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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I am a physician assistant student in Boston, Massachusetts. I will be starting my clinical rotations this coming May and am searching for clinical rotations in the Kansas City area. I am hoping to move to KC after graduation so I would love to do a rotation around that area. Does anyone know any PAs/MDs in the Kansas City area that are willing to precept students for any of their rotations? Or any tips on how to set up an out of state rotation? Thanks!
  2. EDITED: See below. In short, this could be titled "Student Needs Not So Many Clinical Hours, It Seems To Me Based on What I Know at This Point." I've agreed to take on an NP student for the fall semester. This person attends a state school somewhat nearby. Sometime between early September and early December, she needs 150 hours. Actually 100, since it sounds like the program person and the student have agreed she'll do 50 hours in the student clinic. Even with my part-time schedule, with 2 weenie 4-hour evening shifts per week and regular shifts every other weekend, I calculated we co
  3. I just finished precepting a student. She did fine, no major concerns. On the last day she said thank you and handed me a sealed envelope. Later, at home, I opened it and it was a nice little card -- with a $40 Amazon code. My organization's code of conduct says that gift cards are the same as cash, and I can't accept gifts from vendors, drug reps, patients, or "others." There's nothing specific to students. So, it was a lovely thought, and I believe the student meant well, but... awkward. Especially since the evaluation has yet to be completed. Feels kind of like the Vikings: 85-yard
  4. Hello, I am currently a first year PA student at Arcadia University in Philadelphia. Originally from Pittsburgh, I am interested in going home for a rotation or two at the end of my clinical year (~Dec-June, 2014). I am a very hard worker, would bring positive energy and am fascinated by all types of medicine. If you are interested in teaching, just let me know and we can see if it would work out. Thank you! -T.Y.
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