I was wondering what was anyone's/everyone's experience with UMDNJ, EMory, HippoPA or anything else that is comparable. Trying to figure out which one to get. Thanks!
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