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Found 9 results

  1. Hello everyone! So in pursuit of attaining HCE for PA school, I recently became a NREMT. I got my first job soon after with an IFT private EMS company that turned out to be quite shady. Not to get to into it, but coming from prior career, I have an expectation of professionalism and was appalled at the sanitary and safety conditions of the equipment, and the constant flirtation with MediCare fraud. Needless to say, I resigned very quickly and am looking for something else. Which brings me to a question. I have 5 years experience as a Pharmacy Technician. This was while I was in high school and then during college. I was quite good at it, and enjoyed the fast paced environment and managed to learn a lot about medication and disease. In looking around at some of the schools I'd like to apply to next year, I noticed they accept Pharmacy Tech experience as HCE. Seeing as I learned more doing Pharmacy Tech than I believe I would learn doing simple Interfacility Transport ambulance work . . . . 1) Would pharmacy tech work be better? and 2) Is my experience of 5 years as a Pharmacy Tech too old? (This was 15-10 years ago before my big office-based career). Thanks for any input, I really appreciate it.
  2. Hey all! I'm working on compiling my letters of recommendation for the upcoming CASPA cycle. (This will be my first time applying.) I have shadowed both a DO and a few PAs. Would it be better to have a letter of recommendation from the PA or the DO? The schools where I'm applying don't specify, and I already have professors writing my other two letters. Or, would it be better to have both the PA and the DO write letters for me? Thanks!
  3. Announcing the UPMC Critical Care Medicine Advanced Practice Provider Postgraduate Residency program based on the UPMC Presbyterian Hospital medical campus in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Acute care medicine fields such as critical care medicine are fast-paced, challenging and require motivated and dedicated individuals but also require a knowledgebase and skill set difficult to obtain quickly or effectively in a traditional on-boarding phase. This program was initially born out of a need to train advanced practice providers how to deliver ICU care in the numerous ICUs throughout our facilities and ultimately for hospitals nationwide. We began developing our program in 2011 and are currently training our second class. Residents undergo an intense training for 12 months alongside our physician fellows in the Multidisciplinary Critical Care Training Program, rotate through approximately 7 specialty ICUs, and attend daily conferences, labs, and simulations pertinent to the care of surgical and medical ICU patients. Elective rotations are offered. Our residents are provided with a stipend for their year of training as well as a full benefit package including educational allowance. We are now opening a new application cycle for a start date at the beginning of July 2014. Please see the following website for further details as well as our online application. http://ccm.pitt.edu/upmc-critical-care-medicine-advanced-practice-provider-residency
  4. Hi everyone! I am an MBA student in Pittsburgh, PA. I am working on my thesis in the area of health care management, attempting to solve a recruiting and retention problem I observed in local health care companies. (I am not a recruiter!) My research pointed me in this direction- to individuals who want to be PAs- as the solution to my problem. I believe my solution would simultaneously solve what I have come to learn is a real challenge for pre-PAs, and that is the difficulty obtaining patient care hours and PA shadowing hours. Is anyone reading this in the Pittsburgh area, so that we might be able to talk about your experience and see if you think my solution is viable and practical? I would really appreciate learning from your experience to add that real world perspective to my research. Thank you! Nicole
  5. Hello, I am currently a first year PA student at Arcadia University in Philadelphia. Originally from Pittsburgh, I am interested in going home for a rotation or two at the end of my clinical year (~Dec-June, 2014). I am a very hard worker, would bring positive energy and am fascinated by all types of medicine. If you are interested in teaching, just let me know and we can see if it would work out. Thank you! -T.Y.
  6. I apologize to everyone for not using the correct terminology. Forgive me for that. I was not aware of the technical term. ** "Probationary Accreditation" is a temporary status of accreditation assigned when a program does not meet the Standards and when the capability of the program to provide an acceptable educational experience for its students is threatened. Once placed on probation, programs that still fail to comply with accreditation requirements in a timely manner, as specified by the ARC-PA, may be scheduled for a focused site visit and/or risk having their accreditation withdrawn. http://www.arc-pa.com/acc_programs/ Good Luck
  7. This is my 2nd draft after a PA helped me with it. I hope it's much better now. Thank you very much for all your help. === “Stop being a doctor”. This is what my charge nurse said to me one night at my nurse aide job at a nursing home. She responded so after one of the patients complained of stomach ache, prompting me to ask her repeatedly for help. The said patient normally does not have stomach ache, which had me concerned. Eventually, the nurse gave the resident Maalox, but what she said to me only affirmed my desire to become a physician assistant (PA). Even though her remark hurt me, it assured me that there dwelled the sincerity and desire in me to bring people to health. It was during my time volunteering at Hurley Medical Center in 2004 that I learned about the profession of physician assistants. Science and biology have always been my favorite subjects throughout high school, so volunteering at Hurley allowed me to explore whether medicine was for me. Working in the emergency room, my tasks were to bring meals to patients, empty laundry bins, and transfer blood samples to the laboratory. It may not sound like much, but the time spent at Hurley showed me that given the chance, the field of medicine will be a promising endeavor to pursue. My time there has provided me invaluable advice on pursuing medicine as a career by talking to PAs, nurses, and physicians. I learned that medicine is about providing good, comfortable caregiving as it is about the correct medical treatment. After graduating from Kettering University, acquiring my Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering in 2007 was the next step after being unable to secure engineering employment. This was done in an effort to utilize my Bachelors degree in the medical field. As part of my graduate education, my thesis advisor assigned that my Master’s thesis be conducted on a research topic that would fulfill my curiosity for medicine: the use of ultraviolet light to treat inflammatory skin diseases, such as psoriasis. My thesis was eventually published in a journal. Upon graduation, I worked for two medical device companies. Working as a biomedical engineer, it was my hope to work and collaborate with physicians to meet their medical device needs. However, the positions at the companies were temporary, leaving me unemployed early 2009. Upon much self-reflection and research, engineering would not allow me to satisfy my desire to work directly in medicine. In spite of being unemployed twice, it is the best thing that happened to me as it gave me time to ponder my future. Looking back at high school, my mistake was not exploring in-depth my career choices and proceeded into engineering due to the automobile industry posing to be a promising career field then. It was in 2009 that my career transitioned from engineering to medicine. To ensure that this new career suited me, I started job shadowing several PAs in the summer of 2009. To gain hands-on medical experience, my Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) job since November 2010 has aided in enhancing my interpersonal skills through interactions with patients and my team-player skills by working with other CNAs and nurses. Working at the nursing home solidified my determination to become a PA. Gradually over time, I grew fond of the patients placed under my care. It was disheartening to see some of the long-term patients at the nursing home, not having their relatives visit them. At most, all the CNAs could do was to give them the best care that we can offer and interact with them with the utmost kindness. Frequently if a patient was in pain, all one can do was inform a nurse, helpless in alleviating the patient’s pain. A good example was an overly-obese woman, who had severe bedsores all over her body and Clostridium difficile infection. Being her aide only once still left me with an unforgettable experience due to the intense pain she suffered as me and a fellow CNA bed-bathed her that day. She was admitted to the hospital afterwards after we reported her severe conditions to the charge nurse. A few days later, she inadvertently passed away to my great dismay. In review, my career path had been uncertain in leading me until recently. After my experiences through volunteering, job-shadowing, and working as a CNA, my desire to become a PA has never been stronger. In turn, I have just as much to offer in augmenting the health of those in need of healing. My diverse and extensive background as an engineer, researcher, and healthcare professional has provided me the maturity, academic aptitude, and compassion to succeed as an effective and concerned physician assistant.
  8. I am looking to shadow a PA in the Pittsburgh, PA region. I have some shadowing experience already but would like to see different specialty's in action. I have a B.S. in Health Care administration and currently work for a small Physical Therapy clinic as an Aide/Office Manager. If any PA's are out there willing to give me an opportunity please feel free to email me at cmerva@gmail.com Thank You
  9. I am currently seeking a PA to shadow in the Pittsburgh, PA area. I am open to shadowing in all settings. I have a B.S. in Health Service Administration from Ohio University and currently work at a small physical therapy firm. I am looking to go into the PA profession and am currently applying to numerous schools.
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