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Found 3 results

  1. Imagine you are a patient and arrive at the clinic. You are handed a piece of paper that describes two health care professionals that are available for you to pick from. Which PA would you choose? Physician Assistant: A Physician Assistant (PA) is a health care provider licensed to practice medicine under the supervision of a physician. PAs can examine a patient, order labs and radiology studies, interpret the studies, diagnose and treat patients and provide health education. PAs can not practice independently and can prescribe medications under a delegation act from a physician.
  2. Our group has hired a few new hires but the established members disagree about how best to approach training the new people. In one camp, there's the "expose them to everything" group. The other camp is "make sure they learn how to do simple stuff." Either way, it's hard to design an orientation "program" for new hires. What would you include? How long do you orient your new PAs (specifically in emergency medicine)? How do you train them? Do you just scheduled them to work double coverage where they are not actually needed and can work at their own pace and then help them as they go?
  3. Hi All, With respect to the rash that I have been discussing on this forum, the one that has not yet been definitively identified, due to the extreme restrictions with respect to posting images on this forum, I've had to crop and re-crop the image, which has caused it become very blurry. If there are any dermatology PAs who would like to assist me further, I can send them a much better defined image of the rash if I send it to your personal e-mail address. If any dermatology PAs would therefore like to further assist me in identifying this very itchy rash, please send a message to my perso
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