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Found 4 results

  1. I had to retake one class my freshman year, and I really do not want to waste a few sentences in my personal statement to speak about it. Although, I also understand it is best to address it somewhere. Is there another place on CASPA to discuss shortcomings on your application? I do not see a place, but I want to make sure I am not missing something.
  2. Hello~ I just graduated from undergrad and am currently preparing for PA and my patient care hours. I have some time before I start my medical assistant program and was debating if I should take my GRE’s while I remember a lot of the material that will be one the test. However, I’m a little hesitant because I know GRE scores are valid for 5 years and so thinking about the timeline I have, it seems a little tight. Medical assistant program: ~1 year Working for patient care hours: ~1.5-2 years Applying to PA schools: ~1-3 years (because I know that getting in on the first try is very difficult) It’d be great for anyone who’s a bit farther along on the PA track to give me some advice on when it may be good to take the GRE’s. Thank you~~
  3. Hello everyone, I was hoping someone could shed some light on my situation. I am currently a paramedic, and have over 10,000 HCE. I was working as a firefighter recruit in the academy and unfortunately got injured twice. I was forced to resign and started working as a paramedic again. I love medicine and I have been working on my undergrad for the past 1.5 years. Currently a senior and all of my prereqs are finished (sgpa 3.7). I have an upward trend in my GPA, which was initially terrible (had bad GPA about 8 years ago when I was going through family issues and wasn't focused in school). I also am starting a pre pa club at my university, and will have a couple hundred hours of Volunteer work. My question is, If I apply to schools that allow me to apply pending my undergrad degree, how does CASPA calculate my GPA, considering I am not completely done and there are some missing credits which could potentially raise my cGPA. Thanks !!
  4. I am a 26 yr old career (paid) Firefighter/EMT-B with just about 2 years of HCE hours due to my EMT portion of the job. I have a bachelor of science (non science) from back in to 2007-2011 with an overall gpa of just over a 3.0)... I did however minor in Psychology so I have all of the Psych classes and the Statistic classes taken care of. While in college I took human biology and environmental biology *Both with labs* and did not do so great (freshman year was a mess) received a 'C' in both of those classes. It looks like I would have to take 5 or so pre-req classes in order to apply to most schools. (chemistry/a&p/etc) The department i work for now has offered to send me through ALS school in order to obtain my EMT-I and P starting summer 2016. All in all this should roughly take about 2 years to complete all the coursework and training required thru my department. HERES MY QUESTION: Should I hold off on taking pre-reqs and accept the offer to Medic school? spend 2 more years getting HCE and boosting my rep from a EMT-B to a Paramedic and THEN take the pre-reqs and apply? (By this time ill be 29 or so years old - so by the time i finish the 5 prereqs ill be looking at 31-32 yrs old at time of application)... OR Should I hold off on Medic school and start taking the prereqs immediately and bank on using my EMT-B HCE hours to meet school requirements? Does EMT-B vs Medic hours really make a difference? (If i did it this way i would be able to finish pre-reqs by 28-29 years of age and apply) Is my overall GPA of a 3.0 too low anyways? > Will my pre-req classes add into my overall GPA (raising it hopefully - even if i Aced all pre-req classes it still would only bring my GPA to around a 3.4 or so)? Will schools count my two biology classes (that i got "C"s in) as "science GPA classes" and disqualify me because it isnt above a 3.0? or will they only focus on my recent pre-req science classes? Lots of questions, I appreciate all and any reasonable responses. M
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