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Found 11 results

  1. Sums it up far better then I could ever hope to..... well done Dave And BTW - he is running for AAPA Board (If you really want to make SURE he gets it vote for ONLY him!) https://www.doximity.com/doc_news/v2/entries/6948772 The PA Doctorate: Is It Needed or Not? Clinician Today · March 17, 2017 Original Article 2 2 21 It is ten years from now. You are a patient. Or, better yet, your two-year-old daughter is a patient. You know just a little about medical people, including that the pharmacist you see, the physical therapist you see, and the NP you see all practice at
  2. Hi Everyone! I just took the PANCE last month and passed with a pretty high score. I studied for a month and these materials are all I used. Demystifying the boards by John Bielinski 15 DVD series. CME Resources 3 DAY CME PANCE review binder. These two resources together were fanstastic for preparing for boards and really pinpointed exactly what you need to know to pass. Please contact me if interested. I can ship out the same day. Thanks!
  3. Hello everyone, I was wondering if the ranking of the PA school you go to matters. US News has a ranking of PA schools - does anyone know whether this ranking system is a true reflection of the quality of education of the schools? Or of the quality of job offers you'd get after graduation? Thank you!
  4. I'm 38. Wet to college on and off for many years due to personal and family issues (two surgeries of my own, taking care of a very sick family member for ten years and having to work two jobs to support my parents, among other things). I also have lots of withdrawals in my history and one "F" in Physics, which I retook. I've always dreamt of becoming a physician, but due to my blemished academic history, it is obvious I'll never be accepted. I'm OK with this, and am now trying to decide among the following programs: 1) Bachelor of Nursing 2) Physician Assistant 3) Nurse Anesthetist I
  5. I am a student and graduating in July 14. I have a unique situation where I was forced to take off a year with only 4 rotations left from graduation due to an academic suspension (not grade related). I am interested in venturing into a surgical field in the south. Has anyone encountered or know of a student that had a challenge with the hiring pocess due to a similar scenario. I have excellent letters of rec from preceptors but am concerned that my tainted past will haunt me. Ideas/suggestions/advice?
  6. After reviewing the prerequisite coursework for some local PA programs, it's come to my attention that I could probably apply this upcoming cycle. However, I would likely be applying without the things in red and the things in blue would likely be incomplete by the time of application (meaning I'd finish them after I applied to CASPA). Progress thus far: BS (psychology in May) ~3.5 sGPA with only one class less than an A- (Che 2 = B- Health Care Experience consisting largely of Behavioral Health: 700+ hours as a Mental Health Technician at a Behavioral Hospital 200+ hours as a Therapeut
  7. Hi everyone, Kind of feeling frustrated and would like some advice. I graduated end of May from a PA school up north. I was wanting to find a job in the South but did not find much. I had a few offers but at the time was being very selective. I gave myself a deadline and started to apply in other states. I just received an offer for a family medicine (very upscale in a busy wealthy area) in Texas. This was all verbal. Please advise as I know I will need to negotiate. Patient load expected is 20-25 pts/day. Salary 75k 1 wk PTO + 6 days holidays $1000 CME No medical coverage N
  8. I'm looking for advice on taking a prerequisite Chemistry II class because I'm unsure how the admissions office will view my potential decision. The school I'm currently at offers a Chemistry II class specifically for science and pre-med majors, however it's only in the evening and I work evenings. I could take the evening class, but then that means working part-time at current job and then getting a second part-time job - not ideal. There's another school that offers a Chemistry II class for the general student population that I could attend in the morning. But will the admissions office s
  9. Hey everyone!! My name is Karen and I am an undergrad in UMCP. I am very interested in this PA program and I was wondering if those who got accepted can share with me how their pre-reqs were :) I would really appreciate it :)
  10. Hi Everyone, I have recently become interested in the Physician Assistant career. Here is some information about me. I have a BS in Biochemistry, minor in Psychology 3.78 GPA, higher science GPA (maybe 3.9). I graduated in 2007 and since that time I have been involved in research at a University and at the National Institutes of Health as a Research Assistant and Clinical Research Recruiter. I was also just offered a position as a Research Coordinator at the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. Thus, my experience has mostly been research and my interactions with subjec
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