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Found 13 results

  1. Who's been accepted to PA programs where the majority of pre req courses were taken online?
  2. Hey guys so I have been doing my research and found that there are various schools that don’t list neither organic chem nor bio chem as a mandatory pre-reqs, although most do now a days. My question is would not having the class hurt my chances of getting in, even to the programs that don’t have it listed?
  3. Does anyone know where I can find a good medical dictionary file to add to MS Word's spell check?
  4. Hello, I'm starting down the path to become a P.A. and have a few questions I cannot find answers for here. 1) If one has a strong interest in pursuing EM, would it be advisable to delay starting PA school to earn an EMT-P over a simple EMT-B or can the skills learned in paramedic training be easily gained through a residency or on-the-job? I am an EMT-B and could become a paramedic in 1.5 years or else apply 1.5 years sooner. I want to be prepared to practice at the highest level in EM one day in the far future so the delay would be worth it if necessary. 2) Does PA School ranking matter for jobs? For residency competitiveness? For future academic endeavors? For respect on the job? 3) How is California as a market for PAs? I have no interest in living elsewhere. It's California or bust. Is this going to be a problem (I'm fine with taking pay cut to be here, just want to make sure I won't have to move to the east God forbid.) Thanks everyone!
  5. Anybody else work in urgent care and not have a written contract? I'm leaving my full time position in Internal Med and have been promised 40hrs/wk and a more competitive salary by email after meeting up with the employer. I already signed all the paperwork to become an employee and worked a few shifts. Although he has verbally reviewed the pertinent details of the position/compensation, there was no mention of a binding/non-binding contract with salary info, incentives, PTO structure etc. My feeling is that the employer is sincere and will uphold his offer but am I just being naive to not push the written contract? Is this how urgent care jobs are operated in that they will give you set shifts/month but NOT require a 1-2 year contract, non-compete clause or a 30-60 day notice of leave?
  6. I have applied, the application was completed in mid July. Anyone else? Has anyone gotten an interview or heard anything yet?
  7. HELLO MY NAME IS RICHARD AND I AM LOOKING INTO BECOMING A PA AT RCC PROGRAM NEXT FALL, I NEED A FEW MORE PRE REQS AND AM ALSO WORKING FULL TIME M-F 7-8 EVERYDAY. MY QUESTION IF ANYONE CAN HELP IS THAT WILL MY PRE REQS AT THE FACILITY IM LOOKING AT TRANSFER OVER TO MORENO VALLYS PROGRAM? THE COLLEGE IM LOOKING AT OFFER CLASSES ON SATURDAY AND SUNDAYS AT AN ACCELERATED SCHEDULE THESE ARE THE PRE REQS AT MORENO VALLEY AMY-2A and AMY-2B (Anatomy and Physiology I, II) One-year series, total 8 semester units CHE-2A (Introductory Chemistry I) 4 semester units ENG-1A (English Composition) 4 semester units MAT-35 (Intermediate Algebra) 5 semester units MIC-1 (Microbiology) 4 semester units PHY-10 (Introductory General Physics) 3 semester units PHY-11 (Physics Lab) 1 semester unit PSY-1 (General Psychology) 3 semester units SOC-1 (Introduction to Sociology) 3 semester units OR ANT-2 (Cultural Anthropology) 3 semester units It is strongly recommended that applicants complete the following additional courses: Spanish one-year Statistics (MAT 12) Special topics in English: The Research Paper Process (ENG 90B) or an equivalent Medical Terminology1A and 1B THESE ARE THE CLASSES THAT ISP-SCU OFFERS COLLEGE SCIENCE REQUIREMENTS FOR PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT SCHOOL STUDENTS Physician Assistant College Course Prerequisites ISP students get a head start on their new careers as a physician assistant and in the health sciences by completing prerequisite college science classes in an accelerated, weekend-based format. ISP is an academically rigorous program enabling college science courses to be completed in one month versus one semester. ACCELERATED PRE-PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT COURSES ISP is a trusted academic program. Students seeking to satisfy college science prerequisites for physician assistant programs enroll in ISP's weekend classes every Saturday and Sunday from 8:30am-6:30pm for four consecutive weekends taking one course at a time. For example, it takes just three months to complete college Anatomy & Physiology 1 & 2 and college Microbiology. ISP pre-physician assistant students go on to pursue professional physician assistant programs at colleges and universities regionally and nationally. PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT SCHOOL TRANSFER CREDITS The Integrated Science Program is located at Southern California University of Health Sciences (SCU) in Whittier, California. SCU is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). ISP students have transferred to physician assistant programs regionally and nationally. Students are encouraged to contact their physician assistant school of choice before enrolling in ISP to assure credit transferability. The academic counselors at SCU can assist ISP students in their efforts to transfer college course credits, if necessary. TAKE ONLY CLASSES YOU NEED You build your own schedule of classes and enroll just in courses you need to complete your physician assistant requirements. ISP classes do not require prerequisites. COLLEGE COURSE OFFERINGS FOR PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT STUDENTS General Chemistry 1 - 4 units General Chemistry 2 - 4 units Organic Chemistry 1 - 4 units Organic Chemistry 2 - 4 units Biochemistry - 4 units Anatomy & Physiology 1 - 4 units Anatomy & Physiology 2 - 4 units Microbiology - 4 units OTHER COLLEGE COURSE OFFERINGS Other ISP classes include Biology 1 & 2, Physics 1 & 2.
  8. I want to apply to a PA program but work overseas and want to take a few prerequisite classes online. A few schools do not take online courses but the schools I have looked at are reputable universities. I have taken online courses in the past and it is no different than other courses and does not show up on my transcript as an online course. I have already completed a B.A. degree (non-science) and teach overseas to learn a foreign language. I need just 2-3 science pre-reqs and I would rather not want to miss a class cycle because I believe what I am do will only make me a better candidate and future PA. Any suggestions on what is a good accredited University to attend is ??? Also, has anybody had online courses approved from CASPA? red rocks, south florida ,NMJC etc.. Thank you all,
  9. Hi everyone! I am an MBA student in Pittsburgh, PA. I am working on my thesis in the area of health care management, attempting to solve a recruiting and retention problem I observed in local health care companies. (I am not a recruiter!) My research pointed me in this direction- to individuals who want to be PAs- as the solution to my problem. I believe my solution would simultaneously solve what I have come to learn is a real challenge for pre-PAs, and that is the difficulty obtaining patient care hours and PA shadowing hours. Is anyone reading this in the Pittsburgh area, so that we might be able to talk about your experience and see if you think my solution is viable and practical? I would really appreciate learning from your experience to add that real world perspective to my research. Thank you! Nicole
  10. Hey Pre-PA students, I am currently attending a four year university in North Carolina, majoring in Sport Management. After extensive shadowing with two different specialty PA's, I've decided that I want to pursue the career. However, I am in a unique situation because I am a rising senior with 8 classes left to take for my Sport Management degree and I am curious as to how to go about becoming a PA in the most cost effective and most direct way possible. I've read that the major isn't important as long as I'm successful in it (which I am). I'm just concerned about whether I should get my prereqs done while I am in my Sport Management program (currently have the non-science prerequisites for most programs done, but not any of the science ones yet) or should I wait until after I graduate to get the prerequisites finished at possibly a community college (if I am not looked down upon for completing them there). Also, most PA programs require direct patient health care experience and I currently have none of that as well. Should I look to get that done now or after I graduate? I've finally found my passion after years of searching and I really believe that I am capable of being successful as a Physician Assistant. If anyone has any advice that would benefit me in my situation, I would gladly appreciate to hear it! My estimated cumulative GPA will likely be a 3.4-3.6 by the time I graduate and this excludes any prerequisites I would need to take to for PA school. If there are any questions that need to be asked in order to give advice, please let me know! I hope to hear from you Pre-PA students soon! Thanks!
  11. I know this is an open ended question but I hope you will all provide some explanation behind your answer.
  12. So I am scheduled to complete the UNMC Master's DLPA program 10/11. I am logging my CME for 6/11 completion. I was wondering if I could essentially log 50 category II CME based on hour per hour basis? I have already spent over 50 hours on the degree. Anyone who has done the UNMC DLPA Master's program care to comment?
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