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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I graduated last year with a 2.6 GPA and my science GPA is 2.4. I have two D's, I am retaking one of those two D at a community college ( organic chemistry) the other D is in ecology in which I may not retake tbh because I didn't enjoyed the class. I registered for organic chemistry 2 to help my Sgpa but my dilemma is this.... my financial situation is starting to stress me out. I cant afford to take hard core science classes ( like I originally planned) in a degree that doesn't lead to a guaranteed career (biotechnology). so I thought of either medical laboratory technician or lpn. I thought of these because #1 cheaper and faster option, #2 mlt has always sparked my interest and #3 I'm a cna ( almost 4 years) and I work closely with a lpn. the lpn option I'm looking at is a certificate option because is only one year. my whole goal in this is to help my GPA and also have a career. I don't mind continuing to build my PA application after this but I wanna make sure if doing any of these route will help me and not become a waste of time. if you guys have any other suggestions please let me know. the biotechnology degree I can finish it in a year but what if after that I'm still not a strong applicant? then I'm stuck with another degree... no career I don't care how long it takes to become a PA! I'm 24 years old and I already have a lot of financial baggage. I want to make a smart decision
  2. Hey All, I didn't see a thread like this so I thought I would start one! I just got a letter of rejection for the Post-Bacc Pre med program from UVA. I applied October 1st.
  3. Thanks for taking the time to read this ! So I graduated from university with a cumulative GPA of 3.2 and a science gpa of 2.85. I’ve been working full time as a patient care tech at a hospital to get my hours (so far I have around 1500) and volunteering as well. At this point, I understand that my stats are no where near competitive enough to get me into PA school, and retaking courses might be the better option. However, a few courses won’t raise my gpa. Would it make sense to do an accelerated bsn program instead ? It would be a significantly larger amount of credits, and I would at least have a job to fall back on, or even a second option (np school) if I don’t get into PA school. The only downside is the cost of the accelerated bsn program. However, if I work for a year, I should be able to pay it off and get a more “robust “ PCE.
  4. Hello everyone - I'm posting on here for the first time in hopes of getting advice from anyone about my pre-PA situation. I'll try to be brief: I was your traditional pre-med in undergrad, bio major, always jumping back and forth between going for PA or applying to med school. My first 2 years of undergrad were, irresponsible, and I paid for it with my gpa. Senior year I decided on going the MD/DO route and a mentor encouraged me to apply for a special master's program (aka postbac) to boost up my chances of admission. Didn't take the MCAT (wasn't needed) and got into a postbac. During 1st year of postbac, we were thrown into the fire taking the EXACT SAME courses as the first year med students. I was in over my head and did not do well due to some anxiety issues. The school allowed to take the spring semester off to return the following year to re-do and hopefully finish the program. 2nd year, didn't do so hot either but was able to pass 7 out of 9 med school classes. If you don't pass 2 or more classes you get dismissed from the program - I decided to withdraw before finding out if that would be my fate. After a few years of therapy from the depression of thinking my dreams were over and taking up a job in an entirely new field, I now find myself re-energized and wanting to make this happen. The more I've research the PA route, the more I realize how in line it is with what I now value. I truly miss being in healthcare and PA would allow me to also have a life outside of that. I'm almost 30 now and have taken A&P 1 and 2 at a local CC just to get my feet wet but wondering what my chances are of getting into PA school? A few details: 3.36 non-science cumulative gpa (undergrad) 3.33 science gpa (undergrad) 2.49 cumulative/science gpa (graduate postbac) HCE - 6 months FT work as PT aide, and numerous public health experiences that may or may not count towards hours as well. GRE - 152 verbal, 148 math, 4.0; willing to retake this as I studied very little to get into postbac. To give you some background on me, first in my family to graduate college so I've faced many hurdles to get where I am today. Not expecting any free passes from this, just thought it was worth mentioning as I'm a pretty resilient person. HIT ME with your thoughts, looking for cold hard truths here. Also should mention that I briefly entertained going the accelerated BSN and later NP route, currently have an acceptance to an accelerated BSN which I could start this spring but in truth, not interested in the nursing model.
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