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Found 9 results

  1. So I am currently trying to figure out my credits and classes for the applications but I am having a lot of trouble matching courses. My college was a private college that went by trimesters. My classes were 3 credits each and they did not offer general biology. Instead the sequence went Zoology, Cellular Biology, and Botany and they were 3 credits each. So, if a program requires 4 credits of General Biology, does this mean that those three classes will not satisfy the requirement? Will I have to retake the classes somewhere else then?
  2. Hello, I am having a lot of trouble trying to narrow down schools to apply to. Where I currently live, most of the schools nearby I cannot apply to because of my stats so I am seeking out of state options. I am ending my sophomore year so I still have another year before I can begin applying (and another year to continue to boost my GPA). Any help would be appreciated! GPA currently: 3.426 ( My last semester has not been added in still and my science GPA would be similar) I am not taking Ochem 2 or biochem but I have planned/taken genetics, cell bio, microbio, ochem 1, 2 semesters o
  3. Hi I am a pre-pa student and have been looking into schools. I see that there is a medical clearance form of immunizations that must be met. However, I received a kidney transplant awhile ago and have been on immunosuppression for some time of life and therefore I am not fully immune to MMR since I have received the immunization when I was a child. I was wondering if there was medical clearance waiver. If anyone has knowledge please inform me. Thanks
  4. I have already taken a Physiology course at my 4-year university, but have not taken the Physiology LAB yet. I was planning to take Physio Lab at a community college. Are PA programs particular if I took the lecture course and lab at different schools? Thank you very much!
  5. Hi all, I am planning to apply for 2016 MPA at Samuel Merrit University, Oakland, CA. Wanted to know if anyone else is preparing for it too. We can start topics on Pre-reqs, shadowing, CASPA, Transcripts evaluations etc. Thanks, Bhumi
  6. My husband and I will be PCS'ing overseas either end of this year or next summer (I am in the military). We haven't found out if we're going to Germany or to the UK yet. I will still be working on my PA school pre-reqs overseas if I can get into a university wherever I am, but I'm worried about whether those classes/grades are accepted here in the States. Undergraduate science classes are pretty consistent, especially between such educationally advanced countries as Germany and the UK, however, I want to make sure all my work will not be in vain. How do I find out if my classes will/will no
  7. Hey there, just wondering if Organic Chemistry is an absolute pre-req to get accepted into PA school?
  8. Just finished my associate's degree. looking into a Bs program but dont know in which one should i go in. and would help me to get into a PA school after..?????
  9. Please help me out. It's just a roughdraft. Before I completely edit it I need to shorten it a lot. Please let me know what you think can be cut out. Pointno ut any major grammar mistakes, etc. Thanks again in advance. My parents are bilingual elementary educators in a predominantly Spanish-speaking, poor underprivileged community of East Los Angeles. Their comprehension of the importance of education during early childhood, the most vulnerable stage in life, motivated them to pursue careers in education. As Spanish speakers with significant cultural awareness, they felt a responsibility
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