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Found 15 results

  1. Hi guys, I'm in a predicament in which I have to take 3 summer classes Organic Chemistry 1 and 2 as well as Biochemistry (pre-reqs) for graduation purposes. Will it affect me if I take them in a CC? I have to because most 4 years offering the course have time constraints, and I won't be able to take all 3. I need a second opinion thank you.
  2. Hey guys! I'm applying to Texas Pa schools and only one of them requires Ochem 2. Well, the first time i took ochem 1 i got a D+ then i retook it (worked really hard) and made an A. Because of how challenging it was im not really wanting to take ochem 2 (plus it would make me graduate late). However, at my school the ochem 1&2 labs are grouped together into one course so i cant get just an ochem 1 lab credit. This summer there is a class offered at the community college but the ochem lab is graded into the ochem 1 grade so i have to take the lecture and lab together. Would this look weird taking ochem 1 a third time just for the lab component? Thanks!
  3. I am in the final few weeks of my freshman year of college. I came in pre-nursing but realized I wasn't cut out for it. I got a 3.16 GPA first semester, and second semester has been a complete disaster, Biology, and anatomy I am barely passing, but nutrition and psychology I should be able to 4.0. I plan on retaking bio and anatomy, but with a 3.0 GPA freshman year is it possible to build up my GPA enough to get into PA school? Also, I am deciding what major to choose for my undergrad since Pre-nursing isn't a major, I was thinking kinesiology but I'm not sure. I am trying to work as a CNA in the summer and working with a non-profit to put on my apps. Sorry for the information overload but I am scared I won't be able to get in any programs and be stuck with a useless degree. Any words of encouragement or advice is greatly appreciated!
  4. I applied to the Touro College's non-matriculated student program in order to begin pre-reqs for PA school. I would love to attend the Touro Manhattan PA program, and thought that doing my pre-reqs there would perhaps give me a leg up. I applied in December of 2017, it is now March 2018 and I have not received any indication of whether I was accepted or not, my application status still says submitted, and I just wondering if this has happened to anyone else. I have contacted them via email multiple times with no response. Also, if there are any suggestions on whether or not doing the pre-reqs for PA school at Touro itself is a good idea/ looked at positively by the admissions staff, I'd appreciate it! Thank you
  5. Hi all, I did a search on this forum, but I am seeking advice specific to my situation, so apologies if you have already answered some similar questions. I am truly non-traditional in that I have taken zero pre-reqs. I currently work in finance (26yrs old - have been working in finance for 4yrs) and am looking to make the switch to pre-PA and (try) to get into a PA program. I am thinking about quitting my finance job soon to go full force into my pre-PA endeavors. The big question is - when should I quit, and if I quit now, what are my chances of getting in the next cycle? If I quit in September I think the chances would be slim to get in the next cycle... (but I think there's a small chance!) I would take: Gen Bio and Gen Chem in Fall 2017 Gen Bio 2, Gen Chem 2, Phys and Anat 1 in Spring 2018 Phys and Anat II and BioChem or Microbiology in Summer 2018 and then mark "In Progress" for the other class and perhaps one other class in Fall 2018 (i.e. Genetics or Org Chem.. I've already taken Psych 101 and AP Calc/Statistics in college) I would get a certification as either EKG tech or CNA in the fall as well and hope to begin working per diem in the winter ASAP - I could maybe gain 500+ paid HCE hours My undergrad GPA was a 3.8 and I'm generally a good student so think I could keep my GPA up there. The other option would be to completely opt out of trying to get in the next cycle and quit late December and start taking classes in Spring 2018. My current finance job pays well so I would try and save up as much as possible. I know this is probably the smarter option but I'm pretty over my current job and so excited about getting on the pre-PA track! Does anyone think I would have a chance of getting in the next cycle if I quit my current finance job in September? Thank you so much!
  6. Hi everyone! So happy I discovered this site. This is all very very great information. I am very unhappy and unfulfilled in my career (sitting behind a desk and not helping people) and have been shadowing PA's and Nurse Practitioners and have decided I want to go back to school to be a PA. Unfortunately I was an Econ major 8 years ago, and I had almost perfect grades but would need to go back to school to get all the science pre-reqs. I had been thinking about going back to school for PA years ago but shied away as a result of not having any of the pre-reqs required. At the time I was 27 and felt 'too old' to go back to school. Now I am 30 and am still nervous to take this plunge but it is so inspiring to see other people who switched careers to a PA later in life.. Anyway, I was wondering what everyone would recommend should be my next course of action... I have virtually no medical experience and no science courses. I have no doubt if I go to a community college I could get straight A's but should I also start working in the medical field? Or do I do a formal post bacc for PA? I I volunteer and go on global mission trips with my church but a bit overwhelmed as to where I should concentrate my first step efforts as there are so many ways I can go. I know some schools I have been looking at in California do not require medical experience so I may try to apply to those first, as I will not be able to apply till next year for the schools that require medical expereince. Any and all advise would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks so much!!!
  7. I have a situation on my hands. I have registered for my last semester of classes. Within those classes I am in a physiology lab, that is not human physiology lab and it virtual...This is the only physiology type of lab in my school. I know many schools do not take virtual labs. I spoke to one school and they said they will use two other labs as compensation. Also, I registered for an abnormal psych class, but I am not sure if I should keep it. So any advice for the physiology lab and abnormal psychology?
  8. Hello everyone. I graduated in May of this year where I had to take Human Physiology and lab for my neuroscience concentration. I took this in the fall of last year. With one semester left in my undergrad, I had planned on taking Vertebrate Anatomy, but at the last second, the biology department cancelled the class due to a lack of registered students. I had no time to take A&P 1 or 2 at that point, so I took microbiology instead. I'm currently taking A&P1 and lab at a community college and plan on taking A&P2 and lab at the same community college next semester. I had done my research on the pre-reqs required for PA schools, and I even emailed the schools that I was interested in asking if the A&P sequence would substitute for their required anatomy course. For some reason, I had not reached out to one school that I had already applied to, and I got an email from them today asking if I was planning on taking a 300 level anatomy course. I asked if A&P would substitute, and they said that they need the class to be taken from a 4 year university. I am so stuck on what to do because as we all know, community college is a good way to save money and I am so close to being done with this pre-req that's required of every other school. At the same time, there is no guarantee that if I do take the 300 level anatomy course that I'd even get an interview or acceptance from this school. I already applied to the school and sent in a supplemental, so I'm thinking that maybe I should save the money I'd use for that anatomy course to reapply to other schools in the next cycle. But then again, because I already have the one semester of Human Physiology, maybe taking the one semester of Human Anatomy wouldn't be a bad idea. Any and all opinions would be helpful.
  9. I want to take two summer courses to increase my sGPA a bit and was wondering if I should submit my application as soon as I can without my final grades or wait until the courses are over, in August, and submit the application then. Any help would be appreciated!
  10. Hello, I am trying to choose a PS school at the moment. I have 2 bachelors one in Science and one in Business and I work as an X-Ray tech. Looking at the PA schools I don't fill all the pre-reqs and I need to find some with the least pre-reqs or one that will allow them to be done concurrently if possible. Anyone got any ideas. Thanks
  11. Hey everyone! So I was wondering if it looks bad to take a pre-req for the 3rd time? In my situation, I took orgo 1, a&p2, and psych100 during my 1st or 2nd year. I got C's in all 3 so I took them over again my junior or senior year and got all B's (very close to A's, but I'm coping.. haha). Now that I have graduated from my university I am taking the pre-reqs that I didn't take at my university at a community college. Now I know that A's look better than B's so I would like to take that class again for the 3rd time... and for sure I will push myself to the A I want. However... I feel like taking a class for a 3rd time and getting an A in will not be impressive when applying to PA school. ALSO, I was was thinking about taking orgo 2 (for the first time) and I would like a refresher of orgo 1 before taking that class again after 2 years since I took that class. Thoughts? Thank you for your help!
  12. Hello Everyone, To fulfill the prerequisites for PA schools and to be more competitive, I've taken courses from multiple schools. Some at the community college level and others at the university level. Has anyone run into an issue or know if PA schools frown upon taking courses from multiple institutions? I know some schools dislike community college courses and online courses, but as a self Post-Bach student it is financially or timewise more feasible for me to take some courses at the cc level. It just feels ridiculous at times sending multiple transcripts, but I want to do these upper division courses and they are not available to me locally. So if you have any personal experiences or any AdCom members would like to comment, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your time and good luck! -Tai
  13. Does anyone know if Howard is still in probationary status after their latest review? I was thinking of applying here in the future but because of this and their low pass rates it makes me feel like the program isn't up to par. http://www.cpnahs.howard.edu/ahs/pa/documents/PA%20Website-Probation.pdf http://www.cpnahs.howard.edu/ahs/pa/pass_rates.html
  14. I am currently getting my things together for the 2013 application year. I was a biology major in undergrad (grad 2010) and took everything except Microbiology and Anatomy. I took physiology and did well in it, but gross anatomy was only for nursing school students at my university. They only let other undergrads in if there were extra spots (which there never were, of course). I'm not one of those over zealous "I was an accountant now I basically have to take 30 credit hours online and get a whole new degree while I work" people. I'm wary of taking online courses for my pre-reqs but I'm between a rock and a hard place. The microbiology I've got planned to take in the fall, but I need to take anatomy. The PA school I'm applying to wants either 3+ hours of phys and then 3+ hours of anatomy for a minimum of 6 hours+, or A&P I and II. I have the phys done like I stated earlier, but am having a hard time finding a decent place to take JUST anatomy for credit for a reasonable price. I do not need a lab. The only thing I've found is UC Berkeley extension program that costs over $800 http://extension.berkeley.edu/catalog/course497.html Any suggestions for anything better? [btw, the other school I'm applying for in the area does not have anatomy and micro as pre reqs because you take them the summer you start with them- 27 month program vs. 24 month program]
  15. Good Day Folks, I am a Washington native and Navy Corpsman applying to MEDEX this summer. I have my Bachelors (3.0 GPA) and have taken one science course prior to now (Survey of Inorganic Chem, A-) I am currently going to Bellevue College and taking CHEM 161 (1st of 3 inorganic Chem), BIO 160 (1st of 3), and PSYC 100. I will be taking A&P I and A&P II over spring and summer quarter. I will also be taking Lifespan Psychology one of those quarters as well. Here is my question: If I go full time, I have room for two more courses before Apps are due- what courses should I take? MEDEX is very non-specific about which courses they want, and I will have already met the minimum requirement, however I want to be as competitive as possible. I also need to meet requirements for other programs as I intend to cast the net far and wide. I was considering CHEM 131 - Intro to O-Chem/BioChem and Microbiology. I want to be as competitive as possible, and I acknowledge that I am fighting an upstream battle with regard to my GPA. Any advice would be much appreciated! Thank You!
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